5 Calorie-friendly and Budget-friendly Breakfast Meals

Hey Angels and Alphas,

While you’re on a budget, be it a calorie budget or a financial one, breakfast is one of the best meals that has nutritious, affordable alternatives. This is because a lot of the ingredients for traditional healthy breakfasts can be bought frozen or in bulk. If you want to achieve weight loss or maintain your current weight, you probably want your first meal of the day to be one that’s calorie-conscious.

That’s why we’re here today to explore some of our best picks for go-to breakfasts that won’t break the bank and will set your entire day up for optimal energy and healthy eating.

Let’s get started.


In the breakfast game, oats are a power player. They’re very affordable, can be purchased in large quantities, and last a long time in your pantry. It’s more budget-friendly to even buy the canister of oats instead of packs. Another good reason to get oats in the canister is that they contain much less added sugar than their packet counterparts.

Overnight oats can then be made in massive batches for the entire week ahead. And let’s not forget, you can get very creative with what you add to them. You can add milk, cinnamon and fruit, berries, honey, everything! Oats have a plethora of health benefits such as being rich in fiber, helping you stay fuller for longer and lowering bad cholesterol.


Greek yogurt is one of the most budget-friendly, low-calorie, healthy foods you can recommend to anyone. Their 0 percent variety clocks in at 90 calories, no fat, and a whopping 17 grams of protein per cup. It’s absolutely perfect for feeling and staying satiated while you’re cutting back on calories, and not to mention, they’re super affordable.

Want a great go-to breakfast option? Make-ahead yogurt parfaits. Just add ¾ cup of 0% yogurt to a small jar or bowl. Then add a layer of fruit such as berries, chopped melons, or even seedless grapes. Avoid using apples or bananas since they tend to brown. Next, add half a cup of granola. Then crush a tablespoon on top of your favorite unsalted nuts and sprinkle them on top. And boom – you have a make-ahead breakfast that will last you the entire week.


Eggs are one of the most powerful yet easily digestible sources of protein. Not to mention, they’re very budget friendly. Egg muffins are incredibly versatile. You can add pretty much any herb, veggie, or protein to them for a well-rounded breakfast.

Be creative about what you add to your muffins – you’ve got spinach, red peppers, onions, seasoning, proteins, and so much more. The best thing about eggs is that they can be enjoyed several ways, from eating a whole egg to boiling egg whites. And they’ve got the nutritional value to back it up.


If you’re a smoothie person, you’re going to love this. Clocking in at about 300 calories per serving, this budget-friendly meal is super affordable since its ingredients can be bought in bulk. The fruit and kale are both loaded with vitamins and minerals that lower inflammation. And lastly, the protein and carbs inside it will satisfy your hunger and keep you energized the whole day.

Here’s an ingredient list:

  • 1/2 cup of low-fat milk
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen bananas
  • 1–2 cups frozen kale, washed and dried

Just be sure to place the kale at the bottom of your blender so it gets blended correctly. And feel free to make this smoothie even more budget-friendly by swapping out ingredients for ingredients that are in season.


Every good breakfast list starts and ends with oats. Oats are so versatile that we included them here twice, and protein-packed oats are even easier to make. Just start with ½ cup of oats, cook like you normally would in a microwave, and then simply stir a beaten egg into your oats just before the cooking ends.

You’ll get both fiber and protein in a filling mix, and this breakfast will keep you going and energized for hours to come. You can add defrosted frozen fruits for even more antioxidants and fiber and bring added benefits to your meal such as brain health, heart health, and better insulin resistance.