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Cardio and strength workouts for female fitness

There are many ‘irrelevant’ workout videos online for female fitness. ‘Irrelevant, as loosely used in this context, does not mean they are useless or will not achieve the aim of doing it, but often, many are not suitable for everyone. While some people are at the beginner’s level, some are further into a fitness program.

As a beginner, it is always best to begin building fitness from the floor up to the roof. Start at the beginning, with the basics. In the beginning, you will learn positions and movements. It may not seem much looking at it from the outside, trust me, it helps a lot.

A workout is more effective when you assume the most appropriate position and move the body accordingly. Learning the simple movements helps to carry out the more complex ones without causing injury to the body. An example of basic movement is the hip-hinge movement where you bend forward (from the hip upwards). Several workouts use this movement pattern, and several variations had been developed from it.

Female fitness training, according to Angela Gargano, should focus on the muscles of the hip, abdomen, and back (the core parts of the female body)

These movements are only taught at the beginning of workouts. Skipping the basics might lead to poor overall performance. Even with the basic female fitness exercises, you will get your whole body worked up. It does not indulge you at all. The workouts challenge your total body using your body weight.

The following are some basic exercises to build female fitness (strength and cardio):

Squat: it is a common bodyweight exercise that works for more than one muscle group at a time.

How: Stand with the feet slightly wider apart than your hip. Maintain a flat back, thrust your hip backward as you lower your weight to your knees. Bring your hands together in a clap position as you squat.

Jump ropes (Cardio training): A great cardio workout requiring no specific skill. You need a rope with handles on both ends. Jump ropes burn about 200 calories in 20 minutes.

How: you turn the two handles at both ends of a rope to throw the rope overhead, then jump over it and continue the cycle.

Romanian deadlift (strength training): the Romanian deadlift also uses the hip-hinge principle (movement of the parts of the body above the hip). You lift a weight as you raise your upper body back into position. The Romanian deadlift is simpler than the conventional deadlift; it does not involve bending the kneel fully. And that is why it is preferred for a beginner in female fitness.

How: Stand with your feet as wide as your hip, bend the knee slightly. Maintain a flat back while you move the upper body forward, hinging at the hip. Maintain a tight core, then push through the heels to return to the starting position.

Squat jumps (Cardio and strength training): this exercise increases the maximum heart rate (MHR), strengthens the leg muscles, and burn calories. It is a high-intensity cardio exercise, and as such, you should keep the session short.

How: you jump from a squat position as high as possible and land into a squat position.

Kickboxing (strength training): this exercise can burn about 100 calories in 10 minutes. Punching can be done with gloves or bare hands.

How: punching and kicking a bag. It does not require any special skill other than basic knowledge of kicking and punching.

Dead bug (strength): This exercise is just ideal for female fitness; very simple yet can be intensified with speed.

How: lie down flat on your mat facing up, stretch your hands beyond your head to touch the mat as well; this is position 1. Raise your hands and legs to be at a right angle to your body, fold both legs at the knee, make them parallel to your body; this is position 2. From position 2, you will slowly return the right hand and the left leg only at the same time to position 1 and bring it back to position 2. Do the same for the left hand and right leg. Repeat for about 15 minutes. The higher the speed, the higher the intensity.

Leg lowers another basic strength training

How: Lie on your back, stretch your legs upwards at an angle of 90 to the body with your arms by your sides. You will bring the right leg down (unbent) as low, and you can without your back rising upwards. Return to the initial position and repeat with the left leg. Do this for about 20 minutes; the intensity increases with speed.

Skydive is a good female fitness workout that engages your abs, glutes, and hamstrings at the same time

How: lie flat on your Tommy and stretch your hands and legs. Let your forehead, Tommy, hands, and legs touch the floor. Lift your hands, head, and legs few inches above the ground, such that your chest does not have contact with the ground. Hold this position for about 5 seconds, then return to the initial position for another 5 seconds. Repeat about 3-5 times.

Glute bridge: work up the glutes. Working the glutes is important in female fitness.

How: lie on your back and place your feet on the floor; such that your knee is at angle 45 to your waist and 90 to your feet. Place your arms by your sides. Raise your hip by working the abs and glutes to make your shoulder form an inclined plane with your knee. Hold this position for about 3 seconds, then lower your hip to the starting position. For effectiveness, your shoulder and leg mustn’t shift from their/its position on the mat. Repeat 10 times in 2 sets.

One leg deadlift works the hamstring, glutes, and biceps using the bodyweight and improves body balance.

How: Stand with both feet together, then hinge forward at the hip, stretching your right hand forward and your left leg backward. Let the body form a ‘T’ shape. Hold this position for about 3 seconds return to the initial standing position. Repeat and alternate the hand and leg. Do 2 sets, each set comprising 10 repeats.

Several common cardio exercises are overlooked but are effective for female fitness. The list includes running or treadmill, super walking, and swimming. Even without employing the services of a fitness trainer, You can draw up a fitness plan and remain consistent for a start.

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