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Achieving Weight Loss in the Busy Autumn Season

Hey Angels and Alphas,

Around this time of year, many of us have to deal with a change in our schedules – whether it’s getting the kids to school, moving to a new city, starting a new job, or just wanting a fresh start after Labor Day, the chances are you’re going to have to deal with a few tweaks from our usual summer routine.

The fall is a great time to take a step back and examine your health goals, where you were when summer started, and how you’re going to go into the winter season to ensure you’re staying healthy and active.

No matter what your current lifestyle is or how you’re planning on approaching the new season, here are a few tips on how you can adjust your goals to this changing of seasons.


Those easy summer dinners on the grill every Saturday start slowing down once the colder months come in. Healthy eating generally takes a little planning and preparation as your schedule (and that of your family) tends to pick up. 

Every weekend, take a few minutes to schedule what you’re going to be eating throughout the next week and make sure you always have something prepped and ready for when you’re going to work, when the kids get home from school, and just whenever you find it convenient. Weekends are also a great time to meal prep, roast veggies, make grains for grain bowls, or make a big batch of meals you can heat up throughout the week.


If you no longer have time to get up early in the morning and go for a run, that’s okay! There are other ways you can get in the enjoyable movement your day needs. A few small increments of movement – even 5-10 minutes – will have a lasting positive effect on your health and your body when spread throughout the day.

Set a reminder in your phone every few hours so you get up and get a little movement in. Lunchtime activity can also do wonders for our digestion if you head out for a 10-15 minute stroll after eating. And if you’re one of the people who love yoga or go for runs a few times a week, identify the gaps in your new schedule that will allow you to still do them.


Once fall gets into its full swing, people who are generally busy might be tempted to eschew their “me time” in favor of other responsibilities and obligations they have, such as their work, family, their social life, and more. But over this, this can be mentally and physically exhausting. 

If you’re not making time for yourself, make it a must to add it to your calendar. Just like you would an important meeting. Do the same necessary planning that it takes in order for it to happen because it is just as important. What you choose to do during your free time is entirely up to you, and it can depend on what mood you’re in or what you need in any given moment. 

Sometimes, it might be an all-out sweat session in the gym. Sometimes, it might be meeting with a friend over coffee. Whatever it is, remember the busier and more stressful your schedule is, the more time you need to take off and relax.

The bottom line is…

As the fall season rolls around, you have to start giving yourself some grace as you start fitting into a new schedule. Especially if this adds more stress to your life. While there is no one right way to exercise, be mindful and practice self-care, or nourish your body, it’s all about finding what works best for you in a particular moment and then using it to make progress toward your health and fitness goals.

It might take you some time to adjust, but reevaluating your health goals, staying active, and taking time to cool off should be the cornerstones of a healthy transition into a new, busier schedule.

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