7 Nutritious (and Sustainable) Snacks You Should Try

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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, snacks often emerge as the unsung heroes, providing a much-needed energy boost between meals and helping us stave off the midday slump. However, the snack aisle can be a minefield when it comes to navigating the nutritional value and environmental impact of our quick bites.

For those looking to satisfy their snacking habits without compromising on their ethical and health standards, the search for sustainable and nutritious options is a priority.

To assist in this quest, we’ve collaborated with a renowned dietitian associated with a leading health and fitness platform to highlight seven snack options that are not only beneficial for your health but also kind to the planet.

7 Dietitian-Recommended Nutritious and Sustainable Snacks

Sustainable Savory Crackers

For those moments when only the crunch of a savory snack will do, choosing crackers from brands committed to eco-friendly practices is a win-win. Look for options that come in a variety of flavors, from classic cheese to bold, spicy options, all made with organic, plant-based ingredients and without added sugars. These crackers are not just tasty but also offer a decent fiber and protein content, making them a guilt-free indulgence.

Whole-Grain Oat Bars

Redefining the snacking experience, these oat bars put whole-grain oats at the forefront, delivering a snack that’s both delicious and nourishing. Each bar is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, providing a slow-release energy source perfect for any time of the day. With a focus on natural ingredients like whole grain rolled oats and a sweet touch from brown rice syrup, these bars are a healthier alternative to many sugar-laden snacks on the market.

Upcycled Banana and Plantain Snacks

Innovatively tackling food waste, certain brands transform less-than-perfect bananas and plantains into scrumptious snacks. These options not only offer a sweet, satisfying treat but also pack a nutritional punch with high potassium and fiber content. Supporting ethical farming practices and paying a premium for organic produce, these snacks do good for both the consumer and the producers.

Organic Chocolate Bars

Indulge in the decadence of organic chocolate bars that blend fair-trade ingredients with sustainability. Certified for their climate-neutral efforts and organic practices, these chocolates are not just a treat for the taste buds but also a boon for the environment. With options ranging from rich dark chocolate to innovative flavors, each bar promises a nutrient-rich snack with benefits like antioxidants and essential minerals.

Impactful Nutritional Bars

Make snacking a purposeful act with bars that contribute to global nutrition initiatives. Offering a range of flavors, these bars combine delicious taste with a noble cause, donating a portion of sales to help combat world hunger. Crafted with natural, vegan-friendly ingredients, these bars are a testament to the power of ethical snacking.

Filled Pretzel Nuggets

Experience the perfect blend of crunchy and creamy with pretzel nuggets filled with delectable flavors. Baked using high-quality ingredients, these snacks are a testament to the brand’s commitment to transparency and sustainability. By partnering with farms that practice regenerative agriculture, these snacks not only taste good but also do good for the planet.

Organic Granolas

For a wholesome snack, organic granolas made with natural ingredients like whole grains, nuts, and seeds are an excellent choice. Pioneering the organic movement, brands that prioritize sustainable practices and aim for zero waste certifications stand out. With a variety of flavors to choose from, these granolas offer a versatile and nutritious snack option.

Ready to Elevate Your Snacking Game with Eco-friendly Snacks?

Choosing the right snack can be a game-changer, offering an energy boost without the guilt. The sustainable and nutritious options listed above not only satisfy hunger but also align with a commitment to ethical consumption.

Next time you find yourself reaching for a snack, consider one of these eco-friendly choices to make a positive impact on both your health and the environment. Remember, tracking your snacks can also help maintain a balanced diet, so consider using health apps to stay on top of your nutritional intake.

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