Need To Keep Your Mind Active? Try These 5 Exercises

Keeping your body fit, weight loss, and muscle building are all great, but a fit body with an unhealthy mind is totally useless. This doesn’t mean you have to become Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci; it just means that you need to have a mind that is alert enough to understand basic concepts, make the right decisions and keep good communication.

Due to the ever-changing world that has made it possible for people to become more anti-social as they work from home, as well as other factors like the global pandemic, which has kept people farther away from each other than ever before, most people do not engage in exercise (both physical exercise like fat loss programs and mental exercises like reading) to help their body and mind grow.

In this article, we will consider some of the most important forms of exercise that can help keep your mind active at all times, but first, let us study what the brain is and why brain health is important.

What is Brain Health, and why is it important?

The brain is a complex organ of the human body that is located in the head. It is very complex and controls intricate patterns, behavior, body movement, and human intelligence. Without a brain, the human body cannot function.

Brain health is the ability of the human brain to perform all these functions without problems. Since the brain is such an important organ that nobody can live without, brain health is, therefore, more important than weight loss, muscle health, etc.

Focusing on your brain health will reduce the chances of getting a degenerative brain disease like Alzheimer’s. It also helps you get the best out of your brain so that you are the sharpest you can be at every time.

Now that we understand some of the reasons why brain health is important let’s proceed to study some exercises that can help boost brain power and keep you active.

  1. Cardio

Running, Jogging, cycling, and other exercises that help the heart pump blood faster are good for brain health too. This is because they ensure blood supply to the blood and reduce the chance of stroke and other diseases.

For a long time, cardio exercises have been known for their ability to help people in fat loss programs achieve their goals, but it’s bigger than that. Cardio exercises not only help the heart but also the brain stay sharp and active. They are a big boost to the brain when done early and consistently, and they help produce endorphins, feel-good chemicals in the brain that help improve your feeling of positivity and allow you to go about your day with energy and vigor.

  1. Reading

Reading might not seem like an exercise because it doesn’t contain high intensity, weight loss regimens that make you break a sweat. However, reading is a very powerful brain exercise that can help improve your brain connectivity and brainpower. Reading also improves your brain memory capacity so that you remember stuff better than you used to.

If you want your mind to stay active, sharp, and remember a lot of important stuff, then you should seriously consider dusting that book on your shelf and opening it today.

  1. Sleeping

It sounds funny to say that you want to stay active by going to bed, but sleeping actually helps keep your mind active. If you have stayed awake all night before, you understand this concept. Not resting your brain properly will make you moody and irritable, and you will forget a lot of stuff easily. It also impairs your decision-making function, so that you make horrible decisions throughout the day.

Ensure to sleep for a good number of hours every day in the right condition – low light, no noise, comfortable bed, etc.

Sometimes, the best way to make your brain active is to let it rest.

  1. Meditation

Just like reading, meditation is not an exercise that will help you with weight loss or muscle growth, but it will help your mind become more focused and alert. When you meditate, you train your mind to focus on a particular thing at a point in time, and that is excellent training for the mind. It also helps you improve your mental power this way.

Meditation also comes with a calming of the mind, something required for you to make good decisions when you have to.

  1. Solving puzzles and playing board games

Puzzles and board games require focus and loads of patience to play them right, and this process will help train your brain that way. If you doubt the importance of board games and puzzles, remember that there is a reason why some of the best chess players in the world have incredibly high IQs. Now, you don’t have to become Einstein, but you can become smarter, more alert, and more focused when you solve more puzzles and play more board games.


The brain is more important than we think it is. If your physical body is fit and your brain is inactive, you won’t be able to move your body. Now, that’s extreme, but there are lots of people who don’t get just how important it is for you to at least make your brain more alert than it currently is. If you want your brain to be more active, work it!

One extra tip will be to eat the right foods, as foods impact not only your muscle growth or weight but also your brain. Too much sugar is not a good option if you are trying to fire your brain up. Ensure you take the right fuel that will help make your brain active throughout the day.

Finally, remember to sleep a lot. Sleep does wonders on our brain as it does on our body (it really helps with weight loss and muscle growth). Sleep will help you stay refreshed to make the right decisions when the time comes.

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