High-Protein Low-Calorie Foods for Weight Loss

Losing weight is fast becoming a reputable sector in the business world, with promising careers and contributions to the economy. However, from the person’s perspective, engaging in weight loss programs may not all be rosy.

For instance, some people may find out that some of the recommended food items to help lose weight do not work. Perhaps, the reason is the level of expectation and the adequate details of how body shape and type determine these methods’ effectiveness.

Popular are the ideas of balancing your protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins in calorie intake and use. Besides, more people are discovering that they need more than weight loss; they actually want to better shape.

Therefore, there is a need to check the essential requirements and choose the methods that achieve the two primary goals. This article will focus on some of the food types that contain high amounts of lean protein with fewer calories. These food items drive your body towards a healthy weight loss.

Examples of best protein sources with low calories for weight loss

The primary property to look out for in a protein source is the number of nutrients and the level of saturated fat and calories in it. Therefore, you should consider food items that include lean meats, soy, seafood with omega-3 fatty acids, low-fat dairy meals, nuts, legumes, whole grains, poultry, seeds, eggs, beans, and others.

For example, in your recipe, you may combine salmon with some other seafood and cook beans with lentils containing lots of fiber for easier digestion. Therefore, this article will list the items to choose from and make healthy combinations that can enhance your weight loss journey.

1.     Fruits and vegetables (Spinach, Sun-dried tomatoes, Guava, Artichokes, and Peas)

Amazingly, you can enjoy many fruits and vegetables that contain an average amount of calories, such as Spinach with 41 calories. This veggie is an excellent source of the right type of protein and Vitamin A and C. it also contains essential antioxidants and folates, which are heart-healthy. Note that it is more beneficial to steam the Spinach rather than eat them raw.

You may also try out the sun-dried tomatoes thath contain antioxidant lycopene to prevent cancers in the lungs, bladder, or prostate. This recipe has 6 g of protein, 7 g of fiber, and essential fat-soluble vitamins.

2.     Grains (Sprouted whole grain bread, Triticale, and Teff)

3.     Beans and legumes (Beans, Peanut Butter, and Lentils)

4.     Red meat (Grass-fed Beef, Bison, Ostrich, and Pork)

You may wonder, ‘but they say red meat is bad for weight loss.’ To some degree, yes. But when you know how to combine the red meat, you will gain much more than imagined. For instance, insist on grass-fed steaks of red meat. The food may appear leaner, but that is just what you need.

Besides, a Nutrition Journal published that this grass-fed red meat also contains some omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood. These unique nutrients can significantly keep your heart healthy. Apart from red meat, bison meat also contains fewer calories and lesser fat than red meat.

Meanwhile, one serving of bison contains all the vitamin B-12 that you need in a day. More so, the natural environment where bison live already assures you of their grass feeding and takes worries away.

How about the ostrich meat? Do you know it contains less fat than chicken and turkey? Here is the real joker: it has 55 mg of choline, an active ingredient in weight loss diets.

5.     Seafood (Halibut, Light canned Tuna, Wild Salmon and Pacific Cod)

I’m sure you have heard about how rich salmons are in omega-3 fatty acids. Generally, oily seafood can be beneficial for weight loss, but the essential factor is it must be from the wild. How about a light canned tuna, which contains up to 73 calories? This fish is very belly-friendly.

But beyond that, do you know that Halibut is the most filling food after boiled potatoes. It also ranks highest among the fiber-rich oatmeal and vegetables according to the Satiety Index of Common Foods. Halibut contains a high amount of protein content as a white fish, which triggers serotonin, a critical appetite hormone.

Furthermore, a study discovered that five servings of cod each week contain a very low-calorie intake and can result in a weight loss of 3.8 pounds. This particular fish has slimming and satiating attributes through its amino acid profile and high protein content.

6.     Poultry and eggs (Turkey, Chicken, and Eggs)

As an example, in this category, Turkey contains up to 18 g of DHA omega-3 fatty acids in each serving. It also contains up to 140 calories and 16 g of protein, which enhances brain function, turns off your fat genes and helps a good mood. However, you must stick to the white meat as the dark ones contain excess fat.

As for chicken meat, a 3 ounce of cooked chicken breast has 142 calories in 3 g of fat with 26 g of protein. Also, there are particular ways to prepare the protein to maximize the meal for weight loss diets. If you find it challenging to see the other poultry products, eggs should not be difficult as it is easier and cheaper to get them.

And in taking eggs, don’t leave out the yolks because it contains the fat-fighting choline. In other words, the whole egg is more effective in weight loss than egg whites alone. More importantly, when buying eggs, go for the ones with organic labels as they often are free from regular vaccines, hormones, and antibiotics.


In an overview, other items can influence your Dairy foods, including Gruyere Cheese, Grass-fed milk, and Greek Yoghurt. Other classes include Nuts and Seeds (Chia Seeds, Shelled Pumpkin Seeds, Cashews, and Almonds) and whole grains. In all, get a hold of the right recipes that can help you achieve your weight loss quickly and without side effects.

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