Quit Using The Scale: These 8 Ways Will Help You Check Your Weight Loss Progress Instead!

Using a scale can be a method of determining your weight loss progress, but it could get discouraging if you keep checking, and the fluctuations happen by just a few pounds after your weeks of dieting and intense exercise. A scale is an accurate means to this end, no doubt. But then, they’re other proven methods you can use without slipping right back into depression due to the indifference your scale may show on your fat loss journey.

One truth is, you may lose fat without a distinct remarkable difference in your weight. By this, I mean you really will shed some adipose as you stick to consistent dieting and intense exercising. This is due to your exercises. Your muscles will begin to get mass as you lose the fatty tissues. This doesn’t mean you haven’t progressed on your journey to fat loss. Your scale might not show the difference, but these methods I’m going to show you will most definitely show it. Some really helpful methods are enumerated below.

  1. Your Weekly Selfie Shows It

Checking your weight loss progress with photos or selfies taken is advised, so you can see how far you have journeyed on this road. You begin to notice slight changes for a start from these photos. It could be a slight reduction of the fat around your abdomen and a decrease of the fat on your upper arm. Whichever way the loss may present itself, taking photos will help you notice these changes and appreciate your efforts.

  1. Your Clothes Fit Loosely

Ever worn your cute clothes, and then you notice they no longer fit as tightly as they used to? If your answer is yes, chances are, you’re shedding fat at a very healthy rate. Believe me; this is a wonderful milestone for weight loss.

When you start your journey to shed some weight, your scale might not tell you how much progress you have made. Once you begin to zip up your shorts and wear your once tight clothes with ease, you’re definitely on the right track.

  1. The Measuring Tape Shows Your Progress As Well

Using a measuring tape to check if there’s a reduction around some parts of your body is a good way to know if you’re shedding off that adipose.

A slight loss or increase in inches will show when you use a measuring tape. This can be done at your preference. It can be once in two days, weekly or fortnightly, to check your progress.

All you need to do is to take the measuring tape around your torso if belly fat is what you’re looking out for.

  1. Your Energy Level Increases

Sometimes, a change in the body might not be what you need to access growth on the fat loss journey. Instead, evaluate your energy and activity level. Did you notice a change?

Every time, an increased energy level shows a decline in fat levels, as too much body fat decreases the body’s metabolism. So, when the rate of metabolism is increased by workouts and certain diets, activity levels increase as well.

This explains why you feel like touching the sky at every chance you get, even if you’re usually not hyperactive. An increment in energy level shows progress.

  1. You Notice Muscles Instead of Fat

As you progress on your journey to a healthy body, you notice that your muscles begin to take shape, replacing the fat that was predominant in that area. Using your stomach as an example, you begin to notice your oblique muscles taking shape, gradually becoming those cute abs.

As it happens with your abdominal muscles, the same happens around other parts of your body. Be careful to notice the gradual fat loss. You will not immediately see toned six-packs, but a difference exists.

  1. You Visit the Bathroom More or Less Often

Have you been visiting the bathroom more frequently than you always had? That is it. You’re right on track.

You may be wondering how, so I’ll explain it the best way I can.

Every time you lose the slightest amount of fat, your body gets rid of that fact via sweat and urine. So as you embark on this weight loss journey with progress, you tend to use the restroom continually because your body needs to get the fat out of it.

You don’t have to worry about having an issue with your kidney if your urine color is not darker than normal. Continual urination and sweating mean improvement.

However, your kind of diet may affect the frequency of urine. High protein diets make you use the restroom less, as more veggies and fruits make you use the restroom more.

  1. You Feel Healthier Generally

Though this method doesn’t exactly measure anything, a healthier-feeling indicates tremendous growth when you pursue weight loss consistently. You feel light, and if you have an existing ailment, you notice a significant improvement.

It has been proven that being fat increases the risks of killer ailments like stroke, diabetes, and cancer, leading to mortality. However, when you begin the journey to shed some of these distressing tissues, you feel way better and healthier – symptoms you had of underlying ailments decrease. You don’t need a scale to know you lost a considerable amount of fat if you feel this way.

  1. You Sleep Better

As you record a headway on the fat loss journey, notice how much your sleeping pattern improves. Pay attention to how long you sleep without tossing on the bed due to distress. Having an excessive amount of body fat has been shown to impede proper sleep whenever affected persons try. This is an accurate reason why they may appear worn out often.

When one loses weight, sleep becomes more enjoyable. Reduced body fat has also been shown to reduce snoring while sleeping. This is a great indicator.

There are several ways to ascertain that your efforts to lose weight are not futile. Using a scale is one, but not a concluding factor. You’ll need to reduce your use of a weighing scale as a parameter for your weight loss mission solely. A scale won’t always tell you what you need to know.

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