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The 1 Habit You Must Develop for Weight Loss Success

Hey Angels and Alphas,

Forming healthy habits has always remained the best approach to weight loss, fitness in general, and well, even life in general.

By definition, a habit basically becomes a form of automatic behavior that’s routine for you, and all habits have a cue or a trigger. One trigger can be buckling your seatbelt every time you enter a car or brushing your teeth in the morning.

And there’s one trigger that every single person experiences every morning that might just allow you to form the number 1 habit you need to skyrocket your weight loss success.

Your trigger? Getting out of bed…

The new habit you’re going to develop? Supercharging your morning.

The first two hours of your day should be the time for mindfulness, intention, and action. By constructing a set of regular, routine behaviors that you will do every morning within those 2 hours, you will be able to take complete control of how you feel and how you perform for the rest of the day.

By creating this habit to supercharge your mind (instead of hitting snooze,) you will have found the key to achieving pretty much anything you set your mind to – including achieving a healthier weight.

Here’s your perfect morning routine checklist (and how to get started):


A lot of people already keep a glass or bottle of water by their side when they’re sleeping, probably because they realize the importance of hydrating after going 8+ hours without water. When you get up, you’re dehydrated, and many of the functions that hydration is vital to – such as cognition, metabolism, alertness, mood, digestion, pretty much everything – cannot run their optimal course.

By hydrating properly, you’re going to supercharge your body and get ready for your early-morning workout. Our bodies and cells are more productive when they’re hydrated, and we have the ability to more easily break down and metabolize food. By skipping on the soda and juice and going straight for water, you’ll even trim your caloric intake.


Experts recommend that you wait at least half an hour to an hour before drinking coffee in the morning because your body’s cortisol levels are highest in the morning, and coffee interferes with them.

And skip the mochas and lattes, which are mostly sugar bombs, and stick to black coffee with a small splash of sugar and milk in the morning. If you want to save calories, drink it black – it might seem bitter at first, however, with time, you’ll start to notice your body adapts to less sugar.


No surprises here – the best way to maximize your morning is to add exercise to it. Exercise gets your oxygen and your blood flowing as a whole, but if you work out in the morning, you also get the added benefit of boosting your metabolism and achieving more efficient muscle building.

One reason for this is that the body’s testosterone levels are at their highest in the morning, promoting muscle growth. By working out when these levels are elevated, you will set yourself up for more productive muscle building.

And if you’re someone who likes to do cardio in the morning, here’s a bonus: research from the Harvard Medical School proved that even 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise can do wonders for your cognitive abilities and mental processes – what better way to start the day? The secret, as always, lies in finding movement or exercises that you will look forward to and enjoy doing in the morning, be it yoga, running, or an all-out gym session.

Bringing it all together…

Your morning is not just the start of your day – it sets the tone for how your day will go in countless ways. It all starts with going to bed at the same time every night which allows you to get a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed when you get out of bed in the morning.

Once you have that trigger set in place, you will lay out your game plan – you will follow the 3 steps and create the perfect morning routine to supercharge your whole day!

With time, these habits will not only help you lose weight by themselves, but they’ll also make you a much more calculated, focused, alert individual that makes healthier choices and achieves their goals more effectively.

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