Tasha Mackenzie

Posing Coach & Ally’s Angels Brand Ambassador

Tasha is a longstanding client of Alicia’s. Tasha is one of our team’s most valuable assets and evidence that our programs work! Under Alicia’s guidance, Tash won her prestigious pro-card in the FMG Bikini Division in her first ever show and is now a much respected industry figure in her own right.

Kayla Hughes

Ally’s Angels Brand Ambassador

Kayla has been one of our most longstanding and valuable Angels on our team. She won her pro card in 2017 and is currently prepping for her Pro show debut overseas. She is an extremely beautiful and dedicated FMG Bikini Pro that will continue to make great waves in the fitness industry.

Danyelle Anderson

Ally’s Angels Brand Ambassador

Danyelle Anderson is our lifestyle ambassador. This beautiful girl has competed in various shows across many different federations but has found her sweet spot in our 80/20 rule of healthy living, balance, and creating a routine that allows her the flexibilities of a normal life – all the while letting her rock an amazing body. She enjoy great training sessions and smart, flexible, healthy eating that is sustainable every single day of the year.

Shanon Hanrahan

Ally’s Angels Brand Ambassador

Shanon Hanrahan is a FMG male fitness model that has been an inspirational member of our team for a couple of years now. He has undergone a complete transformation of lifestyle, turning around a lifestyle of partying and indulging, to consistent training and eating, undertaking a complete change. He now eats and breathes a healthy lifestyle preaching to all our new and future Angels and Alphas about all the benefits of committing to the fitness journey.

Linda White

Ally’s Angels Brand Ambassador

She is a Snap Fitness gym owner and now has been awarded the AWNBS Pro card which is credit to her hard work, dedication and discipline to life and body sculpting. Linda is one of our most longstanding clients and truly represents everything that is important to be a part our Ally’s Angels & Alphas team. She loves that Competing has enriched her life with new challenges, experiences and the passion to want to improve the mind to muscle connections. The ‘stage’ is her opportunity to showcase the discipline, motivation and dedication that, not only herself, but also the people around her have endured.

Zoey Pearson

Ally’s Angels Brand Ambassador

Zoey Pearson is an integral and invaluable member of our team. A bit of a tech guru, she oversees business development and technical improvement for our Ally’s Angels team through the delivery of our service to our clients. In the early days her pole dancing her positivity influenced into weight training too. After competing in ANB and ICN, her approach to body development completely changed into a process driven approach. With the help of Alicia and our team, she learned to accept herself as the amazing human she is, an eternal work in progress, to continue to strive for improvement and to celebrate every single milestone along the way!