Best Ways to improve Male fitness beyond Age 40

If you know what to do, nothing stops a man above age 40 to maintain and improve his male fitness. Some highly credible studies have shown that increasing the physical activities of men in later life can positively impact their health. For instance, improving physical activities may reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and mortality altogether as life goes on.

According to a postdoctoral fellow in the US, when both younger and older men engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity in a week, it significantly reduces health risks. Some of the moderate activities may include house chores and gardening, while the vigorous ones may entail swimming, aerobics, running, fast-paced walking, and others.

Professor Barbara Resnick of the University of Maryland School of nursing also added that there are many psychological gains from getting active later in life. However, these benefits may vary, depending on the individual commitment and general health status. But committed post-40 agers can get less depression and more energy from male fitness schedules.

Therefore, this article guides you on helpful tips to begin or get back to full male fitness even above 40.

Essential Tips for Male Fitness above Age 40

1.     Talk to your physician

The first step to take before embarking on a male fitness program at age 40 and above is to talk to one’s physician. The purpose is for general health evaluation to have a better understanding of one’s health. In the absence of chronic health challenges and a sound physiological assessment, you can now gradually improve your workout schedule.

Therefore, your physician’s approval is the first positive step when you think of male fitness at age 40 and above. More so, you may also need to monitor the impacts of executing these fitness plans on your health over the next few weeks. Create a more regular appointment with your physician to know how you are faring before going too far.

2.     Take fitness easy

The first piece of advice is more of a warning to ease gently into male fitness. There may be a general notion that attaining or regaining full male fitness is a dash. But the reality is always that it takes a slow and steady movement to reach the set fitness goals. This understanding is more important for men in their 40s and above than for younger ones who can quickly recuperate.

When you set a weekly plan, start slow and go slow with gradual increments to avoid the risk of injury. Cooper University Health Care’s study proved that a 30 to 40-minute workout five times a week is the optimum recommended. A slow start may imply stretching well before every workout session, biking, walking on a treadmill, aerobic exercises, and appropriate weight training.

3.     Gain the right mindset

It would be best to have the right mindset to record any success with a male fitness program. When the chips are down, you may have to rely on the inward assurance of what you want and what you have to do to achieve it. Besides, having the right mindset from the start is like storing up mental energy to see you through the long walk.

Also, it is essential to identify and deal with all possible barriers along the way. Many times, both internal and external forces tend to challenge your resolve to go all the way to fitness success. At times, you may need a piece of expert advice to spur you on, while at other times, you may need to get some helpful apps. Remember to create an enabling environment too.

4.     Focus on Aerobics, Strength, Flexibility, and Balance in Male Fitness

In addition to the stated tips that can help you achieve male fitness success, you also need to focus on your workout’s most essential parts. For instance, it may take you to combine two or three workout schedules with building better aerobics, balance, strength, and flexibility. But these four main attributes should be your focus in building male fitness.

At above age 40, you should aspire to regularly do moderate aerobic activity for about 30 minutes per day. Besides, add a workout that can gradually build your strength through the strengthening of the muscle groups. The muscle-building should not be more than three times a week, particularly at this age. Finally, it would help if you endeavored to improve your balance at least two days a week.

5.     Carefully choose a specific workout

Building on the tip above, at the age of 40 and above, you cannot afford to do just all the workouts you see young men do. Otherwise, it is a subtle temptation towards breaking down or, worse still, a severe injury. “The Nia Technique” is a great book that can open your eyes to fresh ideas about specific workout routines.

You can also create a workout calendar with an exact schedule of specific workout choices. When you begin a new regime, monitor how your body changes and any side effect you’re feeling. However, note that except the side effect is tending toward complications after a few days, it is normal to feel the pain initially. And in addition to your regular schedule, try out new styles now and add more spice to the workout.

6.     Never miss out on your schedule

When you have found the right schedule and plan, the next step is to ensure that you stick to it to produce the expected results. More so, as we advance in age, there is the possibility that our muscles and tendons tend to become less flexible. Hence, while trying to get them back into shape, it must be done systematically with consistency.

Therefore, even if you can spare every day is not more than 15 minutes, it is essential not to miss that. At times, the consistency is the magic that makes things turn out the way you desire them, not the action in itself. To get you in the mood for a workout and not quickly get tired, practice the act of a short warmup before moving into the schedule for the day.


On a final note, from one training schedule to another in the walk of male fitness, all qualities are essential. However, this workout schedule requires consistency and diligence to hit the target. More so, learn to accompany your male fitness workout with the right choice of diets in a way that enhances your strength, energy, physiological and physical demands.