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15 Scientifically-proven based tips on weight loss

Having too much weight feels uncomfortable, and it’s unhealthy. It can lead to various severe health problems such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. These health reasons make many obsessed people look for ways to achieve weight loss in every nook and corner.

Since obsessed people are desperate to lose weight, many of them have been asked to do all sorts of silly things in the name of weight loss solutions, which doesn’t work in the long run. Most of those crazy things do not even have any evidence backing them.

However, if you are reading this article, your search is over. This piece contains 15 scientifically proven tips on weight loss that will help you look your best in the shortest time possible.

  1. Take water before meals

While some people claim that drinking water increases the chance of adding weight, scientists have proven that drinking water before meals dramatically affects your weight loss journey. Studies showed that if you are drinking up to a half-liter of water about one hour before you take your meal, it will help you eat fewer calories, resulting in losing about 44% weight. Do you want to see the magic, try it for only one week and see a huge difference.

  1. Drink Coffee

Coffee (mostly black) has been a popular drink recommended in the weight loss industry. The reason is simple. Quality coffee contains antioxidants, which makes the drink a good source of several health solutions.

Based on scientific research, the caffeine in coffee boosts metabolism by 3-11%. It can also increase weight loss by 10-30%. Note that you don’t have to add too many high-calorie ingredients such as sugar to your coffee. That will negate its weight loss capacity.

Coffee is everywhere. You can get it at the nearest grocery store or place an order online. Just make sure you are a quality one.

  1. Eat eggs as breakfast

Scientists have always revealed that eating eggs every day has a lot of health benefits. Yes! And that includes weight loss. While some studies said that it’s good to add an egg to your breakfast, others claimed that substituting eggs for breakfast brings the best result.

Eating eggs as your breakfast can help reduce your calorie intake for the next thirty-eight hours and contribute immensely to your weight loss ambition.

Note that it is not only eggs that work for weight loss; other protein sources can also do the magic.

  1. Do Irregular fasting

Fasting irregularly has always been a general route to weight loss. It is an eating pattern in which you will have to stop eating for a specific time frame.

Fasting is not a religious act. Scientists proved that it could help you reduce muscle mass loss, which is in line with low-calorie diets. Irregular fasting is very useful for weight loss.

  1. Drink green tea

Aside from coffee, green tea is another drink that has numerous health benefits, including weight loss.

Green tea doesn’t contain as much caffeine as coffee; it has a higher concentration of powerful antioxidants called catechins, significantly affecting the weight loss process.

Either you take green tea as a beverage or take Its extract supplement; whichever way, it will help you lose weight.

  1. Eat less refined carbs

If you want to lose weight, avoid eating white bread and pasta. The reason is that most of the white bread’s fibrous and nutritious parts have been stripped off In their making process to bring out their real taste.

Scientific studies showed that refined carbs could increase blood sugar leading to cravings, hunger, and overeating.

  1. Eat less

Some call it portion control or counting calories. Eating less food can be very useful in achieving weight loss. Meanwhile, using smaller plates can help reduce your regular intake, resulting in consuming fewer calories.

Some scientific studies showed that using smaller plates has more effect on overweight people’s eating habits.

  1. Eat healthy foods only

You may have to draw out a food timetable to achieve this but whatever it cost you, make sure you are not tempted to eat unhealthy foods. Sometimes, you might need to keep healthy food around you so that you wouldn’t eat unhealthy food if you get extremely hungry.

Some healthy foods you can easily keep around in case of hunger include baby carrots, hard-boiled eggs, fruits, yogurt, and nuts.

  1. Eat spicy foods

Spices help immensely in weight loss. Eating spicy foods will help you stay for long hours without food. Most spicy foods contain capsaicin, a spicy compound that effectively boosts metabolism and reduces your appetite.

  1. Exercise regularly

Doing regular exercise is a perfect way to burn calories. It will also improve your physical strength and mental health.

Many people who are overweight are always advised to do much aerobic exercise to lose -weight. It’s also effective for burning belly fat to give you a better and smarter body altogether.

  1. Eat more fruits and veggies

Studies showed that people who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables are not likely to overweight. Fruits and vegetables contain a smaller portion of calories but a lot of fibers. This makes them very effective for weight loss. They also have a lot of water, which makes them very filling.

Eating fruits particularly can sustain you for several hours without food. Aside from that, fruits and vegetables are very nutritious. They are very good for your health.

  1. Get a sound sleep

Getting sound sleep is as essential as eating healthy foods and exercising. A lot of people don’t place much importance on sleep, but it can really decrease the risk of obesity.

Based on scientific studies, poor sleep can increase the risk of obesity in children by 89% and 55% in adults.

  1. Avoid drinking soda and fruit juice.

Everyone already knows that sugar is not healthy but taking sugar in liquid form is more injurious to your health. If you want to lose weight, avoid taking sugary drinks such as soda, coke, and fruit juice.

Scientific studies prove that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages can increase your chance of adding weight by 60%.

  1. Eat more protein

Protein works more for weight loss than any other nutrient in the body. Protein boost metabolism by 80 – 100% calories any time we eat it. Eating protein daily is one of the most effective ways of losing weight.                                         

  1. Eat slowly

Studies showed that eating more slowly can increase the production of hormones that aids weight loss. You should also consider chewing more thoroughly before swallowing.

Final Thoughts

The above-listed tips are scientifically proven and can help you get the slimmer body you desire. Note that several other weight loss techniques can help you shed some pounds, but only a few have evidence behind them.

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