How to Tighten Loose Skin after Weight Loss

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We’ve all come to realize that loose skin is a given when you’re dealing with weight loss journeys of 100 or more pounds.

But why does skin become loose? How do we tighten it after weight loss (or during/after pregnancy?) Is there a way we can prevent it from happening before we step on our weight loss journey?

First of all, it’s important to realize there are no guaranteed ways to avoid loose skin after weight loss. That’s reality, but it should NOT serve as another excuse as to why one cannot take that first step. It’s not something you should worry or even care about, but if it is, let’s at least learn more about it, so you don’t allow it to stop you from achieving your health and wellness goals.

Why does skin get loose in the first place?

In short, loose skin is usually linked to *rapid* weight loss.

There’s a common conundrum among people who undergo loose skin surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, for massive weight loss (>100 pounds.) Even so, about 70 percent of people who undergo this type of procedure are still left with excess skin, though mostly not bothersome.

Losing weight quickly doesn’t give our skin enough time to gradually contract, resulting in loose, hanging skin.

However, loose skin after massive bouts of weight loss is also a product of weight gain itself. Skin basically has finite elasticity, and when it is pushed beyond the limit of that elasticity by either weight gain or rapid weight loss, the skin cannot fully contract back upon subsequent weight loss.

Also: remember it’s not just about how much weight you lose.

Your age, skin quality, and other factors determine whether or not you’re going to experience loose skin after losing weight. Younger people have a better chance of avoiding excess skin due to the fact that their skin is usually healthier and more elastic. As people age, the elastic fibers (as well as collagen molecules) that give the skin its firmness lose that ability.

If you already have a problem with loose skin after weight loss and you cannot learn to live with it, you might want to consider getting rid of the excess skin.

There are other non-surgical treatments that can tighten your skin, such as a tummy tuck, which could be a good way to say goodbye to the loose skin on your stomach. Experts suggest that if you have loose skin that worries you and have bariatric surgery behind you, do your homework and check in with a surgeon to know your options.

There is no magic cream or exercise that tightens loose skin on its own after losing weight, although some of them are reasonably effective.

What you should do is accept the physical changes as they come as think of them as viable and normal. That being said, it’s still valid to look for ways to avoid loose skin after weight loss, such as tightening the skin or exploring surgical options.

However, there are also many possibilities for those who want to learn more about how to prevent and avoid loose skin in the event of weight loss. Although bariatric surgery may not be an option, gradual weight loss seems to be the best option to prevent skin loosening at all.

If you have lost weight gradually and you have given your skin a full year to contract after you’re reached your goal weight, you are going to have the best chance at preventing loose skin. After a year has passed, you’ll likely not see any more noticeable tightening.

Should I bother with home remedies?

Sure, while rubbing cocoa butter on yourself might sound like an interesting idea (or another product promoted as a skin-tightening product,) doctors remain skeptical.

Any product you buy or create at home will usually have subtle results at best, leaving the only significant option to be surgical.

If you’re looking for a great home remedy… it’s called taking care of your skin!

If you’re stepping on a weight loss journey and you know you’re going to lose a lot of weight, prepare yourself adequately. Protect your skin from the sun, stop smoking, forget about alcohol, eat a rich and vibrant diet, and you’ll find yourself faring much better against the possibility of loose skin.

Don’t forget: building muscle through a solid exercise regimen is always a good idea and can definitely make your skin look much tighter. If you’re planning on losing a ton of weight, make sure to include strength training into your weight loss regime as soon as possible so you can prevent more loose skin from occurring.

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