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6 Ways to Lose More Weight by Walking

Hey Angels and Alphas,

If you want to be successful when losing weight (and keep it off long term), you have to create the healthy habits that will make up an overall healthy lifestyle. One of those habits, undoubtedly, is walking. 

Fad diets usually love to promise quick fixes only to end up backfiring on you and causing more weight gain. This is because they require drastic changes that are simply not sustainable. Often, it’s just the little things (such as sipping on more water) that end up making the greatest difference.

Walking is essentially one of the easiest and most effective ways you can go about improving your health and supporting your weight loss efforts. If you want to amp up your calorie burn, simply try these expert tips:


A moderately-paced walk at about 5 kilometers an hour, for 45 minutes, will burn about 180 calories. But if you start hitting the trails instead, a similar pace over time will burn almost double the calories (clocking in at around 320.) Replace one of your weekly walks with hiking, and you’ll be able to burn an additional 600 calories a month. Might not seem like much, but it adds up.


A leisurely walking pace of about 5 kilometers an hour for 5 minutes will burn about 20 calories. If you increase the pace and walk at a 8 km/h pace, you’ll burn about 50 calories in that same time. While you may not be able to hold this pace for a long time, just adding five 1-minute intervals inside your walk will help you burn 150 calories over a half-hour walk. Do this a few times a week, and you’ll be able to burn about 700 calories a month on top of what you’re already burning.


If you simply include a 5-minute set of step-ups on a park bench or just a couple of walking lunges to your routine, you’ll be able to boost up that calorie burn by about 50 calories. If you do this four times a week, you’ll be up an additional 200 calories. And by the end of that month, you will burn about 800-900 calories extra.


If you do this a couple of times a week, you’ll see your results change completely. Taking a few shorter walks throughout your entire day is going to be a great way to increase your overall calorie burn and step count, all while combating the negative consequences you will usually experience if you follow a sedentary lifestyle. 

But if you take a 15-minute walk before dinner at a 5 km/h pace, you’ll burn an extra 50 calories. You can also break these down into three shorter walks before each of your meals. And by adding these 15 minutes of extra walking to your day, you’ll be able to add an additional 400-500 calories each week, or just about 2000 for the entire month.


Nothing beats spending some quality time and playing around with your children. The good news is you can spend your time with your loved ones and lose weight at the same time. By playing a few games of hide and go seek for about 30 minutes a day, you’ll be able to burn about 150 calories extra. And if you do this three times a week, you’ll be up an additional 450 calories that week. Over a month, that’s just about 2000 calories on top of what you’re already burning.


If you’re someone who lives in an urban area, and you don’t live that far away from work, walking to work can be a great way to get early-morning exercise, a boost of creativity, and improved productivity. If you’re working from home, take the time you’d usually commute and go for a short walk. 30 minutes will burn about 130 calories. If you do this at the end of the day, you’ll burn an additional 300 calories every day. And if you make this a habit and do it three times a week, that will clock in at about 4000 calories extra. Score!

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