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Self-care Strategies that Improve Your Health and Fitness

Hey Angels and Alphas,

With a worldwide pandemic, uncertainties and insecurities in the world, and so many things going on that we can’t even wrap our heads around what’s happening, it seems like now’s the perfect time to finally settle down and start developing some new healthy habits that help us become more mindful, balanced, and grounded.

However, given the number of stressors we have to deal with, shedding the pounds and developing new fitness and wellness habits can be a major challenge.

Cortisol, a hormone released when we’re stressed, is now coursing through the veins of everyone around us, and this can make weight loss very difficult. 

Moreover, when we’re stressed and anxious, it’s a common practice to reach for food to numb the discomfort. This is where making time for self-care rituals becomes an essential part of fitness success.

Today, we are here to explore 3 self-care practices you can use to keep your spirits up and stay anxiety-free.

First, start your days with a mindfulness ritual. 

Starting your day off with a mindfulness ritual is a game-changer. Observing your thoughts and feelings silently is a powerful skill to develop when you’re trying to become mentally disciplined. Plus, it’s a great way to bring some structure in your thought patterns. 

Before you pick up your phone early in the morning or turn on the TV, just take 10 minutes to sit down, relax, and observe the thoughts that arise through guided meditation. Developing this ritual will allow you to relax, ease your mind off, and cool down after a long day of having your mind race.

Second, create an eating schedule. 

Our brains and bodies thrive on routine. We all know and understand this. Routines keep our moods in check, tell us when to sleep, when to release certain hormones, and more. Without the built-in routine of your typical workday, it’s easy to get stressed and graze up all day without no real plan. 

To support your mental health and well-being, create a schedule for your meals and snacks and stay mindful of what you’re putting inside your body. This will not only make it easy for you to plan and schedule your meals, but it will free up a massive amount of mental energy you can use toward something more productive.

Third, take mini movement breaks. 

Whether you’re working from home right now or you’re still staying in an office for the majority of your day, you should make a habit out of take mini movement breaks. Not just because it’s a great way to get your metabolism moving and burn calories, but also because changing up your environment and going for a mindful walk can help you de-stress and bring calmness to your mind. 

When it comes to self-care in the context of weight loss, almost all movement can have an even stronger effect on burning calories while also helping you de-stress!

This doesn’t have to mean hardcore workouts every day – simply getting up, moving around, and doing something unexpected with your body like jumping around can boost your energy, mood, and give you much-needed stress-relief.

Bringing it all together…

Whether you feel stressed or not, throughout the day, your brain will have to tackle challenges and stressors that ultimately build up and lead to racing thoughts and anxiety. 

That’s why, now more than ever, you have to make sure you’re adopting the proper self-care rituals that will help you lower stress and perform at your best. 

Just the fact that you’re lowering the amount of stress you experience on a daily basis can cause you to lose more weight, look better, feel better, and keep your mind in a place where it can be focused and productive the whole day. 

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