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10 Foods to Avoid for Male Fitness

Male fitness agrees with a lot of food items, which are not strange. However, certain food items can cause more harm than good in your fitness journey. More so, these food items may contain substances that slow down the process of your fitness and recovery. Therefore, it is recommended that before you hit the gym, you need to know which kinds of foods are entirely a no-no for you.

In the least, picking the wrong diet can make workout sessions very difficult because you may feel heavier than usual. In the long run, it may completely sabotage your efforts in the gym while drifting you in the opposite direction of your workout plans. If you choose to proceed that way, you may experience stomach ache or constipation, which may wear you out without completing your daily plan.

Solid Foods to Avoid before Hitting the Gym

This article examines some of the articles you need to avoid to stay safe in your workout sessions. Male fitness requires unique approaches, especially concerning sugar content and the energy requirements to do specific work in the mill.

Kindly note that avoiding these foods does not imply that they are poisonous to your body system. However, the body’s effects may be detrimental to the male fitness regime, especially when taken in high amounts. Let’s lookout for some of the specific foods to reduce or altogether avoid.

1.     Flaxseed

Flaxseed is not a portion of bad food, as it contains fiber, an essential ingredient for easy digestion and replenishment. However, a high amount of flaxseed can bring much gas into your tummy and get you all bloated up. This feeling definitely won’t allow you to engage your workout effective. Generally, there are two significant reasons why this flaxseed does not work for you.

The male fitness experts recommend avoiding high fiber foods two hours before or after a workout session. The second thing is that processing the fiber through baking may further complicate the food’s usefulness and should therefore be avoided.

2.     Fast Food

The need for carbohydrates and proteins does not imply loading up on fast food such as burgers and fries. Particularly so, these food items also contain a high amount of fats and take not less than four hours to digest fully. In other words, within the hours of digestion, your body draws the energy away from the muscles to help the metabolic process.

Besides, these junk foods also contain high sodium levels that can interfere with the concentration of the internal body fluids. When this happens, it affects the pH level and may also affect the volume of blood flow and ion exchange within the body. In all, avoid fast food when preparing to have a very productive workout session and build male fitness.

3.     Protein bars

Those who accept to stay off fast foods still find a way to take some bites off protein bars. The truth is, this action also has the same, if not worse, effects on male fitness. For instance, protein or chocolate bars contain over 200 calories of energy and very little protein in effect. The real implication is that you may get to lower your protein and sugar intake, which means less energy for a workout.

By the time you work out for some time, tiredness sets in, and you want to jump out. So, the next time you want to pick a protein bar, check out for the nutritional table and pick one with over 200 kcal or energy and a 1:1 sugar to protein ratio.

4.     Sugar in White Bread

White bread contains a high glycemic index level and has a tremendous effect on your blood sugar level. As good as sugar is to supply energy for your workout, excess sugar eventually does some harm after leaving the gym. Hence the need to rate sugar-containing food by the GI level to rate its effect on your blood sugar level.

On the flip side, not all brown bread is also healthy, especially if the browning ingredient is caramel. Caramel is extra sugar in all its sense while adding an extra layer to mean more work for your kidney. The contents of this white bread are the same as what you have in the diet brown coke. Again, don’t fall for the “healthy-grain” label; instead, check out the actual sugar content.

5.     Pizza and fried foods

When preparing to start a male fitness plan, another food is to stay away from pizza and fried foods. Pizza may not look threatening, but we may make shocking discoveries if we break down the ingredients. For instance, pizza contains flour, cheese, sliced meat, tomatoes, saturated oil, salt, yeast, and some real spice, depending on the flavor of choice.

In essence, while a slice of pizza may contain up to 250 calories, adding meat can shoot up your calorie intake to 390 calories. On the other hand, fried foods, though they improve the taste, removes the fat in the food and replaces them with the saturated fat in the frying oil. Undoubtedly, continuous consumption of saturated fat can easily lead to heart attack, diabetes, and stroke.

6.     Diet soda

Not all foods with the labels, “gluten-free” or “antioxidants-rich” are safe and healthy. Instead, the consumer should endeavor to deliberately take care of their diet by staying off soda containing foods. These ingredients contain artificial sugars and not naturally occurring disaccharides such as sucrose and fructose.

In other words, they force the body to produce excess insulin, which implies an overworking of the pancreases. Furthermore, diet soda occurs majorly in the supposedly sugar-free drinks but contains other harmful ingredients that may cause harm the long run.

Apart from the food examples stated above, men should also stay away from foods like ice-cream, processed cold cuts, egg, premade salads, and dried fruits to maintain the male fitness goal. Otherwise, the journey may be a step forward and two steps backward if the eating habits don’t change. Note also that these food items may not be harmful in themselves but work contrary to the male fitness plans and become unhealthy after consuming.


On a final note, male fitness can involve several adjustments and habits, including eating, sleeping, and exercise. Therefore, it takes a level of deliberate actions over a considerable time to see the changes one desires. Yet, it is needful to stick to the right kind of diets and avoid the harmful ones. Good luck.

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