How to Remain Fit with Healthy Nutrition

A healthy diet, according to Wikipedia, is one that helps maintain and develop overall body health. However, over time, healthy diet and nutrition have gradually become misunderstood and lost their true meaning for the benefit of weight loss, weight gain, etc. Many now see a healthy diet as eating less and restricting oneself from eating as one desires. Now, that is a food fad that could even be referred to as a dieting myth because as much as limiting your food intake can reduce weight, the result is unstable. It doesn’t guarantee you weight loss because it is not about the quantity of what you eat; it is about the quality of what you eat. Now, let’s get right into it.

What is healthy nutrition?

Simply put, healthy nutrition is taking the essential balanced diet your body needs to be active and full of life and ensuring that your every meal contains carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, water, etc., in appropriate amounts. You should avoid starvation or dieting by eating only fruit and vegetables that don’t give you the right amount of energy needed to get your active life in motion. Also, to eat as much as you want because starving yourself isn’t the best method for weight loss. If you want to shed some weight, hit the gym!

Healthy nutrition vs. dieting

Often, dieting and healthy nutrition are mistaken for one another but, are they the same? We would find out in this section.

As stated above, healthy nutrition is all about taking in the right amount of everything, including water. However, is dieting any different?
Yes, it is.

Dieting is a different thing entirely from healthy nutrition because it is the act of taking food in a controlled or restricted manner for weight benefits such as weight loss or gain. See the difference yet? With healthy nutrition, it’s all about the right amount but, with dieting, it’s restriction. Let’s take a quick look at the difference between the two below to further help you understand.

  • Stability

One of the major differences between dieting and healthy nutrition is stability. With dieting, the results of the process are always unstable because it is a short time process. You might be required to do a particular diet for six months, and you devote religiously to it for that six months and see results but, what happens after the six months? Due to the short-term process that it is, most people either end up gaining back or losing the weight they have worked so hard on during those six months and then, they are back to where they began.

Healthy nutrition, on the other hand, is a lifelong thing. You do not need extra money to buy any special food diet, you just have to know how to make everything in the right proportion, and you would be good to go. It is easy to sustain, and you might even shed some weight if you are one who has been taking more fats and sugar than needed before.

  • Malnutrition

Badly planned dieting can cause malnutrition, which is the typical outcome of starvation. Also, with dieting, you are taking more of one class of food than the other, which can cause an unbalanced diet and leave you overall nonhealthy because taking a balanced meal is not only for our physical health, it also for our mental health.

Healthy nutrition, on the other hand, gives you a balance of everything. This leaves you with nothing to lack and, therefore, healthy overall.

  • Size

With dieting, it is all about your size, which is a headache on its own. You always have to worry about the next diet procedure to follow to shed a little more weight or gain a little more. This clouds your thoughts so much that you forget all about being healthy. In other words, dieting puts pressure on you due to your weight.

However, with healthy nutrition, it is more than your size. It is not about if you look bigger or smaller; it Is about being healthy, both physically and mentally.

  • Restrictions

There are a lot of restrictions on dieting. Don’t eat this, don’t eat that. Don’t take too much of that. All these are restrictions that sometimes keep you away from your best meal and even meals that are healthy for you.

Healthy nutrition, on the other hand, is unrestricted. You can eat anything you want and take any of your favorite meals and cereal as much as you want. Just ensure to keep it balanced.

Tips on how to remain fit with healthy nutrition

Now, you’re probably wondering: How do I remain fit if I can still eat as much as I want? Well, here’s the good news. There are several tricks and tips you can follow to remain fit without dieting and taking healthy nutrition but, below are three practical tips that work perfectly.

  • Exercise

If you haven’t, you should form the habit of exercising immediately. Taking exercise, however, doesn’t mean spending an hour or hours in the gym every day. You can start little; it could be by walking down the stairs instead of taking the lift or walking the 15-minute distance to your workplace instead of taking the bus. Exercise is one of the best and healthy form to lose weight when paired with healthy feeding and nutrition because you are taking in just the right amount of energy and working off the excess calories.

  • Eat breakfast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I’m very sure you have heard that before, but if you haven’t, well, you have now. Healthy nutrition with the right proportion of nutrients is the best day to start your day and keep you refreshed because you need a replacement of the energy lost after the workout. If you start small (for now), the excess calories would be burned off by the time you finish that fifteen-minute walk to your workplace.

  • Take the right snack

I wouldn’t tell you not to eat any snack you want because, well, that would be going against everything I have said so far. But, you should consider taking more protein snacks because protein is essential to help your body keep growing and repairing muscles, and it fills in as an energy source when your carbohydrate level is low.

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