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Take-it-or-leave-it Sports Nutrition Trends that Boost Your Performance

Hey Angels and Alphas,

In the world of sports nutrition, athletes are constantly reevaluating how they can make the most out of their days by scoping out net workouts as well as the latest gear, making massive goals and generally improving their healthy habits. Part of this annual refresh will include overhauling your diet so it can align with your fitness goals.

Jumping on the nutrition bandwagon for new trends can indeed be inspiring, motivating, and let’s not forget fun, as long as you’re following the right trends and dodging those that are potentially harmful. Today, let’s talk about our favorite sports nutrition trends to try out in 2022.



The term functional food basically refers to anything that attaches a specific health benefit to one (or more) of its ingredients. While this is nothing new, it’s ramping up in popularity this year. For example, a yogurt is just a yogurt, but when you fortify it with probiotics, all of a sudden it becomes a health-boosting food. 

Functional health is focused on targeting your fitness and health goals by eating a diet rich in high-quality foods that always go above and beyond. While some of this is surely fluff, ultimately this places the focus on choosing ingredients that will have a robust nutrient profile. For example, adding apple cider vinegar to help regulate your blood sugar, choosing omega-enriched eggs, or sipping on bone broth to promote gut restoration. 


Regular ketchup is too regular for 2022. Now, our condiments come with specific health purposes, flavor enhancements, or they come fortified with extra nutrients. Small-batch makers are starting to bring unique options including beet ketchup, tomato cashew butter, fermented dressings, and others that will make sure our plate is never boring. If these sound too fancy for you, try stocking up your pantry with global condiments such as lime pickle, kimchi, harissa paste, and more. Since most of these include at least some form of fermentation, veggies, umami, heat, and herbs, their benefits will go way beyond flavor and promote better digestion, gut health, and utter satisfaction.


Say hello to fasting’s arch nemesis. If 2021 gave us anything, it was more and more time to cook and eat at home. This led us to appreciate full breakfasts more, and we realize they’re not leaving anytime soon. 

Athletes are jumping on this trend, as well. Fueling your body in the morning will not only help stimulate recovery and prevent large calorie deficits, but it will also lead you to make healthier choices throughout the day because your blood glucose will be stable, you’ll be more focused, and you’ll enjoy less managed hunger throughout the day. 

If you opt for a big bowl of oats with Greek yogurt and fruit, you’ll create a nutritionally loaded breakfast that can keep you satiated until lunch to say the least.


One trend in the sports nutrition world you would most likely be better off passing on is the trend with alternative sugars. It’s almost impossible to go on social media without seeing delicious desserts that claim supposed health benefits. 

And most of these recipes have simply swapped one sugar source from granulated sugar to an alternative such as coconut sugar, maple sugar, date sugar, and more. All of these sugars are basically broken down from another plant, which leaves an easy to absorb carb that spikes energy. Whichever taste you prefer, don’t be fooled that one is healthier than the other.


And finally, here’s another trend you’d be much better off without – the whole craze with sugary, whipped coffee that came and went pretty quickly this year. Unfortunately, several other trends related to coffee have been popping up ever since. Many of these will rely on adding a ton of sugar or other processed ingredients to your otherwise healthy cup of morning coffee. So avoid the artificially flavored creamers and sweeteners that are basically junky additives in disguise. Instead, try drinking your coffee as black as possible, or try including the natural sweetness and flavor of other spices and herbs such as maple, turmeric, or a rosemary variety to brown sugar. 

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