Our Coaches

Alicia Kyrgios

Managing Director & Head Coach

A hugely prominent and respected figure in the fitness industry. Alicia is a 3 time World Champion in the global World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) Fitness +35 Diva category. She was inducted as a Global Ambassador for the WBFF and in 2017 was awarded the prestigious Female Model of the Year award. Earning her Pro-Card 8 years ago, she has immediately taken a huge role within the FMG and won 3 Crowns in International Pro Shows around the world.

She holds over 15 years of fitness industry experience, she is a certified trainer and true industry specialist. She has become the face of some of Australia’s most reputable beauty and fitness brands including EHP Labs, Laser Clinics Australia, Embrace Orthodontists, Mirenesse Cosmetics and more.

Alicia has always been an absolute success at everything she has participated in, even before the fitness industry. This was not easy, and there were always challenges presented which is one of her differentiating factors as a coach. She acts as a mentor and mindset coach to all her clients as well as other industry professionals seeking guidance in personal development, goal setting and mindset strengthening.

Before entrenching herself in the fitness industry, Alicia gained qualifications in multiple tertiary degrees, was the Managing Director HR Innovations Pty Ltd an international consulting firm, and earned many accolades in the corporate world. She is a specialist technical Human Resources professional and accredited HR Coach. This all-encompassing experience across many different industries and exposure to many different walks of life have allowed her to gain a perspective that many other coaches lack.

She empowers her clients to identify their goals, formulate plans to combat challenges and adversity and to become the best possible versions of themselves. Whether your goal is to win a fitness show, transform your views of yourself & in turn your lifestyle, or just to be the best version of yourself, Alicia has the experience, care, knowledge and passion to help you execute the right game plan. Creating fitness professionals to transforming physiques Alicia is a proven expert!

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Alicia Kyrgios
Managing Director & Head Coach

Christos Kyrgios
Director & Trainer

Zenia Wood

Kristina Angeli
Posing & Presentation Coach

Jacinta Simons

Dr. Jordan Shallow D.C
Chiropractor, Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Official Posing Coach