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5 Winter Activities You Can Enjoy with your Friends and Family

Hey Angels and Alphas,

Depending on where you are in the world, you could either be facing cold, short, dark days, or sunny and bright days that are more welcoming to the idea of a fitness journey. But if you make an effort to involve some preparation in your cold-weather workouts, you can turn even the most moody winter day into a fun, exciting series of outdoor activities that will make you forget it’s cold outside. 

You shouldn’t be spending the sweater season in front of the TV or on the couch. Instead, schedule these 5 activities with all your loved ones and you’ll all collectively be able to get some fresh air, ward off the winter calories, and improve your mood. 

Let’s get started.


If there are kids around, you should know nothing beats the thrill of sledding down the largest hill you can find in the neighborhood… and then running for another round. 

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a child or a grown adult. Sledding is a great workout, and pretty much anything you can do in the snow that involves carrying or climbing involve resistance training. 

This means sledding essentially becomes a built-in workout that gets your heart going, burns calories, and makes the perfect situations for candid photos with your friends or loved ones. It’s a win-win!


Kids (and adults) enjoy making the most out of the snow. Join youngsters in building snowmen, snow forts, and other contraptions. If you’ve got enough willing participants, you could even surprise everyone with a friendly snowball fight. But keep in mind activities performed in the snow get your heart rate going much faster. 

They can easily make for an efficient workout, but since they’re a fun way to get a workout, they actually feel like play.


If you’re a fan of skiing and snowboarding, you know the type of full-body workout only they can give you. Not to mention, you can torch upwards of 300 calories an hour while skiing, and most ski resorts offer lessons to pretty much anyone. They’re something you can involve all your friends and family in. 

Research has even shown that these types of winter sports work as incredible mood enhancers. Naturally, they’re the perfect option for when you’re up against the winter blues. 


Ice skating is one of those winter activities that engages every major muscle group in your body. Your arms, legs, and core work together to keep you upright and gliding at all times, and this stress adds up. 

Skating could make for a date, an active get-together with all your friends, or even a new and exciting skill you can teach your kids (with a cup of hot cocoa at the end.) You might struggle and even fall down a few times, but the cardio workout and all the shared memories you’ll get out of it are definitely worth it.


Even 30 minutes of walking can help you burn upwards of 150 calories. This can easily add up when you’re trying to shed pounds and maintain weight. And if you have to push through chilly weather to get those minutes in, you’re making your walk all the more special. 

Schedule in your hiking trails and capture the gorgeous winter views, and before you know it, you will have racked up a serious step count. And all of this while enjoying the company of your friends and family and taking in the entire winter atmosphere. 


Winter is an amazing time of year to spend with those close to you, and it’s especially important during this season that we get out of our sedentary habits and put our fitness and health first. When winter rolls around, most people put their health goals on the backburner. 

However, when we get to the plethora of activities and winter sport options out there, we can see how this season can be a great opportunity to actually progress with our goals and challenge our bodies in new ways… all while staying with our loved ones and having fun no matter the weather.

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