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6 Good reasons you should participate in a fitness competition

It is true that participating in a fitness competition is not for everyone. However, if you are part of those that despise fitness competitions because you can’t find any substantial benefit associated with it, you are might be on the wrong side.

I think it would be great if you can walk up to a former contestant and ask why he/she spent so much time, energy, and money to contest in a fitness competition; you will get a firsthand testimony that will give you a right perspective about the competition.

The benefits of participating in a fitness completion is numerous. The competition gives a contestant a lot experience and exposure that can change a lifetime. Though, contesting in the competition requires high level of commitment, dedication, and discipline, what you stand to gain at the end of the competition worth the hard work.

As a former champion in a fitness completion, I’m ready to share with you some crucial reasons you should participate in a fitness competition.

It improves your health

The moment you decide to participate in a fitness competition, you need to start taking your health as a priority. The ambition alone will make you become dedicated to your overall health. For instance, you will have to learn a healthy eating habit because eating unhealthy foods will only shatter your fitness ambition.

Building a fitness competition body requires eating healthy foods that will help you start your working out active, sustain you during the exercises and help you recover quickly after the workouts. You will also have to be committed to your scheduled workout sessions to build the perfect body fit for participating in a fitness competition. The cardiovascular exercises and weight trainings will also help you overall health in the long run. All these will keep you stay healthy and active for a long time.

It brings a sense of achievement

Participating in a fitness competition means achieving one of the goals in your bucket list. Truly, competing in the competition has to with setting and achieving several short term and long terms goals. If you cant achieve your training and eating goals, you can’t make it to any fitness composition whether local, national or international;.

This is one of the best reasons I encourage people to strive to participate in a fitness competition at least once in a lifetime. It will make you face some big challenges in diverse ways you never thought possible. as you set goals and achieve it, it gives you a sense of fulfillment and it helps you build the confidence to do more.

Aside from making it to the competition, realizing goals will help you face other life challenges confidently and overcome them. More so, while working out to build the right body, you will learn endurance, tolerance, and discipline which are essential qualities to make life purposeful.


It is often said ‘strive to be the best you can be’ but only a few people are brave enough to take on the challenge that will make them realize the maximum potentials. Fitness competition is not for lazy or weak people. Preparing for a fitness competition is a process that involves consistent hard workouts and strict dieting to build the perfect body that can earn a yes nod from judges.

Fitness competition is more than the contest, it’s a lifetime challenge that will bring the best out of you. anyone who trains to compete has accomplished a great feat. Working for at least two hours a day in snot a joke. There will be some days your body would say no but you have stand up and get your hands lifting the gears. The workouts will get you pushing yourself physically and emotionally to sail through the hard times.

Training for a fitness competition will challenge you to discover your strength and power. It’s a great challenge that will give you a sense of satisfaction after the competition.

It helps you meet new people

One thing is certain, participating in a fitness competition will get you connected with several like-minded people who love fitness. Also, the fact that these new friends of yours are coming from a different background and have different reasons and goals makes more interesting. You will also have the opportunity to add to your experience by learning from other people. Whether you emerge the winner or not, the joint celebration you will have with your new friends will bring you a great feeling. No matter what you can never come back from a fitness competition being the same person – many things would have changed about you.

The hush

The feeling that constituents have while standing in front thousands of spectators and strict looking judges cannot be expressed in words – it‘s better experienced than told. After several months of hard training, strict dieting, and other pre-contest preps, there’s nothing so comforting like stepping on the stage to feel the vibe.

Do you know what it manes to walk through a stage where thousands of spectators applauding and shouting your name? it’s awesome! Most athletes who have once participated in a fitness competition always wish they do it again. If you contest once, you will always crave for more.

You will become an inspiration to others

While you are preparing to participate in the competition, others may tap inspirations from you and decide to follow your foo steps,.

Most people don’t feel motivated to do something until they see somebody else doing it. there are many people who might have been dreaming of contesting in a fitness competition just like you but they are feeling reluctant to take the bold step. Many on the hand, might be overwhelmed with the tedious workouts and strict dieting involved in the process. But when they see you doing, they would be motivated to stand up and take up the challenge as well.


Each fitness competition brings different feeling and experience. These are remarkable feelings and experience you will never forget in your lifetime. This is one the lasting benefits of competing. Participating in a fitness competition is a life-changing step. You will always be glad you did.

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