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Did you know 80% of my team aren’t professional athletes they are lifestyle and fat loss clients?

This is because, from my background in prep coaching, I am an expert in fat loss! This makes me the best at what I do.

If you’re after a weight loss program, there’s not a shortage of advice out there. It is important to me to ensure to construct a detailed consultation process to assess where you’re at physically and mentally. Because with so many conflicting options, how do you know which approach might work for you? At Ally’s Angels, we want the results just as much as you do, but we also want you to sustain your results which is why our ethos is about finding a bespoke approach for every trainee.

This process is about just that, you- no diet or weight loss program is suited for everyone.

Is a weight loss program suitable for me?

Before rapidly jumping onto your next diet what we can discuss is diets that you may have tried and why they did/didn’t work, what parts could you adhere to, and what parts didn’t work? But most importantly how did you feel whilst on that diet? These are things you may want to discuss on a consultation with a coach. Your blood work is something many don’t consider when starting a diet, if you have nutritional deficiencies you will find it harder to adhere to any diet that puts you in a deficit, BUT, with the correct data you can heal yourself with whole foods. Blood can also show us changes in our bodies that we might not be able to see from the outside, blood sugar levels (which may be why you’re struggling with fat loss), and our nutritional status (what our current diet is lacking).

Your health remembers being in a calorie deficit especially if we don’t need to affect your health negatively. Yes, it’s tempting to want a dramatic weight loss, but a slow and steady approach is easier to maintain and usually beats fast weight loss for the long term. Drastically cutting calories, eliminating food groups, such as carbs or fats, can cause nutritional problems.

When jumping onto a new diet or program be honest enough with yourself to ask, is this a healthy solution? Flexibly of our program with meaning, there are no forbidden foods, no shamed food groups. Remember a healthy diet include all food groups and will permit you the occasional off meals, without feelings of guilt. Then finally the construction of a bespoke program that you will finally be able to adhere to!

Our weight loss programs can help you

Ally’s Angles weight loss coaches can can help you:

  • Improve overall health and well-being
  • Enhance mental health, boosting mood & reducing anxiety
  • Increase energy, stamina, endurance & sleep quality
  • Create healthier habits by promoting better dietary choices
  • Support sustainable weight management

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the best weight loss programs?

Who doesn’t want to lose pounds? Everyone wants to shed off those extra pounds to look beautiful. Admit it or not, but the fact is that everyone wants to lose weights as too much weight can often put you in an embarrassing situation and you definitely do not want that. However, there are so many groups active in Australia who are talking about weight loss programs and even some of those groups follow the same weight loss program together in hopes of better results. Today, we will talk about some of the most popular weight loss programs which are creating quite a stir everywhere.

Keto Diet: This is a very tough option to stick to as it will demand sacrifice of high-fat foods such as burgers, butter, beacon from you. Are you up for this challenge? This diet program advocates for low-carb foods that will send your body into ketosis state when your body will be forced to burn fat, excluding sugar, for creating energy in the organs. Experts don’t suggest it for most of the people as it can force you into the edge owing to a lack of nutritional items in this kind of diet.

The healthy mummy: This is a weight-loss program that was founded by a mom with intent to enhancing the health of the mothers living throughout Australia. It was established in 2010 and primarily meant for the moms. This is a 28-day-long program where the participants are granted access to workouts that can be done from the comfort of your home. Every week different meal plans are put into action which are prescribed and supervised by expert nutritionists.

CSIRO total wellbeing diet: This is a diet program that lasts for 12 weeks. The program promises effective results within this timeframe. They have initiated a protein balance program through which the amount of fat lost is increased while maintaining the level of energy so that you do not feel famished so easily. There are so many meal plans under this program and the users can choose according to their needs from the varieties of plans available under this program. The meals have been designed in such a way so that the users do not feel the appetite frequently which eventually result in a decrease in cravings. And the less the cravings, the less the weight.

Weight watchers: This program has gained much popularity within a short period of time in Australia because this is a customized diet program. They will first of all take your lifestyle and food habits into consideration and then create customized plans for you only, following which you can do wonders as far as weight loss is concerned. Once you sign up with them, they will ask for your preferences in order to look for the best customized plan for you and then advise you to follow that. They offer almost 5000 recipes to be followed by the weight-loss enthusiasts.

These are so far the best weight loss programs currently in practice in Australia. There are, however, some other programs as well.

How do weight loss programs work?

Weight loss programs are popular all over the world. In accordance with that, there are so many weight loss programs currently running in Australia. As more and more men and women are getting interested in weight loss programs, it has become a vital point of interest for so many people. Realizing such a growing market many experts are offering different kinds of weight loss programs. However, the way those works vary from one program to another. Let’s have a look at how some of the weight loss programs meant for both men and women work.

Tony Ferguson weight loss program: This is one of the most popular weight loss programs in Australia. This program is basically based on ‘meal plan’. In order to get access to their meal plan you must first sign up. Their meal plan advances through weight loss shakes and other diet products. The plan helps you by providing vital information such as which foods are to be avoided and which ones are to be included in your diet plan. The program works through three-tiers of programs which are based on the shakes and self-directed as well. The first one is ‘classic’. It is appropriate for long-term plan and suggest someone to have an intake of 1600 calorie each day and replace meals with shakes for better results. The second one is ‘VLCD’ which is abbreviated as very low calorie diet. It should not be continued for more than twelve weeks while all the meals of a day should be replaced with shakes. The last one is ‘Rapid’ where 2 meals in a day are suggested to be replaced with shakes with an intake limit of 1200 calorie. The plan is not to be continued for more than 12 weeks. This is how this weight loss program works.

12 week body transformation of Michelle Bridges: This one is also popular in Australia. This is basically a fitness program and the weight loss programs are also based on different categories of fitness regimen. In this program, the enthusiasts are divided into categories based on their age and then different fitness routines are suggested for them, following which they will lose pounds and come to a shape within 12 weeks. Weekly meal plans are also followed based on calorie consideration for better results in this program.

Weight Watchers: This new program has revolutionized the weight loss scene in Australia with its innovative ideas. Lifestyle and food habits of the participants are taken into consideration to create a perfect customized plan for them so that they find it easy to stick to the plan. And this is, as they claim, the easiest way to lose weight. Once you sigh up, your preferences will be immediately screened and a customized plan will be made for you. This is how this program works through. They have a functioning app too to count the progress. At the same time, the app will give the user access to different recipes, activities and an online community, all of which will help you lose weight in the long run.

How much are weight loss programs?

Once you have made your mind which weigh loss program is to be followed by you, now it’s time to review and compare the cost necessary to follow the programs. Apart from being health-friendly, the weight loss programs should be affordable as well.

Tony Ferguson weight loss program

According to the information provided by them, there is no cost associated with this program other than the price for the program guide, which is priced at $16.50. However if you buy any weight loss product, then you have to pay for that as per the market price. They claim that they do not charge extra bucks, that’s because they are not doctors. So, if you have any confusion regarding their plans, you should consult your doctor or nutritionist.

Weight watchers

They have one of the biggest weight loss clinics in Australia and they have gained much popularity within a short span. May be this is one of the reasons why they are not so cheap. However, they offer a lot of options and the lowest one begins from around $35 per month. This is the lowest level, with which you can have a membership. The membership will follow different facilities such as a personal evaluation of your current status related to weight loss, coaching and other support resources necessary for the program. After this initial membership, the more features you want to tap into, the more the cost will be. You must also count extra bucks if you want individual consultations from weight loss experts.

Michelle Bridges 12 WBT

This program is relatively cheap and offers greater benefits than other ones. The cost is same for all program options and it is $199 for 12 weeks. No matter which program you choose to follow, you will get weekly meal plans and shopping lists taking daily calorie intake into account once you pay the amount.

CSIRO total wellbeing diet

This is also a program that lasts for 12 weeks and the cost is $19.99 a week. Well, there is a way to save $40.88 if the user pays $199 upfront. There is a premium program for the users that costs $29.99 a week or $299 outright. It is mentionable that if you register for the premium plan, you will get added benefits such as online personal coaching and a bonus cookbook.

The healthy mummy

This is a 28-day long program. There are three packages based on the duration of the program. The first one costs $35 (normally $99) a month for monthly access while for a six month access it will cost $87 (normally $249) a month. A platinum plan is also available for the users with cost beginning from $399.

With all the options available here, it is important to compare the costs and cross-check the benefits each program offers as well. The cost should not worry you more if it comes with greater possibility of losing weight because this is what you probably want at the end of the day, isn’t it?

What are the best weight loss programs for women?

There are so many weight loss programs out there that it’s very easy to get confused as to which one to be followed. In fact, you will feel bombarded with all the options available in front of you. While some weight loss programs meant for the women are well-balanced, some others may offer greater flexibility. So, there is every possibility that you will feel lost amidst all those women weight loss programs. Read on to find out the best option as this article will present before you only the handpicked options.

Low-carb diets

Many experts consider this as one of the best options as this program is totally based on calorie intake. The theory is very simple – the less the intake of calories, the less the accumulation of fat in the body. This program is very effective for weight loss as it will restrict the intake of calories into your body to a great extent, resulting in a loss in weight. According to this program, if a woman wants to follow low-carbohydrate meal plan, then she should eat less than 130 grams per day. If she chooses moderate option, she should consume 26-44 percent of total calories consumed from carbs. And she adopts high-carbohydrate meal plan, she should consume 45 percent of your total calories from carbs.

Ketogenic diets

Of late, people are talking about this diet plan all over the social media and so many people have got results as well following this one. This program encourages someone to go for high-fat, very low-carb diets having only 5 percent of your total calories from carbohydrates whereas 90% will come from dietary fat. This is very effective for losing weight because if you follow this program, you are sure to have a lower intake of calories every day. Foods such as butter, lard, nuts, seeds, avocados, tofu, and fish, and meats are recommended for women following this diet plan.

FM30X, a reduced-calorie diet

This weight loss program is called as Fit Mother 30X (FM30X), and this is an ideal choice because this advocated for diets that are nutritious and satisfying as well so that you can follow this diet plan through your life. In this program the daily suggested intake of calories is around 1,200-1,600. If someone maintains it, she will lose 1-2 pounds every week.

Point-based meal plans

Some women also prefer this program as this one focuses more on a point-based system instead of calorie count. Different studies have shown that this program is especially effective for women as they can easily keep track of the foods they eat every day. This is a well-balanced weight loss program for women and this yields the best results when meal plans are followed properly.

However, which program will work best for a woman depends greatly on your preferences and choices. If you have time and want to reduce weight gradually, then any of the afore-mentioned programs will yield positive results for you. But if you want rapid results and want to lose lots of pounds within a few weeks, then you should consult an expert.

Why are weight loss programs not effective?

Experts and nutritionists always say that don’t be in a rush to lose weights because that will hamper your overall plan. There are so many weight loss programs for men and programs meant for women as well. So many people begin these and after a few days stop following those because they feel that they are not getting the desired results. So, what is it that is hampering your plan? Why do weight loss programs seem to be ineffective most of the time? Lots of factors actually influence the process and create obstacles to reaching your goals.

The trap of low-fat: Foods that are low in fat contain less calories, but high in sugar. So, what happens at the end of the day? You feel like wanting for more. On the other hand, high sugar intake contributes to your weight. Eventually you fall for the trap and cannot lose significant amount of weight.

Stress: In most of the cases after a few days of rigorous exercise and dieting we feel tired of doing the same as we have a tendency to get results within the shortest possible time. The moment we do not get the desired results, we feel frustrated and make the mistake. We go back to our old life and start repeating the things that were discouraged.

Boredom: When you feel bored, you will need some kind of distraction. For so many people out there eating is some sort of distraction. So, when someone following a particular weight loss program feels bored, he/she eats to his/her heart’s content. This is what ruins your whole fitness program and you actually end up putting extra pounds instead of losing it.

Wrong food choices: Many people are victims of health halo effect which means they keep consuming too much calories from recommended foods just because they think this food is healthy. They often forget the fact that any food consumed in excess quantity will eventually increase your weight.

Exercise habits: Many people who are following diet plans feel that only eating foods according to the plan is enough to lose weight. This is never true. Besides decreasing your calorie intake, you must also burn fat if you really want to lose pounds and maintain it. This is really an important factor. One must keep exercising moderately besides following a diet program if you really want to see phenomenal results.

At the end, it can be said that this whole issue is tricky. There can be variety of reasons for obesity and doctors feel that only diet plans cannot always do wonders as far as losing weight is concerned. There are be so many weight loss programs meant for both men and women, but most of those fall flat in the long run. That’s why someone willing to lose weight must think about his lifestyle as well and make necessary changes before adopting any such weight loss program after proper consultation with the doctor if he/she really wants the impacts to be permanent.

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