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The 7 Most Common Excuses for Skipping the Gym (and how to handle them)

Hey Angels and Alphas,

Fun fact – there are 24 hours in the day of every weight loss enthusiast, and we all have the freedom to spend them however we choose. Well, ideally, 8 of these hours will be reserved for sleeping. Another 8 of these hours will probably be our working hours.

So we’re left with about 8 hours of freedom – and with freedom comes the responsibility of choosing whether we spend them chilling and watching Netflix, spending time with our family, catching up with friends, running errands, or just general procrastination.

And can you believe health experts have the audacity to say you need to devote a whole 30-45 minutes each day to exercise?!

Sarcasm aside, that doesn’t sound like a lot. But with our busy lives and the logistics of going to and back from the gym, dedicating this time to work on your health is something only a small percentage of people do.

Today, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve listed the 5 most common excuses for skipping a workout or not training altogether. Most likely, you’ll be familiar with a few of them. But rather than just wallow in them, we’re here to give you the antidote to the poison of excuses and keep your motivation going strong!

Let’s get started.


It’s absolutely understandable if you feel exhausted and drained at the end of a long workday. You might not feel like you have the energy to go out and do a 30-60-minute workout. But there is something you should consider next time you’re feeling too tired to go at it.

The fix… It’s a myth that exercise drains you of energy. It actually creates it. When your brain releases endorphins as a result of training and movement, the pleasurable feeling that comes out of that will have you feeling the desire to move even more. And as you’re strengthening your heart and muscles, you’re pushing the boundaries of what “tired” really feels like. The only situation in which you shouldn’t be training is if you aren’t getting enough sleep. Regular sleep is a must if you want to give your body the deep rest it requires.


If you’re one of those people that exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet, it’s understandable why you might feel like the daily grind gets a bit tedious. We’ve all been there. And I’m here to tell you that there’s an obvious fix under your nose.

The fix… Mix it up! Who said your diet or exercise regime has to stay the same? Try new exercises. Try new foods. Bring a friend to the gym. Try a new playlist. And keep in mind that getting an hour of activity doesn’t mean you have to go beast mode on the barbells and 45lbs plates. Physical activity is not limited to gym time, and there are countless sports or activities you can participate in to keep things new and exciting.


It’s mindboggling how people find that 1/48th of their day is too much of an investment toward improving their overall health. But they don’t really feel busy if it comes to watching a movie at night or spending a few hours on social media.

If you’re one of those people, you have to make a simple realization.

The fix… Exercising for 1/48th or 1/24th of your day will improve your physical and cognitive performance in the remaining duration of your day. You will be able to approach tasks with more focus and more energy, allowing you to get more done altogether. How are you too busy for that?


Let’s get one thing straight. It doesn’t matter how insecure you think you are, you’re not more insecure than anyone who is trying to better themselves. Because if everyone thought that they’re fine the way they are, nobody would be training. And who do you think is more insecure – the overweight person trying to better themselves or the gym rat trying to sculpt every single muscle fiber they can?

The fix… getting fit helps you feel much better about yourself. And moving for 30-60 minutes every day doesn’t require you to jump on a treadmill in front of a team of pro athletes. The insecurity problem, at this point, should be absolutely obsolete.


There’s something about this excuse that always gets me wondering… why do people think the only possible time for exercise is in the morning? Exercising is supposed to be sustainable, meaning you should aim to do it at your convenience, so you have no problem fitting it into your schedule. But this does seem to be a super convenient excuse for skipping the gym. Oh, I woke up 30 minutes later today? No gym.

The fix… Just work out whenever you can. At night. Later in the morning. Or just train yourself to expect the habit of working out early in the morning if you work the whole day. Regardless of when you choose to work out, make sure you put it on your schedule and on your calendar and make it a dedicated time for yourself. Don’t lean on flimsy excuses about not being a morning person when you know very well exercise works regardless of when you do it.

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