5 Things No One Told You About Weight Loss

How long have you been considering some weight loss? Or perhaps you are already on the journey of losing more calories. Which methods have you been using? What products did you buy? Or are you instead of on a workout routine to shed more weight?

Here is the news: you may have left out some essential information that will determine your weight loss journey’s success. There are at least 5 vital things you wish someone told you about weight loss that we will discuss in this article.

1.    Weight loss may not change your personality

After interviewing sure folks over many years, I found one common thing among almost every one of them. Each person is usually hopeful and excited about the promises that the weight loss plan has in stock for them.

They start fantasizing about how they will become happier, more successful in business, employment, and relationships. Some will even joke about getting back at their old spouses. But the truth is that there are fundamental things about your personality that weight won’t change.

You will still be the same person according to your inner configuration. For instance, you may not be funnier or more charismatic, or friendlier to people. Those issues are matters of your inner personality, and external changes may only influence them a little.

More so, when you look at the’ before’ and ‘after’ pictures of a weight-loss ad, you get the impression that the new person is definitely happier. But that is only an ad; wait for the real deal. Your good character will still be intact, and you will even need to improve your bad traits for better results,

2.    Don’t throw away everything in your old closet

The joy of losing the desired weight over the set course of time may make you hate some items in your closet. But then, take your time to decide what you need to do to them. Don’t just rush to dispose of all the clothing you have in your old size, even if it doesn’t make you happy anymore.

Indeed, you may not eventually need most of those things, but a few ones may still be useful to the new you. Some clothing basic may always look good on you, mostly if they were not of fitted sizes. And there is another reason why you should consider altogether abandoning old clothes.

Weight loss can be an oscillating concept to your body. In other words, there is a possibility of losing weight a bit and gaining more lately, significantly when you change some different habits. So, if you take three steps forward and a few steps backward, you may not be far from where you started.

3.    Prepare for what people will say about your weight loss

Losing weight should not be about satisfying people because those who passed comments on your gain before will still talk about your weight loss. So, the best approach is to do it because you really want to do it and not because of what people say or don’t say.

You may also need to prepare for what people will talk about as soon as they start noticing your weight loss. Moreover, don’t make the mistake of assuming that it will all be positive. For instance, a few people may comment that you look better in your former size than the new one.

Furthermore, many of the comments may come as a surprise from the least expected person. In all, filter these comments to know which ones will really do your good, and discard the rest. Therefore, there will not be any reason for you to become downcast or uncomfortable about people’s comments.

4.    Weight loss may take time

Depending on the body type and the method of weight loss in use, you may not see immediate changes in your process. But hold on, that is why it is a process; you may have to wait for it to happen.

More so, any time, the slow and steady process is by far safer than the hurried procedures. In losing weight, there may also be some habits that you need to change to see results. By the way, you need to identify the necessary process of losing weight before starting the journey.

Often times, we ignore the little side instructions and yet expect the significant change. The safest and most effective weight loss process is an accrued effect of small habits and procedures based on research.

5.    It takes time to get used to the changing body

As soon as the body begins to change, you may still get some surprises despite expecting it to. In fact, frequently, the mirror may disappoint you on the changes you hope to see. Therefore, you must learn to appreciate and adore your body even before beginning the weight loss journey.

While it is a fascinating journey to start off, it will take some time to get used to the body’s changes. It may even take an extra time to believe the new you that you see in the mirror. Ironically, the more often you check the mirror, the slower the process appears to you.

That absolutely fine. It is called anxiety! You only need to focus on the process and adjust to the affected areas of your life. For instance, you may need to learn to walk differently, mostly if you were initially overweight. You may change your style of clothes, posture, and carriage.


On a final note, when the journey of weight loss begins, you may get super-excited about the process that you ignore other essential factors. Therefore, this article fills the vacuum by bringing to light some of those crucial changes you may begin to observe. Besides, it encourages the reader on the right response to give these changes. Finally, don’t be surprised that no one ever told you about some of these facts about weight loss.