Best Ways to Sneak in Peanut Butter in your Day

Hey Angels and Alphas,

Few foods will ever come close to peanut butter in terms of being a dietary staple. Not only is it so versatile that it could be included throughout any of the world’s cuisines, but it’s also widely accessible anywhere in the world. Plus, it’s very healthy. Peanut butter will contain all three macronutrient groups, vitamins, and minerals such as vitamin E, vitamin B6, magnesium, copper, folate, niacin, and more.

You may have already found some great ways to incorporate peanut butter in your diet. But here are a few more. We’ve compiled a few of our go-to ways to eat peanut butter, so you can grow your repertoire. 


The classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich will not only taste great, but it will also be a great pre-workout snack. The nostalgia of this sandwich might keep bringing you back to your childhood days, all while healthy peanut butter and store-bought breads will give you an amazing nutrition bang for your buck.


This is one of the best savory uses for peanut butter. Stir-fries are a staple not only because they deliver at least 2/3 types of veggies, but also because they have proteins and carbs when served with something like rice or noodles. But you can really bring them together with a flavorful sauce, and that’s where peanut butter can really shine. 

Get a crunchy peanut butter, some low-sodium soy sauce, some rice vinegar, and some garlic, and whisk it all together. Then add some warm water for a thinner consistency, as well as so you could adjust the flavors and spice to your preferences. Save any leftovers so you can use them as a dipping sauce for your veggies.


From lowering cholesterol to helping you manage weight more effectively, there are countless reasons to add oats to your diet. However, one of the most common mistakes people make is that they forget to add protein and healthy fat to their usual bowl of oatmeal. Without fat and protein, oatmeal on its own will not make up a balanced meal and may leave you feeling hungry shortly after eating.

The fix is simple: add peanut butter to your oats so you can boost their nutrient content. They’ll be delicious, flavorful, and without much sugar inside them. Not to mention, creamy and satisfactory.


You can make lovely peanut butter energy bites by mixing together peanut butter with flaxseeds, honey, chocolate chips, and old-fashioned oats. They’re an amazing healthy snack that even the kids love, and they’re an effective pre-workout snack.


Few snacks can really match this one in terms of satisfaction, a frozen banana with dark chocolate and peanut butter. Simply slice up and freeze your banana ahead of time. Then melt the dark chocolate and peanut butter together. Then add a smidge of butter and dip your bananas in so you can freeze them again. 


This is one of the most delicious ways to boost low or nonfat Greek yogurt with some healthy fats and protein. You can even add cacao nibs as well to make all that peanut butter goodness more chocolatey.


Including peanut butter in your breakfast smoothie will help you add the satiety factor to it. By adding protein, you’ll keep yourself full for longer. Smoothies are also a great go-to breakfast choice for many people because they’re quick and easy to make. You can experiment with countless recipes that include your favorite yogurts, peanut butter, and milk and mix them in interesting ways to get a nutritious start to your day.