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Bronze Save $200

  • Tailored Meal Plans formulated by Accredited Sports Nutritionist Alicia Gowans
  • Weights & Cardio Training Programs
  • Check-ins to track progress and adjust your plans 
  • 24/7 Real-time support – available via Whatsapp or messenger platform as needed
  • Links to all preferred suppliers for supplementation & other relevant products
  • Online private community of fellow clients
  • Discounted personal training sessions where possible
$60 USD/Week
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Gold Save $200

In Addition to Bronze & Silver:

  • 1 weekly coaching call with Alicia Gowans
  • Phone/Skype Meetings
  • Social Media Support – we have 2 big Instagram accounts (@fitangelsworld & @allysangels_fitness) which we use to help profile you in the fitness industry, try to maximize exposure for potential sponsors, and increase your marketability which is a huge factor in WBFF judging.
  • Athlete Management – we act as your management agency also.  We have a huge network to many brands, photographers and companies within the fitness industry across many products including supplementation, gym clothing and other categories that you will have access to, depending on your success and profile.  We have successfully secured thousands of dollars’ worth of product and value for our clients in the sponsorship space
  • Exclusive access to have peak week/show lead up days spent with Alicia and Christos at the location of the show where possible, or other desirable destinations including LA, the Bahamas, the South Coast, the Gold Coast and many other destinations
$100 USD/Week
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Silver Save $200

In Addition to Bronze:

  • Stage coaching/preparation/support
  • Posing routine construction and perfection
  • Advice on Stage costume/bikini
$90 USD/Week
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