Attributes of Great Performance Coaching Experts

Can you imagine that the great Michael Jordan was not even enlisted into his high school varsity basketball team? Neither was Tom Brady a first-round draft pick from college – he was only as good as 199 in the ranking. These two great athletes attributed their success to great management hands that ensured they reach their highest performance level through excellent professional coaching.

In other words, every great athlete has behind him great coaches, just like Usain Bolt has Glen Mills to break the 100-meter record. He builds into the Jamaican strength, agility, proper coordination through comprehensive anatomy and talent identification. Talking of talents, these are all talented but needed to add many other attributes such as dedication, resilience, passion, self-motivation, determination, etc.

The online Master of Sports management stated that high-performance coaching‘s success depends mostly on the athletes’ holistic development, not just a balance of the win-loss record. Clearly, performance coaching must involve an in-depth study and implementation of goal setting and building the necessary confidence and resources to achieve them. Then, what is unique about these high-performance coaches? What do they do, and how do they do it?

What is High-Performance Coaching?

High-performance coaching involves helping sportsmen and women reach their potential by upgrading their value and work in their chosen field and at all levels. Therefore, this process goes beyond just coaching a high performing athlete but bringing the best performance out of the athlete in any way possible. It is about quality mentoring, helpful collaboration, profitable investment of all available resources.

A comprehensive effort in performance coaching may occur, including professional nutritionists, physiotherapists, and specialists in specific areas for optimum results. The long term goal is to achieve all-round optimum results through the available resources. These resources may include gadgets, equipment, environmental factors, and other conditions that may influence the final output quality.

Furthermore, performance coaching starts with inducing the winning mentality that the athlete really wants. However, the coach cannot overlook the essence of the process or the journey rather than the endpoint. It is also vital to equally focus on the employed strategy that gets the best out of the player or the athlete. In the long run, the trainee achieves the desired success.

Attributes of a Great Performance Coach

Several qualities are essential in making a great performance coach that can produce excellent coaching services. These high-performance sports coaches can share essential techniques, create practice schedules, and champion these trainees’ course to outstanding performances.

All these factors help to achieve the overall positive vibe that comes with a sense of accomplishment. Below are some aspects of positive attributes that a performance coach should exhibit:

1.     Motivation

One of the most essential attributes of a great performance coach is the sense of motivation. Performance coaching includes the ability to build passion and understanding as it applies to the specific sport of choice. But none of these attributes is possible without motivation as the key. It is also applicable to all goals, irrespective of longevity or duration. That is, inspiration is needful for short-term, medium-term as well as long-term goals.

2.     Self-confidence

Athletes and performance trainees need a high level of self-confidence to achieve their goals in flying colors. This confidence may also depend on the previous accomplishments while driving tirelessly towards a remarkable feat. This confidence may again come with a shift in mindset unto the positive line of action as taught by the professional trainer. More so, when the going gets really tough in pursuing the athlete’s goal, self-confidence will push him through those times.

3.     Pre-performance workout or exercise

An illustrious performance coach should regulate the full performance journey’s demands, starting with some pre-performance workout session. While preparing for the main workout or performance coaching, the professional trainer may create pre-and post-performance sessions to maintain high spirits and drive towards the goal.

This method also pushes towards achieving better results than the central performance would have done. Some examples of pre-performance strategies may include a breathing guide, meditation, mind-boosting strength, visualization, and other powerful techniques.

4.     Best practice

The best practice is one indispensable attribute of a high-performance coaching system where there is an intense desire for success. This desire for success pushes the trainee or performer to work hard towards achieving great body fitness and adequate preparedness for the actual competition or performance.

Some of these best practices may include a robust code of conduct, comprehensive teaching of athletes on treating other people, and achieving high standards. On the other hand, the process may also involve providing athletes with theoretical studies from historical and latest materials, industry information updates, and studies or research findings.

5.     Mental agility

The physical fitness and health sector comprises a high level of expertise and practical expression of knowledge to achieve impressive performance outputs. It also has many highs and lows with evidence of physical, mental, and psychological strength.

There are also excellent techniques that can impart the overall achievement of the athlete. Mental agility is the mental toughness that each athlete needs to have, especially when the body says otherwise.


Finally, high-performance coaching has a significant impact on the success of athletes and performers. On the one hand, the obstacles that threaten the accomplishment of the set goals can be enormous. At such times, motivation may have to come from without, from the performance coach. However, on the other hand, great performance coaches have a way of getting the best out of their trainees while recording some of the most fascinating feats in history.

All professional coaches need a measure of formal and informal learning materials and experience to achieve incredible feats. However, the fundamental skill may be the human management skills that take a lot of patience, determination, and firmness. Whether you aspire to be a top performance coach or need high-performance coaching, this article can help you do great things and make history!

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