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11 Positive Signs on your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss has its benefits and challenges, and you don’t have to wait a long time before knowing how you’re faring. Each weight loss program should have a way of tracking the progress of your efforts.

Also, you need more motivation as you journey on to lose more weight towards better health. Obviously, when you see the numbers drop on the scale, you get inspired to do more on your diet and exercise plan.

In other words, you can determine your fitness as you progress through several signs on your body. You should also closely follow the changes in your body even without a scale to measure body weight changes.

11 Positive Signs that can motivate you on Your Weight Loss Journey

Below are some of the positive signs you can watch out for:

1. You’re usually less hungry

One of the first few things to notice when your weight loss strategies are working is less hunger. Significantly, if your weight loss plan is through diet, it usually affects your appetite for some foods.

For instance, if you now take more proteins but lesser fat and carbs, you lose the desire for fat over time. Besides, you also get full on time because of amino acids’ action to trigger the brain accordingly.

2. Easy workouts feel tougher

As you lose more weight, primarily through work out, you get more used to previously more challenging exercises. In other words, your body quickly begins to adjust to the physical demands of your practice.

In another way, daily workouts can only be challenging at the beginning of the session. As you consistently proceed with different exercises, it gets better, and you gain more fitness.

3. Loosely fitted clothes

It is easy to first notice your weight loss through the looseness of your clothes. When you begin to see that your favorite jeans now fit differently, then it’s a positive sign that your weight loss is working.

As you continue to do what you plan to do, your cloth fitness will encourage you to do better. Not only does weight loss help people, but it also gives room to gain more fitness with clothes.

4. Improved sense of well-being

Ideally, when your weight loss plan begins to work out, it gives you a sort of emotional and psychological satisfaction. A 2013 study showed that people on the journey of weight-loss felt more vitality and self-control.

On the other hand, they had less anxiety and less depression than before the weight loss. Mind you, in some cases, it may take up to 6 months before the changes become apparent.

5. More muscle definition

Depending on the kind of work out you engage in and frequency, the muscle strength improves as you gain more fitness. Also, a weight loss plan for workouts can influence physical strength positively.

As both men and women remain consistent with their workouts, their muscles begin to take more shape and strength. In addition to resistance-type exercises, experts also recommend eating enough protein to augment the process.

6. Physical changes in body measurements

As expected, weight loss is also observable in your physical body measurements such as the waist size, hip, and chest. These improved outcomes also influence overall health more positively.

Medical experts confirmed that there is a link between the risk of cardiovascular disease and waist circumference. It implies that a looser waistband implies better health.

7. No more chronic pains

Weight loss also improves the relief from pain, especially in body areas used in bearing weights during workouts.

For instance, the lower back, shoulders, and lower legs have less pain with time.

In other words, physiologists use this strategy to ensure that people who enroll for a workout to improve fitness can feel less pain over time.

Other areas where chronic pains can reduce include knee pain due to arthritis and other similar body parts.

8. Fall in blood pressure

As you continue your weight loss plan through diet or workout, you begin to experience lesser blood pressure until it reaches normalcy.

Similarly, exercising the heart helps to remove the harmful effects of blood pressure and similar ailments.

No doubt, more movement with the right diet can help reduce your blood pressure and keep you healthier.

As you lose weight within the normal range, you reduce your heart’s strain, and the blood pressure becomes stable.

9. Going to the bathroom more (or less) than usual

As you change your diet, it may affect how often you go to the restroom through bowel movements.

For instance, if you take more vegetables and remove meat, you may experience more constipation.

On the other hand, more animal proteins subject you to more constipation. Diet becomes an integral part of the journey to weight loss.

And if you observe that your bowel movement has changed, perhaps it is in response to your weight loss program.

10. Better mood

Your eating habits changes can improve your mood over time, as different food items contain different substances. Some food contains stimulants, while others contain blood regulating substances.

On the other hand, sugar-containing foods can also affect mood and blood sugar. The research revealed that there is a relationship between mood and weight loss.

11. Better sleep with less snoring

While you were adding weight, you will more likely snore. But whenever your weight loss plans begin to work out, you will experience more quality sleep and less snoring.

Although snoring relates to weight loss is complicated, researchers still believe there is an indirect relationship. And results have shown that weight loss was an effective therapy for people who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring.

Side Effects of Weight Loss Diets and Exercises

Depending on the method of weight loss that you employ, some strategies may have some side effects. This observation is common to weight loss programs that involve the use of a specialized diet.

Therefore, if you observe a sudden loss of weight within a short period due to diet, you need to watch out for the following:

  1. Hair loss over a short period
  2. Body fatigue persistently
  3. Gall stones as a kidney complication
  4. A weaker immune system against common diseases and illnesses
  5. Muscle cramps during work out exercises
  6. Slower metabolism that may include incomplete digestion


Final words

On a final note, not all weight loss regimes are effective and healthy. However, when you see the healthy signs, you can be confident that the plan is working. On the other hand, if you feel any uncommon discomfort or side effect, kindly reach out to a medical practitioner immediately.

Wish you all the best!

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