Female fitness – the truth, the myth and advise

Female fitness has been seriously enshrouded with clouds of myths. These myths have become so traditional that you don’t know the facts from the myths. If you are just about to start fitness training, it will do you much good to read this article before backing the wrong horse. And if you are already into fitness, read through and find where necessary adjustments should be made. In this article, I present some facts about the myths surrounding the female fitness world. You might find some practices and beliefs you previously hold true to be nothing but tales. I encourage you to research and consult your doctor on medically related issues.

Strength training is ideal for men only

It is a tradition in the women’s world to believe that any challenging activity is the males’ responsibility only. This is not true at all. You will regularly hear statements like, ‘you will lose your feminine appearance when you do strength activities.’ Or ‘you will become bulky, built like a rock.’ Female fitness experts have affirmed this to be a myth and unsubstantiated. Bikini competitors have proven that female fitness can achieve female body roundness, full of elegance and flow, and without striation and muscle mass. Strength training is required to bring your body to the ideal feminine shape devoid of fats and muscle striation.

Scientifically, it has been proven that a male body produces testosterone about 12 times beyond what the female body produces. This implies that a woman, because of training, can’t amass as much muscle as a man would. Strength workout also improves bone density and prevents muscle loss in postmenopausal women.

The pink bell is just right for a woman!

Female fitness requires much more weight than a five-pound dumbbell to build a foundation level muscle body.

You should always stretch your arms and legs before workouts

It is a pearl of conventional wisdom that I once believed that stretching the arms and legs before workouts prepare you for an effective training session. It is also said that it reduces your chances of getting injured. Mark Wiedenbach, a professional personal trainer who achieved 8% fat level, believes stretching weakens the muscles by about 30% before the training starts. Instead, you can start your workouts with warm-ups like walking or light weights before intense workouts begin. Stretching is ideal after a workout session and not before.

Going without food will burn out fats in the body

Scientifically it has been established that when the body energy is used up, the body fats are converted into carbohydrates for a continuous energy supply. While that is true, it is also true that the body weakens when nutrients are not replenished timely. Science has again proven that when body nutrients are exhausted, the body fuels itself on the body muscles to secret nutrients, even fats. This defeats the purpose of going without food. It is, therefore, very possible to go without food and become leaner not because you are free of fats but because you have burnt up your muscles.

Female fitness trains you to develop your muscles, burn up fats while replenishing your body’s nutrient needs with a healthy diet.

To maintain female fitness, it is more nourishing to eat the egg whites but not the yolks

Egg yolks contain fats. While that is true, Mark Wiedenbach believes that egg yolks won’t affect your cholesterols level except you fried it in oil or butter and perhaps served with bacon. The egg yolk contains far much more than fats; it has half the protein in the egg, also vitamins and minerals. Research maintains that the fats in yolks decrease LDL, the bad cholesterol.

You can only achieve female fitness by exhausting yourself at the gym each day

Overloads are useful techniques but must always be applied appropriately. An overload is meant to stretch your muscles a bit more, not to wear you out. If you or your trainer considers working to tiredness a sign of reaching female fitness, then you both are mistaken. Firstly, your body muscles need to stretch just a bit more and require ample time to repair the tissues. If you overwork your muscles day in day out, you limit the chances of recovery. A slow recovery rate impedes your progress. Instead, you need to have a fitness plan, challenge your body with an overload workout, give your body time to recover (take a rest), or if you are a pro, go for some light intensity workout that really will not harm the stretched muscles before taking a rest.

A workout is an effective remedy to overeating

Women who believe they can make up for their lousy eating habits by burning the calorie intake at the gym cannot be more mistaken. Irrespective of your level of workouts, your appearance is mostly a creation of your diet. There is little your training can do to reduce fats when your diet is pulling your body in the other direction. Besides, making a wrong habitual practice of lifting weights and doing cardio will make you stay longer and visit more frequently than necessary at training. You stress the already stressed muscles when you are not giving enough time to rest. Eat right. Take enough protein for body rebuilding, cut down on carbohydrates in general but take more whole grain carbs than the processed carbs. Attaining female fitness requires discipline and commitment.

I can burn hip fats by exercising the hip muscles

Another misconception is the belief that targeting specific muscles for training will reduce fats in that targeted area. The reality is fat can only be decreased all through the body and not to a particular part. Indeed, working a specific muscle can build/strengthen the muscle. The targetted muscle will increase while the whole body reduces fat at the same rate. To not have an unevenly developed body, it is best to commit the entire body to fitness practice that will build all muscles and reduce overall fats.