Real Reviews From Our Clients

My coach, my inspiration and my strength! I am so grateful to be working with such a strong, dedicated and focused woman!

Alicia Kyrgios, you transformed my body in a matter of weeks and I’ve never been more confident! FMG was a step in the right direction and such an exciting path for me to start following! You helped me through every step and the process has been amazing! I can not wait to see what we do and where we go together! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! I am so grateful and feel so lucky!

Tiana Lee Campbell

The left photo is one of the first photos I sent to my coach, the right is 2 weeks out from my comp.

When I look at these photos I see more than the physical changes, I see someone who has grown as a person. I see someone who’s a lot more happy and confident in who they are.

My coach Alicia Kyrgios, hasn’t just helped me with my fitness, she has helped me in all aspects of my life! She’s increased my confidence, she’s made me want to do better, she’s given me advice and most of all she believes in me 💛 so grateful to have someone who genuinely cares, the passion this woman has is infectious!

Ashleigh Smith

Today I am beyond grateful for my amazing coach, Alicia Kyrgios!

Not only has she helped me make my dream of stepping on stage come true but she gave me new dreams!! I’ve been dreaming of stepping on stage since I was 21 but never dreamt beyond the initial act of stepping on stage. I never even thought of going pro until after the first time I stepped on the FMG stage. Now I have developed new dreams and all thanks to this amazing woman I have the privilege to call my coach! So honoured to be an angel!!

Cindy McDonald

Cannot put into words how grateful I am for my amazing coach, Alicia Kyrgios!

In July I was unable to train for 6 weeks, I gained so much weight and lost a LOT of muscle mass… let myself go a bit too much IMO 🤦🏽‍♀️ About 8 weeks ago I began a life changing experience with the Ally’s Angels team and I have never been happier!

It has taken a lot of discipline and tough love but I couldn’t be prouder ! 8 weeks difference in these photos, with a lot of hard work and dedication in these 8 weeks I was able to:
🔥 drop 5% body fat
💪🏼 gain 1.9kg lean muscle mass
✨ lose 3.18kg body fat

This is only 8 weeks into my journey to the FMG stage in May 2019, 29 weeks to go.

Kristy Leiighh

Face your fears!! I’ve always struggled with my body, let alone flaunting it in front of an audience.

When I first started this process and Alicia Kyrgios suggested FMG, everything inside me shrunk and I almost said no. I’m sure glad I didn’t. I’m jumping in head first into one of the things that scares me most to remind myself that anyone can do what they put their mind to. Fear is only temporary, Regret lasts forever!