6 Ways to Make Your Meal Prep Sessions More Flexible & Productive

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You’re probably no stranger to meal prep, so we don’t have to sell you on how good it is. Spending a few hours during the weekend to prepare nourishing meals for the coming week is an excellent approach to achieving your nutritional and weight-loss objectives.

To adopt healthier eating habits conducive to weight loss, the process must be made as simple as possible. If it feels overly complex or time-consuming, maintaining these new eating habits is unlikely.

Meal prepping simplifies healthy eating, even during unpredictable days filled with a busy schedule, stress, or last-minute deadlines. “You’re more likely to opt for calorie-dense foods in these situations, so having prepared meals offers a straightforward alternative, aiding in goal attainment,” the expert adds. This method requires no willpower, as you already have a plan in place.

However, meal prep can seem tedious, and not everyone enjoys cooking. “Adopting a more relaxed approach to meal prep can save time and effort, making it a more natural fit into your routine,” the expert advises. Additionally, even if a rigid method works for you now, you might want to explore other strategies in the future that better suit your lifestyle.


Here are six tips for a simpler, yet effective meal prep approach:

  • Cook Once, Eat Twice: Roast a variety of vegetables to mix and match with your meals throughout the week. This allows for more customization based on your daily preferences. The same applies to whole grains and proteins, which can be combined in different ways for diverse grain bowls.
  • Prep Once, Use Twice: To avoid the monotony of daily chopping, try to cut extra vegetables or cook additional grains when you’re already in the kitchen. This way, you have ingredients ready for future meals.
  • Get Creative: Avoid the trap of preparing the same meals repeatedly. Allow yourself the flexibility to try new recipes or ingredients. This variation keeps your meal prep interesting and helps in maintaining it as a lifestyle choice.
  • Know What You Want (… At Least Generally): Before grocery shopping, have a rough plan for your meals, leaving room for spontaneous dishes and leftovers. Plan a few meals for each time of day, but be open to swapping ingredients based on what’s available or appealing at the store.
  • Opt for Shortcuts: Utilize pre-washed vegetables, salad kits, or pre-cooked grains to reduce prep time. Ready-to-eat proteins like rotisserie chicken or pre-packaged boiled eggs can also simplify meal prep.
  • Prep When You Have the Energy: While weekends are common for meal prep, choose a time that works best for you. Meal prepping should be enjoyable and sustainable, so find a time that doesn’t make it feel like a chore.

By following these tips, you can make meal prep a more flexible and enjoyable part of your routine, supporting your long-term health and weight-loss goals.

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