Most Dangerous Weight Loss Products to Avoid

I know you have heard so many things about the process of weight loss, and you are excited about it. But before you choose the right method or products to buy, here are 5 most dangerous products to avoid in the market

Before we begin the ride, are you aware that the weight loss industry as an entity raked in up to 65 billion USD in 2015? Half of this generated income was from the food and weight loss products alone. What is the implication of this figure?

The implication is that many people will see this industry’s potential and invest in the food and produces. Whereas the end-user may not understand the most profound intent of the weight loss ad poster at the expense of his own health.

Below are the top products in the market that you should avoid for a safer and most effective weight loss process.

1.    Waist trainers

I know you will most likely be surprised at my number one because many people already have them. But this article is not being sentimental. Instead, it focuses more on the expert’s recommendation on using these products and not from a marketer’s perspective.

For instance, if you watch many videos advertising these products, they tell you how it will help burn out your tummy fats. But do you know that that claim has absolutely no scientific basis? More so, it may be safe when you wear them for a few hours, but the longer, the more dangerous.

According to Charlie Seltzer, M.D., wearing these waist trainers for an extended period can disrupt your GI system, impair breathing and even cause acid reflux in the stomach.

2.    Caffeine and its supplements

I have watched caffeine product ads boast of how it can enhance the rate of body metabolism and burn excess body fat. These claims may be valid but are the side effects of excess caffeine in the system really worth it?

Caffeine can indeed reduce your calorie level by up to 100 in one day. But how does it account for some sided effects that come with over-dosage of caffeine or caffeine addiction? Some side effects may include anxiety, increased heart beat rate, and insomnia (inability to sleep).

Apart from natural caffeine, such as through caffeinated drinks, what about caffeine supplements as pills? Some of these drugs can lead to hallucinations, heartbeat fluctuations, vomiting, dizziness, and even diarrhea.

3.    Colon cleanser

Colonic is an uncommon procedure in which a tube is inserted into the rectum to clean it out. Medically, it is not a safe process and can come with hazardous and more costly side effects. So, no one really wants to embark on a journey that endangers a life further.

However, it becomes a matter for discussion after some people claims it can help you lose weight. Clearly, it doesn’t have any permanent effect on your body weight, neither is it a medically recommended process for weight loss.

Instead, it causes dangerous side effects, including bloating, cramping, electrolyte imbalance, liver toxicity, and kidney failure. During the process, the inserted tube may tear the colon’s wall, causing bleeding that can only end with a quick surgery and hospitalization.

4.    Weight loss tea and other extracts

These are also universal products that you get everywhere you mention the concept of weight loss. However, the success stories you hear and the experiences of the people you know are not yet enough proof of safety. Take your time to get some more rationality about how it works.

In other words, it will be a grave error not to consider one’s options or learn about how the tea works before using it. Moreover, the idea of losing weight by drinking some special tea and other similar supplements should make you ask a question at least about the composition of the food.

Similarly, the FDA warns users that these products’ classes can be ineffective and “can cause serious harm.” Medical research has further established that some of these products may contain certain ingredients not listed on the label.

5.    Vitamin B12 injections

The B vitamin already exists in the body and contributes to the synthesis of the red blood corpuscles. On the other hand, it may also be responsible for breaking down blood proteins, which is why some people recommend a shot of it.

Some people even claim that extra vitamin B12 can enhance their ability to cope with work out sessions. However, there is no scientific proof that extra B12 will actually supply your body above what it needs at the point in time. More so, it will not likely influence your weight above normal.\

Medical experts further added that, on the other hand, shots of vitamin B12 can cause other problems to the body. For instance, the excess vitamins are stored in the liver for some time, and the longer it stays, the more the risk of liver toxicity. Therefore vitamin B12 can only be highly beneficial and useful for one with a low vitamin level.

6.    HCG Hormone stimulant

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Hormone is responsible for the maternal recognition of pregnancy by the body, present in the blood or urine. Many times, the presence of this particular hormone tells if the woman is pregnant or not. But how does this affect bodyweight loss?

Some people claimed that taking diets that contains the HCG hormone caused bodyweight loss. But this, not a medically proven fact because ideally, pregnancy may affect the appetite for food, which may result in initial weight loss.

More importantly, FDA warns that HCG diets are illegal and unsafe for use because they can affect the body’s hormonal balance. Besides, they can also unnecessarily stimulate the thyroid gland and ovaries, which may increase the risk of ovarian cancer.


In conclusion, when surfing for the best weight loss products in the market, you now have an idea of those items to ignore. No matter what you might have heard before this time, you know you can trust medical professionals about your health rather than some random gist flying around. More so, the essence of weight loss is to enhance your health and not break it down by causing more health complications. Avoid that!