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Most frequently asked questions and answers on fitness competitions

So you want to participate in your first fitness competition, and you don’t know how to go about it? Or you are interested in becoming a fitness model, but you are keen to know everything about it before beginning your preparation. That’s not a problem. I have prepared a compilation of the most frequently asked questions and their right answers to help you have a clear picture of what it means for a fitness model to participate in a fitness competition.

What is fitness competition all about?

Fitness competition is a kind of physique exhibition events for male and female fitness models. In this competition, contestants are judged based on their facial beauty, figure, body shape, body tone, physical fitness, muscle definition, and the confidence with which competitors carry themselves.

In a fitness competition, contestants are expected to present themselves in a marketable way to earn good points from both the judges and the distinguished brand representatives watching the show.

Meanwhile, there are several organizations hosting fitness competitions across the globe. A few of the most famous federations include WBFF, NPC, ICN, NABBA, IFBB, ANB, WCFF, WNBF, and more. These fitness competition federations have different rules and regulations which contestants must strictly abide by if they want to participate.

Which competition is right for me?

Well, it is first necessary to visit the official website of different fitness organizations and check their guidelines to know if you are legible to participate in any of their competitions. After you have confirmed your eligibility, your next decision would be to choose the category you want to contest.

Now, choosing the category in which you want to participate majorly depends on your interest, goals, and of course, your musculature. Each category has a peculiar body tone and physique they are looking for. To be factual, your kind of body plays a major role in your choice of category.

Some people prefer choosing the category first and then build the required body to participate, while others may prefer to choose a category that fits their present body definition. Whichever way you would prefer, bear in mind that your body must fit the category in which you want to contest.

For every world-class fitness competition throughout the world, there are four major categories of competitions in which contestants have emerged champions over the years. These categories exist in every fitness competition.


Bikini is the most famous and most contested category in all fitness competitions. This category is exclusive to female fitness models. Contesting in Bikini, you will do a model walk wearing heels, two-piece swimwear, and jewelry. The bikini category is most suitable for contestants with a naturally smaller frame, soft look, and probably having problems with gaining muscles. Bikini contestants are judged on their personality, physique, and poise. If you are confident and not overly muscular, you have a place there.


You can participate in the figure category in every fitness competition. If you have been a professional dancer or a gymnast, you will have fun contesting in this category because you would have to do a two-minute choreographed routine that covers up to 2/3 of your points. This category allows you to show off your stunning physique in pushups, quarter turns, side splits, and high kicks.

In the fitness category, contestants have judged based on creativity, outfits, stage presence, physiques, symmetry, and presentation. Male and female models can contest in this category.


Most fitness competitions created this category as an alternative to fitness for contestants who have all the necessary fitness qualities but have little or no dance or gymnastic experience. Although male fitness models can contest this category, it is more prevalent among female contestants who have more muscle and balance.

Female contestants in this category would pose in heels doing quarter turns. Women with a defined look and little amount of striations will do well here.


Are you thinking of showcasing your defined muscular look, round glutes, defined delt caps, and muscular striations in a fitness competition? This category is for you. Judges in this category look for contestants with more musculature than those in the figure category.


Wellness is a newly created category in fitness competitions. Male contestants in this category show off their athletic physiques, while female contestants show off their body mass in the hips, thigh areas, and glutes.

How do I pick a favorable event?

While choosing the right event, you may have to consider the following:


The proximity of the events matters. Since you are just getting started as a fitness model, it would be better to parrt6icipate in a show happening in your locality or very close to your region. This will save you from travel stress, bills, and other expenses involved in attending a far distance fitness competition. However, traveling to attend a national fitness competition will give you more experience, exposure and allow you to make more friends. Hence your goals for participating in a fitness competition will determine which option would be best for you.

Field of competitors

In a national competition, you can participate in three different classes, namely: novice (for beginners), open (for everyone), and masters (for contestants from age 35 and older). It is good to choose a fitness competition with a higher percentage of novice contestants since you are just beginning. This means that you will compete with models at your level and have a better opportunity to emerge a champion.


It is better to choose a fitness competition that is scheduled for a father date. This will give you enough time and to prepare and to train for the competition. As a beginner, there’s a lot for you to learn and master, which you may likely not achieve in a short period.


You need to consider your work, family, and other responsibilities before you choose a competition. You have so many things to fix because it’s your first time.

How much does it cost to participate?

The truth is participating in a fitness competition is expensive, and the amount cannot be actually stated. However, you can cut some costs to save your pocket. To begin with, you can’t participate, or else you register as a member, so you have to pay registration fees. You might also need to hire a personal trainer and nutritionist to build the required body. You need to buy expensive suits, jewelry, and shoes. You will need to hire a posing coach and get ready for your travel expenses. All these put together will cost you big.

Can I train without hiring a trainer?

Yes. You can train well without hiring a personal trainer, but you will need a guide. There are many training tips for fitness competitions on the internet, which might help your training sessions be more productive. However, when we talk about fitness competition, professional trainers know the depth of the industry. They also know the exact qualities judges are looking for, and they can motivate you to stay up your feet when you are feeling tired.


Participating in a fitness competition is an outstanding achievement. It’s a lifetime experience that I think everyone should witness in their lifetime, even if it’s as a spectator. If you are looking to know how it works, these questions and answers will guide you.

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