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Best Male Fitness Apps in 2021

Male fitness is a very lucrative choice of fitness and health professionals alongside those who want to achieve wellness. One of the provisions of fitness for men is the use of fitness apps that keep records of your calorie intake and give proper counsel. They also monitor your progress and encourage the needful strategies to effect a change and build healthy habits.

Furthermore, the apps can log in to some exercise statistics and help create essential goals with strategies to achieve them. Some of these tools can also integrate other apps to integrate the workout schedule and keep a helpful library with unique skills. It also counts your calorie as you eat and produces a comprehensive list to help your workout plan. This article expounds on the best apps at your disposal for Android and Apple apps this year, 2021.

Best Android and Apple Apps for Male Fitness

1.     My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is an excellent choice of the app ahead of many other IT tools as a top publisher tool for many possibilities. Some of the benefits of this app include logging into a restaurant menu to choose foods. It stores up to 6 million food types while integrating some other essential apps and devices to serve users’ best experience.

This app can log not only your food intake but also the rate of your physical activity. Moreover, it can customize these services according to your health needs while helping you stay fit through 350 types of workouts. Users can be sure of fanciful features as reviewed by over half a million other users on the iTunes store. This app is rated as the overall best male fitness app in 2021.

2.     Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

One of the most outstanding Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer features is the zero cost basic service to committed users. Also, it has home-based workout sessions, which is a beautiful service for beginners who wants to try out. Besides, the users with no assurance of the exact workout length can try out the variable-length option with the freedom to choose the most suitable one.

Furthermore, this app is usable at home for men who can only spare less than 30 minutes to keep fit. So, if you cannot afford the membership registration at the gym, you can enroll for virtual Training through the male Daily Workout Fitness Trainer app. This app’s development also comes with a professionally crafted resource that contains inputs from over 95 workout moves to get into the best shape.

3.     Zones for Training

Zoom for Training is the best choice of male fitness apps that is compatible with the Apple watches. It has fantastic features that more experienced users find very helpful and productive. The app also gives you feedback on the fat-burning activities you partake in and the expected effect on your system.

The Zones for Training app also integrates with the Apple Watch to measure your heart rate and give you appropriate counsel. For instance, the heart rate tracking by the app can measure your cardio fitness and strength level. Using this app at the primary level also demands no payment, while a premium use of the app may require some payment.

4.     Fooducate

Have you been wondered to know all about the nutritional components of a food item? What if you’re able to do that with just a click? Fooducate is your answer as the app can give a rundown about a food’s nutritional data when you scan its barcode. The app users also have access to full-time community support for a better experience than they would have had. It closely monitors your health through the food you take, being an integral part of male fitness.

Meanwhile, it displays the food item’s macronutrient in simple charts with which you can decide on the food. It also has an easy-to-understand food grading system. Since the app’s launch over a decade ago, it has gained prominence as the best app for monitoring your nutritional intake through barcode scanning. Fooducate can tell you if youre taking the right nutrients in the right proportions.

5.     YogaGlo

As the name implies, the app is specially designed for a fantastic yoga experience, where you learn yoga training basics. It is also beneficial to advanced yoga students as it can be tailored to meet different workout needs. At times, the requirements to meet your workout plans may be missing some vital parts like sleep, reduction of stress, or more strength training. The YogaGlo is a critical tool to analyze such needs and guide you accordingly.

The app also connects you with professional yoga instructors who are more than glad to lend you a hand. More so, you can download your favorite yoga classes for offline use without Wi-Fi. Also, the app allows you to collect useful fitness data that are transferrable to other apple devices.

6.     Sworkit

Workout starters who are fresh in the pursuit of male fitness can begin with the Sworkit, which has many customizable workout exercises. For instance, the app allows you to create cardio, strength, fitness, and yoga workouts to suit your daily schedule. Besides, it also allows you to integrate other similar apps towards the same goal. Whereas you can tell it the amount of time you want to workout, and the app automatically creates a helpful plan.

Sworkit does not require you to be in a gym or require any equipment at that. Amazingly, you can connect with professional male fitness trainers in one-on-one, highly productive coaching sessions. Not only can beginners use this app, as users progress, advanced users can also find Sworkit as one of the most profitable apps to use for male fitness. The app is available on Google PlayStore and iTunes.


Other exciting plans are very profitable for male fitness if only the user does due diligence. Some of the other apps include the JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log, Headspace, PEAR Fitness Coach, and the 7 Minute Workout. Remember that these apps can track your daily physical activity, measure food intake nutritional contents and help you chart a course for your male fitness journey. However, the best way to optimize their benefits is to be disciplined with these apps and start from the simpler, affordable ones to premium services.

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