Our Coaches

Kristina Angeli

Posing & Presentation Coach

Miss Kristina is a posing and presentation coach and FMG PRO. She had over a decade of experience in bodybuilding and fitness modelling. Kristina grew up on stage as a dancer and moved into bodybuilding in her 20’s.

She has competed in FMG, WBFF, IFBB PRO league, IFBB Elite, ANB and has significant experience with ICN as the recommended posing coach in the ACT.

Kristina is committed to helping her clients bring out their inner stage diva, working together through barriers and ensuring you feel your most confident and beautiful on stage. Kristina will coach you from a place of experience and empathy.

Meet Your Coaches

Alicia Kyrgios
Managing Director & Head Coach

Christos Kyrgios
Director & Trainer

Zenia Wood

Kristina Angeli
Posing & Presentation Coach

Jacinta Simons

Dr. Jordan Shallow D.C
Chiropractor, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Toby Harrison
Official Posing Coach