Our Coaches

Toby Harrison

Posing Coach

Toby is the FMG’s official posing coach with peerless experience gained from judging, directing and photographing dozens of FMG shows around the world in 8 years working closely with the brand and its owners.

Since identifying the possibility of improving the standard of stage presence in the FMG as a whole 5 years ago and starting coaching posing, Toby’s clients average over 30 new Pro cards a year and have gone on to win 43 Pro titles.

Toby works online with clients from all over the world, both newcomers and seasoned Pros.

Meet Your Coaches

Alicia Kyrgios
Managing Director & Head Coach

Christos Kyrgios
Director & Trainer

Zenia Wood

Kristina Angeli
Posing & Presentation Coach

Jacinta Simons

Dr. Jordan Shallow D.C
Chiropractor, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Toby Harrison
Official Posing Coach