5 Quick Snacks to Stop Sugar Cravings in Their Tracks

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If you’re someone trying to lose weight right now, you probably know better than anyone to be careful with anything that says “healthy” on the label. The nutritional landscape is full of cheap, easy access to sugar bombs. And they’re available to us any time we want them! 

All grocery stores have so many of their shelves packed with sugary snacks, beverages, candy, cookies, and other sweet things that are strategically placed at the exit of the checkout, so they prompt unhealthy impulse buys.

And what’s more, even if you’re careful, sugar can be hidden inside your food under many different names. It’s everywhere, even in so many unsuspecting foods, ranging from condiments to oats to frozen fruits… it’s in everything!

Even after you consume a delicious meal, those nasty sugar cravings can hit you unexpectedly… and they can hit you hard. This could be due to many factors such as lack of sleep, dehydration, a micro nutritional deficiency, or a number of other factors such as habitual eating and eating for the sake of comfort.

That’s why today, we’re here to break down a short list of 5 quick snacks you can munch on anytime to stop those sugar cravings in their tracks… and get that sweet sensation at no expense to your health!


Unlike fruit juices and dried fruit that are very high in sugar and low in fiber, fresh berries such as blueberries of raspberries will provide your body with an amazing source of fiber. This allows for the slow release of natural sugars. With an insignificant 5 grams of sugar per cup, raspberries happen to be one of the sweetest yet low-sugar fruits out there. Along with blackberries and strawberries, they are the perfect healthy snack to numb your sugar cravings anytime. 


Almonds are rich in healthy fats, and they’re also one of the best foods out there for controlling blood sugar. This will ultimately keep your cravings in check. The healthy fats in almonds will keep you satiated for a long period of time, making it less likely that you will experience a blood sugar drop that will initiate your cravings. You can use almonds in energy bars, salads, oatmeal, or just as a standalone snack. 


Eggs are very budget-friendly and nutrient-dense. They’re packed with fat and protein, giving them a vary satiating and savory nature. They are great for stabilizing your blood sugar levels, and with that, your sugar cravings. Not only will their fat and protein content keep the hunger away, but they’ll also fuel you with vital nutrients such as vitamin B and vitamin D. While eggs are still an amazing option on their own, you can put them in salads, on pizzas, or pretty much anywhere.


Pumpkin seeds are a potent source of fiber, fat, and protein. They also carry another secret benefit… magnesium! If you’re craving chocolate, this could be because your body is in need of more magnesium. This is because cocoa is very rich in this vital mineral. If you choose high-magnesium foods such as seeds and leafy greens, you will be able to boost your magnesium levels and kiss sugar cravings goodbye. 


Another staple in your battle against sugar cravings should be Greek yogurt. One of the causes of sugar cravings could be that your gut microbiome is unbalanced, and the bacteria that live there have started adapting to living off sugar… and they expect it! This is why if you want to reset your gut’s natural bacteria balance, you should choose low-sugar Greek yogurt (or use kefir as a substitute) and make sure they are full of healthy probiotics. Greek yogurt is abundant in protein, keeping you full and satiated throughout the day (or until your next big meal.) They can be placed in smoothies, baked foods, or just eaten as a substitute to mayo or sour cream.

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