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Best sports nutrition apps every athlete needs to know

Smartphones do not only perform social functions; they can be beneficial in sports nutrition. The introduction of smartphones has made things more comfortable in the world of sports nutrition. Thanks to the many sports nutrition apps, athletes can now log their nutrition and monitor their eating patterns to ensure they are consistent with their diet plans.

Have you heard about sports nutrition apps before? Do you know how they work? This article contains answers to these questions from a sports nutritionist’s perspective. Here are the seven best sports nutrition apps every athlete needs to know to track their diet plans with a few finger touches.

  1. Eat 2 win nutrition

This sports nutrition app is designed specifically for athletes. However, it is also recommendable for anyone who needs to log and track their eating pattern. This app has several cross-over uses and customized meal plans drawn by seasoned sport nutrition experts. This app’s primary purpose is to create a team challenge and group competition and engagement, which is why it is mainly recommended for athletes. However, an individual who cares to monitor his eating habits can still use this app successfully.

Special features

The meal plan on this app is unique and helpful. Experienced certified sports nutritionists practically design them to make healthy eating easier and better for athletes. It gives details on the varieties of foods athletes can eat based on their caloric demands and weight management goals.

One of the features that make this app very interesting is the ability to create team challenges using peer influence as a motivation to make individual athletes improve their eating habits. This app also allows athletes to permit certain people (based on his/her choice) to view, rate, and make strict comments on their eating habits through the pictures of the food.

  1. Calories counter & diet tracker

This is another sport s nutrition app that can help athletes maintain a balanced eating habit. It is designed by under Armour “My Fitness Pal.” Most sports nutrition experts regard this app as one of the most detailed nutrition and fitness apps.

My Fitness Pal specially designed this app to provide a well-rounded set of unique features to monitor fitness and track food. Most athletes in the fitness world love this app for this fantastic dual function. This app also offers several features free of charge.

Special features

This sports nutrition app has incredible integrations with wearable fitness devices. It also features a quick restaurant finder, which helps athletes find cool restaurants nearby. This will help athletes find the nearest restaurant after exhausting his or her energy during training or competition.

Another exciting feature of this app is the ability to find a wide variety of fitness classes very close to where the user stands at the moment.

  1. Meal logger

This nutrition app provides an excellent and unique approach to sports nutrition. This app doesn’t feature a calories calculator. Users only need to enter in their expected weight and start taking pictures of their foods, after which they will share the pictures within the community of athletes using the app. This nutrition app does not feature macro/micro analysis but very good in logging athletes’ eating habits.

Special features

This app allows you to add a professional sports nutritionist to your network so that they could help track your eating history and provide helpful, professional advice, comments, and feedback. Athletes who do not have professional nutritionists can use the search box to find and connect with a sports nutrition expert in their database.

  1. Weight loss diet and calories calculator

Sparkpeople designs this nutrition app for functionality. It has some incredible set of free features that makes sports nutrition easier for athletes. It allows athletes to make social connections with like-minded people with similar healthy eating and weight management goals. Athletes using this app will find other athletes within the app user base to find motivation from other athletes striving to achieve the same goals.

Special features

This app features several short demo videos, some of which address exciting topics like how to perform exercise routines and more. This sport also allows athletes to score points, which helps improve engagement and serves as a motivation tool for users. This app also provides several tips on dieting and healthy eating habits from sports nutritionists’ perspective.

  1. Fooducate

This is another excellent sports nutrition app for athletes. It provides several fantastic free features for athletes to log and track their eating habits. This app provides several ways for athletes to stay engaged with other like-minded users that want to achieve similar goals.

Special features

This app offers a unique food grading, which helps users to locate foods easily quickly. Users can access every food item in the app’s database with a letter grade such as A, B, C, E, and so on. This easy food grading pattern also allows users to evaluate any food item’s quality on the database. The user community interaction of this app is super active. You can always have like-minded people to engage with at any time.

  1. Coach Noom

Most sports nutritionists recommend this app for athletes for easy tracking. However, this app is designed to connect athletes to seasoned sport nutritionist coaches around. Getting started with this nutrition app, you would have to complete a short survey and then choose the nutritional coach you want to work with. This app is designed to be a tracking tool between the user and the selected nutrition coach.

Special features

This app is among the very few that provide one-on-one sports nutrition coaching services by experienced sports nutritionists. It allows users to have firsthand professional tips from sports nutritionist experts.

  1. Nutrino

The designer of this app’s primary goal is to make users choose a diet plan and get food recommendations that suit the selected diet plans. This app also has some basic tracking features, and it’s one of the most straightforward nutrition apps to use.

Special features

This app helps users find the nearest restaurants and also takes into consideration user’s special dietary needs.

Final Words

Sports nutrition apps make it easy for athletes to maintain healthy eating habits and connect with several like-minded athletes with similar goals. Sport nutrition apps are fair means of reaching professional sports nutritionists and can serve as a tracking tool to achieve a deliberate healthy eating pattern.

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