At Ally’s Angels, you will be coached by WBFF WORLD Champion Alicia Gowan’s alongside many other WBFF pro athletes.

Alicia Gowan’s not only is a WBFF champion, but she has also been awarded the WBFF coach of the year and build’s WBFF pros. Competing is a personal journey that requires you to overcome many obstacles, being coached by an athlete who has done this process many times herself takes any confusion or questions out of the process, meaning you can relax and enjoy the journey.

Alicia Gowans a WBFF Coach, the WBFF is the BEST of fitness, it truly is the rolls Royce of bodybuilding.

What was my journey to becoming WBFF Fitness world? From an incredibly young age I have always been incredibly active- my interests in various sports started from my youngest memories of surfing, ballet, gymnastics, skating, and triathlons. After my sporting days as a teen, I began to feel unsatisfied, I knew I could be stronger, fitter, healthier and create a physique that would not only look incredible but benefit my sporting disciplines. As I started to lift weights and eat more food I noticed I became stronger from session to session and my body started to develop womanly curves, this is when I completely left triathlons behind and began to chase strength and health instead. May 2013 was my first ever competition, at the INBA Bikini ‘Momma’ Contest, I finished 3rd place. It wasn’t until I competed 4 more times than I won my first show- this taught me my champion resilient mindset, to come back stronger and better each time but to also love the process of self-development I then began preparing the WBFF Australia, which was definitely my biggest show so far- It’s fair to say I fell involve with the WBFF and everything it stands for- I actually became one of Australia’s first WBFF Pros in the Fitness Diva category. Come 2015 I had to deal with massive obstacles due to breaking my back, this forced to learn more about training strategies, more about the anatomy and different rehabilitations- which has been hugely beneficial to my ability as a coach. From becoming a WBFF that year I have built the most incredible family of professional and amateur athletes to my Ally’s angels team and been nominated coach of the year, followed by earning 3 world titles and working as the face of big brands such as EHP. The WBFF has been the most empowering door for me to open and has allowed me to grow my brand whilst networking with some incredible athletes.

Paul Dillet’s WBFF Entertainment is the worldwide leader in live entertainment events, modelling, and beauty, fitness, fashion, and luxury lifestyle. The WBFF strives for international recognition as an industry leader by providing the best experience and opportunities for clients, contestants, and models, by providing one of the most professional platforms and productions.

World’s Beauty Fashion and fitness effectively promote health, fashion, and live music-it’s the Victoria’s Secret of the fitness industry. WBFF Entertainment seeks to raise the standards within all aspects of your business through innovation and professionalism. The World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Inc. the worldwide leader in fitness pageants. Simply put the WBFF – When only the BEST will do!

WBFF was founded by a professional athlete, the needs of the contestants are understood, which differentiates the WBFF from any other brand. You will be able to grow your relationships with all their partners to create sponsorship and marketing opportunities for your development in an industry that is constantly growing. WBFF Entertainment events are second to none and they are the most professionally produced shows in the industry.

Any competitor can compete in a WBFF show, judges will decide at the shows which competitor will obtain a professional status, and be awarded their WBFF Pro Card if they display the qualities of a WBFF Pro.

The shows are divided into Subcategories

Diva bikini- The Diva Bikini Model is primarily a beauty contest. Female contestants are judged upon their overall beauty, body shape, and natural body tone. Attention is focused on the beauty of face, figure, physical fitness, and the confidence with which each contestant carries herself.

Diva wellness- The desirable look for judging criteria for this female category embodies the look of a fuller lower body physique. The contestant should not be overly developed muscularly or overly lean. Instead, the focus is on shape and tone. The body should be free of muscle separation and an overly lean look that is unnatural. The tightness and tone of the skin should be smooth .and healthy in appearance. Overall beauty and marketability are also a judging condition of this category. There are two rounds for this category Bikini round and Gown Round.

Diva Fitness- Contestants for the Diva Fitness Model category is being judged on their sense of style, poise, overall beauty, and stage presence, as well as display a very fit but not overly toned physique. Competitors must be able to present themselves in a classy feminine and tasteful way that is marketable.

Diva figure– The WBFF judging criteria for the figure category is as follows. There are two rounds which are judged, the two-piece bikini round, as well as the theme wear round for Pro, Shows only. There is no routine round for the Diva Figure category. Females are encouraged to display their bodies in a graceful and feminine way which represents a desirably lean, toned, and healthy lifestyle; a look that is more natural, sexy, and athletic.

The WBFF is NOT bodybuilding it is Commercial modelling, one of the largest most diverse fields of modelling, Models are used in television ads and instructional or corporate videos. This is a very specialized but lucrative area of modelling. Models may be featured in catalogues, magazine advertisements, beauty products, lifestyle ads, fashion ads, and anything where a model is used in an ad to sell a product or a service. Commercial print models promote clothing/products on billboards, buses, magazines, and newspapers.

The WBFF has opened up so many doors for me and it is truly incredible to enable the same for other inspired athletes.

Have you ever thought about competing and don’t know where to start? Do you want to be the next WBFF Super Star? Are you wanting to elevate and meet likeminded people? Well, if you want to be guided in the right direction or need help in any aspect of contest preparation, we are the coaches for you! Our trainers and coaches are the very best at what they do; they understand the WBFF judging criteria and requirements. Contact us NOW to get yourself started on your WBFF journey.

  • 3 times World Champion 17, 18, 19 WBFF Fitness Diva Pro +35
  • WBFF TEAM of the year 2018
  • First Australian nominated for WBFF Coach of the Year 2018
  • 2019 nominated for Female Model of the Year
  • WBFF Coach of the Year 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What does WBFF stand for?

The WBFF is an acronym for World Beauty Fitness and Fashion that is a beauty and fitness contest in which the participants are judged for their overall beauty, natural body tone and body shape, etc. the women competing in this show are presented here by the WBFF. These women have the muscle and definition of a figure of a ripped fitness model. This music has a theatrical vibe and pounding music that shows that it isn’t a traditional style of figure show.

The rules that are used to judge the contestant are divided into two rounds.

The first round is the two-piece bikini round and also the theme wear round that is only in the Pro Shows. The females are told to showcase their bodies in a graceful and feminine way that shows their lean tone that is desirable and healthy-looking. They must be with a look that is more sexy, natural, and athletic. The WBFF competition was started by a professional athlete named Paul Dillet. These competitions are held around the world to look for a merge of fashion and beauty in a unique and awesome event that none other has seen. Bodybuilders participate in WBFF competition from around the world.

Special training is done for this competition for months, and the judging criteria are followed strictly to win the rounds in this competition. To be able to enter this competition, you will have to register on the WBFF website. You are allowed to take part in almost three categories. The registration fees for this competition are US$ 300 for each category, US$ 370 for two categories, and US$ 420 for three categories. To win this competition, you will have to have a lot of training and fitness regimes to build your muscles and make a body that is toned up. The WBFF bikini round requires women contestants to follow certain steps to look more attractive and win the competition. These steps include:

  • Not overdoing the cardio
  • Eat more
  • Lift heavyweights
  • Have a workout journal to keep track of your training
  • Train with high intensity
  • Take pictures of the progress
  • Build the right mindset of winning

Those who take part in WBFF also have a controlled diet plan that includes eggs, avocado, oatmeal, etc. in lunch they eat fish like salmon and include a salad for equaling it off. In dinner, they eat protein and something green to stay full of energy and stay lean. The WBFF Sydney competitions held each year are a show of beauty and fitness, and many participants go crazy to win them.

Participants keep training hard throughout the year and take part in the show with full preparation of body showcasing. The WBFF 2018 and WBFF 2019 were held in Australia that was a show of true beauty and hard work in each round of the competition. Many women took part in the show and presented their best figures to the judges.

What is WBFF?

WBFF is an abbreviation of World Beauty Fitness and Fashion that is the show that offers the best of the best muscle model, figure model, diva bikini model, diva fitness model, and male fitness model. In these categories, all the participants compete for the richest of the title that says “Pro Status.” Through WBFF, all athletes have got a chance to shine. All they have to do is to avail it.

In this show, participants are competing from around the world that have muscle and a look of ripped fitness. The theatrical music played in this show takes away any possibility of it being a traditional competition and shows it to be more of a wild style show.

One extraordinary thing about WBFF Shows is that “Everybody is a Winner!” truth be told, it is more about the outcomes you increase then the trophy you may bring home with you. This is an occasion that the competitors can’t lose for it is their body that is the trophy and the way toward getting into incredible shape that is the prize.

The mission of the WBFF that is the overall chief in wellness and showcasing figure is to have progressed toward universal acknowledgment as an industry leader by giving the best chances to participants and models to compete, supporting our fellows and appropriately advancing wellbeing and wellness. They at WBFF look to increase the expectations inside all parts of the business through the advancement and polished methodology.

An expert athlete, Paul Dillett, established WBFF Australia. In WBFF, they understand the necessities of all the good and bad times and everything related to the competitors. They claim to use our associations with every one of our participants to make sponsorship and advertising open doors for the contenders. And the completeness of its individuals, in an industry that is continually developing. WBFF occasions are best in class, and they are the most expertly created shows in the business.

The WBFF Show allows all competitors to excel! With reliably sold-out crowds, national presentation and creation standards intended to cause each competitor to feel like a star, the WBFF resemble no other occasion you will ever observe! This is sure to be the most specifically remunerating occasion you can enter. Presently you can Turn Professional, Win Awesome Prizes, and Get the Opportunities You Deserve.

The creator of WBFF himself had to say about his show in the following words;

“For me, even though weight training is dead, I realize individuals along everything need to have a decent physical look. They need to go into gyms, and with all the consequences, they need to have an incredible body.

I made a division called “muscle model,” which is a cross between a fitness model and a weight lifter. Not large enough to be a muscle head, not little enough to be a fitness model, yet he, despite everything, has pleasant full pecs and a full back. I think the “muscle model” fits him since he’s as yet a model, yet he’s not a jock. At the point when he lifts his arms, he, despite everything, has biceps.

There’s a business opportunity for the folks who like training, such as turning out to be, even like competing, however, who would prefer not to be a muscle head.”

How to become a WBFF fitness model?

To become a fitness model in WBFF Australia, you will have to pay close attention to many things. You need to tone up your body and still stay pretty and feminine on the face. There are many things to note while entering into the world of fitness modeling. Following are some steps to get you started:

  1. Understand the industry:

Understanding what body type you have and in this way what category you would be hoping to sparkle in is a fundamental piece of the initial phases in your journey and help you recognize what changes or enhancements you may need to make. If it Is true that you are current or ex-athlete? Or you have the muscles of a weightlifter? Or, on the other hand, you have a bum and abs to die on? Like any industry, modeling in all businesses expects you to have every one of your tools prepared, including that ideal portfolio to submit to offices. Having an incredible look and body is a certain something. Yet, you need the experience with realizing how to turn into a fitness model and photographs to share when you’re searching for work and portrayal.

  1. Get your body where it should be:

Your body is your biggest asset in winning a fitness competition. So before applying, make sure that you are happy with what you look like in the mirror. And if you feel you need to do more, then stay away from registering yourself fin the competitions and pay focus on building that muscle or make that chin look more chiseled.

  1. Practice a lot:

Take part in competitions, pageants, and practice sessions where you can showcase your beauty and fitness filled body. This will help you build confidence over what you have and also will give you self realization about what you need to do more.

  1. Hair, teeth, and skin:

Fitness models are expected to look great outside of their great glutes and fantastic abs. Having perfect hair, a megawatt grin, and shining skin is appropriate overall roads of modeling. Be that as it may, because of the idea of fitness modeling, these features are especially essential to the sale of the item and your way of life. Releasing healthy vibes and surrendering or giving up habits that might be unfavorable to your fitness will help your career in a little yet critical manner.

  1. Get ripped quick schemes:

Nothing occurs without any hard work, particularly not weight gain or weight reduction. Fitness models commit their lives to build their bodies, and they lead incredibly severe ways of life. There are alternate ways to go to accomplish your body milestones, yet its best to make a solid effort to get results. Realize that persistence and devotion is vital, regardless of where you start your wellbeing venture. Fitness modeling could be a definitive objective; however, take a stab at business displaying or design modeling relying upon your stature and current shape. Outside of a fit physical make-up, there are insignificant restrictions, and ladies can be between 5’4 to 6’0 and men somewhere in the range of 5’10 to 6’3 or taller.

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