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How to Get Your Steps In When It’s Too Hot Outside

Hey Angels and Alphas,

Whether you’re someone trying to achieve weight loss results or not, you’ve probably realized that summer is here, and it came with a bang!

Although this means we’ll get to spend more time outside (which is great), certain people, especially those who are sensitive to too much sun, can actually experience extra challenges when trying to meet their activity needs.

Today, we’re looking at a couple of different ways you can sneak in more steps during those hot summer days so you can reach those step counts you want without risking sunburn (or something more dangerous.)


The sun won’t be there ALL day, right? While it’s a good strategy to skip the peak sun exposure whoever you are, people who are sensitive to too much sun would be much better off opting for a morning walk or an evening walk.

It might be a little difficult to do depending on your usual routine, but all this means is that it’s going to take some getting used to for about a week, and after that, you’ll be right on track to hitting your desired step counts. As a bonus, you’ll get to see a lot of awesome sunrises and sunsets.


With more and more places beginning to reopen, you have to look around and see what’s available in terms of indoor areas where walking is made easy.

Of course, you always have your gym treadmill, but you can also try out indoor tracks or just walks in an indoor mall. You don’t really need a formal walking track to boost your step counts.

And what’s more, you can use outdoor spaces that are covered to achieve the same effect. Parking far away from your garage entrance or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can all be great ways to increase those step counts, provided these spaces are shady and cool.


If you’re someone who is really committed to getting their steps in regardless of whether or not you can go outside, there’s always the more inexpensive alternative to the treadmill – the small stepper.

They can be pretty much stashed anywhere, and in a pinch, you can start racking up steps while working or chatting on your phone.


Many places in the world have a climate where it’s too hot to walk outside during the day (when it’s sunny,) but when it comes to summer, not every day is a sunny day. You have rainy and cloudy days, and you can take longer walks on those days and still get your average step count pretty high even if you don’t do much walking on those scorching summer days.

Daily and hourly forecasts will help you avoid the downpours on rainy days, and you’ll be able to get a refreshing break from the summer heat. Just be sure to watch out for thunderstorms because they do tend to be common in some climates.


Sure, you might not want to do an hour-long walk in the scorching heat, but you can definitely handle five extra minutes when you, for example, park a little bit farther from your destination.

When you do these short little spurts of activity, you’re going to avoid a lot of the issues that come with hot summer weather, but you’ll still be getting the activity and sunshine you need to stay healthy and add to your step count.


Hitting your step count is a great feeling. But that’s not the only activity that can bring you that great feeling. If you’re missing your lunchtime walks, you can start substituting them with yoga, for example. A bike ride will definitely feel cooler and more refreshing than walking. And let’s not forget swimming – it’s an easy way to cool off, it’s very taxing on your body, and you can do it in any public pool or beach you go to.

The bottom line is…

The most important thing to remember when trying to increase your step counts in the summer is that every little bit counts. If you break down your big step count into smaller, more achievable spurts and circuits you can do throughout the day, you can bypass the dangers of the heat and still achieve the results you’re looking for.

For example, you can be at home and do an extra circuit around the living room while picking things up, talking on the phone, or doing your chores. When you’re outside, you can enjoy playtime with your kids or take a long walk on the beach while periodically dipping yourself in the water to stay cool.

As always, find ways to make your routine sustainable, and you’ll crush your goals this season – I promise.

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