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5 Ways Exercising Improves Feminine Health

If you have been keeping your eyes on videos, posts, and advertisements on social media, then you might have noticed that a large percentage of fitness ads are female fitness ads aimed at women. If it isn’t a weight-loss ad, then it is an ad claiming to help women get rid of their lower body fat, now commonly known as FUPA (an acronym for “Fat Upper Pubic Area”).

Other ads are for products (most of which are scammy) that claim to help women get that snatched body they want. Many marketers are going out of their way to tell people that they don’t need exercise, they only need to take a supplement, and they’ll be fine. Thankfully, we know better. No matter what your goals are: fat loss, flat tummy, or an overall improvement in health, exercise is always a sure way to go.

In this article, we will look at how exercise works to improve female fitness and why you should add exercise to your daily routine. Let’s get into it.

How exercise helps female fitness

There are many benefits exercising brings to a woman’s life. Some of them are:

  • Exercise helps to fight mood swings that are caused by hormones in the woman’s body

When women reach the age of puberty, they start seeing changes in their bodies. Some of these changes are physical and can be easily seen, like pubic hairs and the start of the menstrual cycle. However, other changes that are driven by hormones are usually unseen in the body, even though they have a very large impact on women’s behavior. From puberty till menopause, women have to constantly deal with a switch in levels of estrogen and progesterone, and these chemical imbalances affect the brain chemistry and moods of women.

Also, during menopause, women feel their estrogen levels drop more than ever, and that also means a loss of the “feel good” chemical called serotonin.

Exercise becomes a very effective solution to these problems by supplying the body with endorphins, which is another “feel good” chemical. Studies have shown that this reduces the risk of mood imbalances and depression in women, even after menopause, when they must have lost a large part of the estrogens in the body.

  • Exercise helps with weight

Naturally, humans gain more weight as they age, both men and women. However, women have more challenges to deal with when it comes to weight because sometimes, the weight gain that comes with pregnancy might continue to stay with them even after pregnancy. Many women never recover from this and go on to add more weight over the course of their lives. At this stage, a solid weight loss female fitness program that is constituted of the right exercises is needed.

Unfortunately, however, for many women, their challenges don’t end there. When many women lose estrogen during their menopausal years, their body redistributes fat to all parts of it. Most times, a huge chunk of this fat is sent to the belly, which can make all fat loss efforts look futile. Also, because muscle mass reduces as they grow older, other women struggle to keep their weight in check because muscles burn more calories than fat.

Thankfully, there is a good solution. With exercise, a woman can burn excess calories in the body that would have become fat eventually. Also, exercise helps women build lean muscle mass, and this lean muscle mass will help them keep their weight in check and even burn more fat if needed.

  • Exercise helps reduce the chances of getting diabetes

Every female fitness guru is quick to show you how keeping fit is going to make you look good. However, very few talk about other things that are more important, like reducing your sugar level or keeping it in check. Diabetes, when unmanaged, can lead to lots of problems in a woman’s body. For example, due to the high blood sugar levels in the body, unmanaged diabetes can cause nerve damage, including nerves in the vagina area for women. This could affect vaginal lubrication.

Diabetes also leads to unsatisfactory sexual experiences in many women due to drops in sugar levels during sex. Yeast infection in women can also be more frequent with women struggling with diabetes. Poorly managed diabetes can also reduce the chances of conception in a woman.

For these reasons, it is important to engage in exercise if you want to avoid diabetes. However, if you already have the condition, good exercise coupled with the proper diet, as well as diabetes medications will help manage the situation better.

  • Exercise helps with sleep

Another important feature of many female fitness exercises is that it helps with sleep. Many women across the world struggle with sleeping at night and experience sleepiness during the day. When this is coupled with pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, and menopause, it becomes very difficult to cope with.

Thankfully, our good old exercise helps with this too. Exercising regularly can help you with better sleeping habits and improved resting at night up to 65% of the time. Also, exercising regularly can reduce the chances of daytime sleepiness in many women.

  • Exercise helps improve mental health

If your female fitness weight loss guru hasn’t told you this benefit of exercise, it’s time to fire them. As stated before, exercise helps release feel-good hormones called endorphins in the body, reducing the chances of depression and other mental health illnesses that come with age and stress.


Even with these big benefits set before them, many women will still find it hard to get off their couches to exercise. Many others will engage in female fitness programs for the sole purpose of weight loss or fat loss and miss out on other benefits that exercising the right way can bring.

Always remember the long term benefits of exercising outweighs the short term pain it brings, and exercising with the right diet and habits can help perform miracles in your body in ways you never thought were possible before.

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