Have you ever considered doing a fitness competition and didn’t know where to start?!

Fitness competitions have many jigsaw pieces to consider to be able to bring the best package to stage, but also the RIGHT package in line with your federation and body type. The way you diet and train, how much you spend, your bikini, posing, making for the competition will depend on what federation you choose and what category.

Fitness competitions can be a great goal especially for those who have been training for some time and have a solid foundation of muscle. For those without it can be a great long-term goal to look ahead to! For a lot of men and women stepping on stage can be extremely empowering and do heaps for their confidence.

Fitness competitions are nothing new, however more and more women and men are getting involved in health and fitness. It’s become more normal in gym environments to see women lifting weights and focusing on getting strong- which is epic! Getting ready for a fitness competition is harder than your usual gym routine and involves a lot more which can be great for goal-focused people.

At Ally’s Angels, you will be part of a community where hundreds of athletes are on the same journey as you and being mentored by those who have specialized in the area.

So, what is a fitness competition?

A typical fitness competition consists of a swimsuit round and a routine/theme wear round. In the swimsuit round, the competitors wear two-piece swimsuits and high-heeled shoes, presenting their physiques with a series of quarter- or half-turns toward the judges and audience. Physique guidelines for fitness competitions typically suggest a small amount of muscular mass; clear separations between muscle groups (but, no visible striations); and, leanness. The swimsuit must cover at least fifty percent of the gluteus maximus muscle; no thongs or G-strings are allowed. Some competitions are more traditional which requires set posing routines and others like the FMG is more ‘catwalk’ style which requires embracing your individuality and being judged on marketability, class, and style.

Nutrition is one of the most important factors for muscle building, which effectively is what fitness competitions involve. Without the proper nutrients and hydration that your muscles need to grow, you will not see much progress with just weight training. Which is why it’s important to work alongside with a sport specialized nationalist and coach. You will want to look at hiring a coach that is specific to the federation that you choose.

Learn more about the Fitness Muscle Glamour Competition.

There are many federations in the bodybuilding industry including-

  • FMG
  • INBA
  • ANB
  • PCA
  • WNBF
  • IFBB
  • WCFF

They all have different rules, regulations, and expectations for each category- each category will require a different look which maybe one suited to your unique image.

You have to be prepared to give a lot of energy, time, and be prepared to spend a fair bit of money on your journey to stage.

Another question you have to ask yourself is are you ready mentally and physically to jump into a comp prep? How long have you been training? What’s your motivation? Can you stick to a diet without any issues? Are you healthy? Are you financially stable? Like any sport, fitness competitions require a big commitment.

I’d also consider going to watch a few shows and speaking to some athletes and coaches before you decide to compete.

There is a dark side of fitness competitions, which is why it’s important to work with a coach who has your best interest at heart! You want to work with someone who stops you obsessing over your body appearance to an unhealthy level, ensures there’s no development of disordered eating, and even drug use. This is why it’s important to understand your motivation and your current headspace.

Positive motivation – “I want to push myself to reach a new goal and have fun doing it.”

Negative motivation – “I’ll finally look lean and muscular and have my dream body forever.”

Remember a body for a fitness competition is for one day, you have to prepare yourself for that.

For those with a strong mindset, headspace, attitude towards diet, and training competing can be truly liberating a process that can develop you as an athlete but also develop your name in the fitness industry.

Do you want to join our comp prep team? Are you unsure where to start? Let’s get on a call.

  • Our comp prep will be structured around different phases to ensure maximum results
  • As a sports nutritionist, I can give you the best diet plans – a PT isn’t qualified to give you diet advice or plans
  • You won’t be on a fad cookie-cutter program.
  • You will get a grocery list for your weekly shopping
  • You will get weekly calls and 24-hour communication with our coaching team
  • I will educate you on the WHY to all your are programming
  • You will become a champion athlete
  • You will get full access to our training app
  • You will get weekly check-ins
  • You will have the ability to get bodyfat checks and measurements throughout your prep without the team
  • You will get access to posing practice with pros and champions
  • You will get full access to our coaching support page

Ali Charlesworth FMG pro fitness athlete

“I joined Ally’s Angels after winning my FMG pro status, which entailed a process which many calls ‘reverse dieting’. I didn’t intend of having a coach during my offseason, as usual, I coach myself. I’ve never had problems with motivation, wanting to train, even knowledge with training. However, my struggle was what we call ‘energy availability’- without realizing I’d created any an off-balance with my training and lifestyle, whilst training hard 6 days a week I was also doing a substantial amount of cycling. I know many athletes can relate to the thought process of wanting to do their best- but it’s wanting to do your best without doing too much.

It’s a known fact that many struggle with overtraining. Having a coach to be accountable to and also confide in about the way I felt made the process of change less overwhelming. Being adamant that I was ‘good at what I do’ made me stuck because the truth is as a coach you can be great at what you do but the way you treat yourself is different from your usual coaching strategies, if you also think you know enough, you aren’t learning or bettering yourself.

Working with Alicia as a sports nutritionist we were able to pull back on my training and increase my food intake whilst seeing an increase of lean muscle tissue but more important be in optimal health situation before starting a diet phase of my first pro show. I’ve gone from being 53kg to 67kg which is the heaviest I’ve ever been and mentally I feel the best I could whilst being far out my comfort zone. It’s important to touch on the fact I’ve made these improvements NATURALLY, which in this sport can be a subject many refuse to speak about and many feel pressured to dabble in.

If you are a competitor and you want to compete and don’t know where to start or are a coach and want to further your knowledge and become better as an athlete and your career- Ally’s Angels are the team for you.”

Fitness competitions

Tracey Defferrard FMG figure pro

“I Started Training with Alicia Gowans after having two local coaches for my first 2 competition preps as an INBA (now ICN) Bikini Competitor.

My experience with the second left me with a binging eating disorder for over a year, and swearing id never compete again… but I wanted to see if I could get past my previous hurdles.

I saw Ally on Instagram and could not stop thinking, I loved her look, but also the education and knowledge she shared. At our first phone call, I knew. 3 years and 2 changes in categories, a Pro Card win and the world’s first Virtual Competition with a 3rd place as a pro, and we are starting my next prep.

I know she knows me, is invested in my health and my goals. And I like her get it done attitude and highly respect the woman, and the entire team at Allys Angels.”

Rachel Fabrizio FMG pro fitness model

“A few words of my experience with Alicia and the Team of Angels.

I’ve been working with Alicia for 2 years, since achieving Professional status with The FMG I was looking for someone who could bring me up to the next stage in my Fitness Career.

The progression I have felt since working with Alicia and Allys coaching Team in this time has been more than I thought possible, in terms of inner confidence and understanding in many areas I hadn’t considered before. I truly feel I have developed not only in the external Fitness world but internally as a person.

The support is personal, honest, and tactical in every way. No step is unbalanced or stone unturned.

We came top 5 in my first Pro show and now we are working towards the Worlds stage. Hand on heart, I wouldn’t look anywhere else in the world to work alongside.

Forever grateful to be an Angel.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start training for fitness competitions

The road to becoming the champion of fitness competitions is not easy because you are not alone in the contest! An adage says, ‘No Pain, no gain’ signifies that you must train and work hard to blow out your competitors from the competition and uphold the winning trophy.

This universal law applies to fitness competitions as well. If you are looking forward to becoming the champion of the fitness competition and looking for some useful tips, look no further! Here are some tips on how to start training for a fitness competition.

  • Create your workout plan

It can occur that you have no idea where you should start. Don’t worry! Everything has its beginning without any knowledge. Creating a workout plan is the first and foremost step you want to take in order to create the path to follow your dream of winning the fitness competition. You will be able to fix each day for separate exercises.

  • Hire a trainer

You will definitely need a trainer to assist you in working on the different parts of your body effectively and chronologically as per your body structure. Training on your own without any prior knowledge may hamper your body’s growth and training as well. A professional trainer can give you instructions after pondering several aspects, for instance, your body growth, structure, and other aspects.

Undeniably, nutrition plays the most prominent role in terms of aiding your body to take the necessary energy when it is essential. This means including a proper nutrition plan to your bodybuilding diet will help your body generate more energy, which will allow you to work out effectively.

  • Consider Gym Facility

As you have decided to compete with others in the competition, you must consider whether the gym you have chosen to work out has all the materials you require to train efficiently. Not all the gyms come with exclusive quality. Take some time to find the best gym in your area and take membership from there.

  • Take Rest When Necessary

Never compromise the relaxation of your body! Of course, you must push yourself to the limit in order to take the lead in the competition, but excessive pushing your body to gain fitness may become a curse in the middle. To avoid such an unwanted situation, you must give your body sufficient rest when it is necessary.

  • Stay Positive and Motivated

It is crucial for you to stay positive and motivated. It may occur that at some point, you are losing all the hopes and begin to think that you would never win the competition. This kind of thought can pull your leg from behind, and you don’t want it!

For instance, if you are being provoked by others, you won’t be able to pull it off. It is wise to take these comments into account and extend your willpower that you can do it, and you will be the champion no matter what it takes! So, motivation is the key component of preparing for any completion. You must know how to exploit it.

In conclusion, following the tips mentioned earlier will definitely help you to win the fitness competition.

How to compete in fitness competitions?

To compete in the fitness competition, you must be aware of some of the factors that come hand in hand with the deal of being in these shows. Certain things you must keep a note of are:

  • Am I motivated towards the right thing?

Body fitness shows can sometimes lead the participants to be involved in things that are dark and can be harmful. This may involve an over-obsessed behavior towards physical appearance, ruined eating patterns, and also drug usage. But having positive motivation can wave off the chances of these issues. The positive mindset while entering into fitness shows is that “I want to move into reaching a new goal and to have fun while doing it.”

  • Do I have enough time to train for the show?

Training is essential, and you must have the right time to do it. Without appropriate training, you can not achieve your goal of winning a show that is entirely based on physical appearance and fitness.

  • Do you have enough money?

Taking part in fitness shows can involve the expenditure of a lot of money. You can not wish to win these competitions without having to spend on gym coaches, registration fees, foods and supplements, outfits that can allure, travel expenses, tanning costs, etc. All this will need a huge amount of finances, and you must have it to win the shows

  • You should know what type you are going in?

There are many beauty and fitness shows, and they have different categories. You will have to choose from Bikini, fitness Modeling, Figure, and Physique. You can learn more about all of these types on the official sources of the competitions.

To win the show, you will have to have appropriate training sessions, food modifications, and an appropriate diet to stay lean and healthy and maintaining a life routine that falls fit on all the requirements you need to have a winning figure.

To compete in these shows like FMG, you will have first to register yourself in the show for some fees. This fee will assure you that you are in, and you can apply for registration online through the official website of FMG in Australia. These sites will guide you all that you need to know about setting yourself up for the show and to compete with other winning figures of the participants.

These were some of the most basic things that you must keep in mind and must follow to compete in the fitness shows. There are many fitness shows in Sydney, but the top one if FMG, in which the participants have to keep a note of how they look both physically and facially.

In FMG 2018, many participants took part in the show, and they all looked just perfect, but the winning position is for only the contestant that knows how to follow all of the guidelines given by the official FMG websites. You must keep your eyes open to see what are the requirements form the judge’s panel so that you can ensure your winning.

What do judges look for in fitness competitions?

Every competition has its requirements and set of rules to follow. The judging committees are advised to look for certain things in the participants to rank them in positions accordingly. In fitness competitions, the situations are just alike. The judges mostly look for certain things among the participants to rank them in positions.

In the bikini rounds, the judges look for the softer overall aesthetic and shape of an hourglass figure. They seek sculpted shoulders, small waists and tones, large and muscular glutes, and very strong defined legs. These things are mostly looked for in participants that are appearing in fitness competitions like FMG and rest. A few other things are as below:

  • A small amount of muscularity with distinction and no visible striations:

In fitness competitions, you are not only suggested to have a beautiful figure but also to add muscles in your body. It would be best if you had visible muscles that represent the hard work you paid in achieving a fit figure.

  • Overall firmness:

This involves an overall muscle tone that has shapely lines and an overall firmness that is not overly lean. It would be best if you did not look skinny but not too much firm. There must be midway of both, and you should lie perfectly in that to win fitness competitions like FMG 2019.

  • Healthy appearance:

Health and beauty contents do not only measure your fit figure, but they also want you to look healthy and not skinny at any cost. Your outlook must represent the hard work you put in looking healthy and fit.

  • Makeup:

Yes! Being a part of fitness competition like FMG bikini, you must also have a good layer of makeup on. That involves all the lashes and mascara as well. You must look all feminine at your face and have a muscularity in your figure.

  • Skin tone:

Skin tone is also kept in notice while judging for a fitness competition in Australia. It would help if you had a tan skin tone that makes your muscles look more visible and help you with looking firm and strong. Make sure you apply an even layer of tanning products all over your body so that there are no empty patches.

The competitors are told to be participating in a two-piece suit. The bottom of the suit must be v-shaped, and no thongs must be included. The swimsuits worn must be all of a good taste. The competitors must be wearing high heels and can wear jewelry.

The judges will be noting all of these factors to come up with a solution to choose the winners. You must be paying attention to each of these factors and must make sure that you do not skip any of the details form them.

Many participants are looking to participate in fitness competitions, and all of them are equally spirited to win the show. It would be best if you did enough research to see what are the rules and guidelines that are advised to be followed in these fitness competitions like FMG.

What are the different fitness competitions?

There are so many people out there who are fitness freaks. Gone are those days when these people were considered as almost outcast in the society and communities. Now time has changed, so is the mindset of the people. In different countries various types of fitness competitions are now arranged on the national and international level as well to recognize the efforts put by those freaks into fitness programs and activities. Australia is no exception — different fitness competitions are held in Australia every year with a view to encouraging the people who spend a considerable amount of time for their fitness programs.

There are around 5 body-building federations in Australia, namely INBA Australia (International Natural Bodybuilding Association), ANB (Australasian Natural Bodybuilding), IFBB Australia (International Federation of Bodybuilding), NABBA/WFF (National Amateur Body-Builders Association/World Fitness Federation) and WNBF Australia (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation), who organize different types of fitness competitions from time to time. Some of the mentionable names are ‘Bikini Model Competition’, ‘Ms Runway Competition’, ‘Fitness Model Competition’, ‘Angels Competition’ and ‘Bodybuilding Competition’.

‘Bikini model competition’ is primarily meant for the females where the contestant body is compared to the fitness model class. Competitors are not required to have a 6 pack abs, but they are judged with just a bikini on the body.

There is another popular competition known as ‘Ms Runway’ which is also meant for the females mainly. However, no particular body type is necessary to take part in this category rather this is open to any body type. The competitor may be asked to put on any dress as the main aim of the competition is to judge how glamorous the contestant is and how gracefully she can flaunt her figure putting on a particular attire. While the figure of the contestant carries significance, other factors such as your attire, level of confidence, glamour quotient and the sense of jollity are also very important when it comes to winning the title.  

‘Fitness model competition’ is another category where both male and females are allowed to participate. The mandatory criteria of this one is that the contestant must have 6 pack abs. Contestants not meeting this requisite are not qualified to take part in this competition and are eventually disqualified from being offered the entry into the contest.

There is another popular fitness competition in Australia which is known as ‘ICN Angels’ which is open to all female competitors having varieties of body figures. The contestants are judged by their overall approach and presentation. This is more fun-focused where the competitors are rather requested to focus more on fun and entertainment rather than their attires and figures.

Last but not the least, here comes the ‘bodybuilding competition’ which is probably one of the most popular categories among the fitness freaks in Australia. There are separate competitions for both males and females. The contestants must have bulk and muscular body in order to participate in this competition.

Apart from these, many other fitness competitions are organized locally here in Australia by the fitness federations.

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