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8 Foods Women With PCOS Should Avoid

Staying fit and eating nutritional foods is normally restricted to women who want to achieve weight loss or build their biceps. Though participating in exercises and dieting can help one achieve that, actively exercising can help everyone in the long run and combat symptoms of a lot of diseases. This includes PCOS.

For some women of childbearing age, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a problem they encounter due to hormonal imbalance, genes, and other underlying causes science cannot explain efficiently. To deal with PCOS, however, keeping fit at all times, eating the right nutritious diets, and maintaining a healthy weight can decrease its symptoms and drastically reduce the occurrence of other diseases that come with having PCOS.

For women with PCOS, androgen and estrogen are secreted at the wrong levels, leading to the formation of these cysts and the thickening of the endometrial lining. These causes irregularity in menstruation, and hirsutism, amongst others. The hormone estrogen is actively secreted, steering to an unhealthy weight gain if left unchecked. Keeping a decent weight at every chance curbs the effects of PCOS

Diets grossly influence PCOS because people with PCOS are insulin resistant, increasing risks to diabetes, associated diseases. So women with PCOS should strive to promote a healthy insulin balance, meet nutrition needs, and weight loss. These, they can achieve with diets and frequent exercises to stay fit, and on the good side.

Due to diet’s influence on PCOS, certain kinds of foods ought to be eaten, and a host of others avoided to salvage their effects on affected women and reduce risks to further diseases linked with PCOS. Along with fitness exercises, foods to be avoided include;

  1. Dairy Products and Solid Fats

Though dairy products are nutritious and enjoyable, women with PCOS should lessen to the most minimum their intake of these products. These include cream, cheese, and whole milk. These dairy products should be prevented because they contain a high amount of saturated fat, which increases estrogen production, making the symptoms of PCOS worse. Estrogen causes weight gain as well. When dairy products whole with the fats are consumed frequently, a massive increase in weight is the outcome. Fat loss should be the goal of conquering PCOS. Not the other way round.

  1. Excess Red and Fatty Meat

Likewise, dairy products, taking surplus red meat and meat with high-fat content, isn’t a reasonable idea if you have PCOS. Fatty meat like steaks, hamburgers, pork can cause a rise in insulin levels, leading to diabetes and high risks to other disorders. Instead, a substitute should be made for proteins with healthier fats, which include proteins of plant origin and healthy meat. PCOS gets worse with a fat load. Fat loss and avoidance decrease symptoms of PCOS, increasing the chances of reproduction for affected women without taking injections.

  1. Refined Carbs

Though tasty and common, these foods high in carbohydrates are not a good choice as well, since they won’t accomplish your aim of fat loss. Also, highly refined carbs have an enormous glycemic index, which triggers a rise in insulin levels, worsening insulin resistance in affected patients.

To subside indications attributed to PCOS, white bread is one food you should stay away from. Pastries with high gluten should be evaded too.

Instead of diets high in carbs, your diet should be substituted with whole grains and gluten-free foods. Potatoes can be added to stay fit and healthy.

  1. Solidified Fats

Solidified and emulsified fats might be necessary ingredients in making delicious pastries and homemade meals. If you need honest advice, however, these fats should be strikes off your diet chat.

Lard, margarine, shortening, other solidified fat can make your weight loss journey difficult. Also, they have the potentials of causing hypertension in everyone, not only people with PCOS.

Solidified fats and every other kind of fat should be substituted with beneficial fats, which are mostly of plant origin. These healthy fats include avocados, olive oil, and our very own delicious coconuts. These nutrition based diets improve your general health and fitness.

  1. Sugary Beverages

Beverages and soda drinks are inflammatory causing and insulin spiking foods. They should be eliminated if you want to live healthily and increase your chances of reproduction if you have PCOS. They should be avoided if possible. Instead of taking sugary beverages and soda, pure fruit juice and water is largely a better alternative. They boost your nutrition and health.

  1. Fries

Eating fast fries increases one’s chances of internal inflammations and build-up of bad cholesterol, increasing symptoms of PCOS, worsening the situation. Fast foods like French fries makes one put on weight.

This is no good if you’re dealing with PCOS.

As much as it is possible, fried foods should be avoided for a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Processed Meat

High intake of processed meat like hotdogs and sausages have been proven to cause inflammation of the body and cysts in the ovaries. Since they further spur the development of ovarian cysts, they should not be included in your diets if you’re prone to having PCOS.

  1. Processed Snacks

Snacks are delicious, and nibbling one sweet and candies can help us satisfy our cravings and deal with boredom. Be careful not to fake eating sweets to a higher level if you have problems with reproduction as a woman. Nibbling on sweets will not help you lose weight in a shorter time as well. Not just sweets, popcorns, and cookies intake should be prevented. These foods increase one’s glycemic index if consumed in a high quantity. Instead of these snacked, dried fruit snacks can be nibbled on rather. They’re delicious, and they keep you healthy.

Having PCOS isn’t a bad ailment, as it can be managed by participating in the right exercises and eating the right foods to stay fit. These two influences PCOS symptoms since they play huge roles in the weight loss of PCOS patients.

Staying healthy and losing weight is not restricted to PCOS patients. Every woman should endeavor to stay fit. It’s advantages last for a long time.

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