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The Only 2 Reasons Why Your Diet Doesn’t Work

Hey Angels and Alphas,

We’ve all heard of them – the news about the latest diet or trend that promises fast and safe weight loss results. And with obesity being the number one cause of disease and death in the USA and in the world, it’s no wonder there are so many fads and trends popping up trying to teach us how to lose weight.

And with obesity being the number one cause of chronic problems, it’s only logical we go down to the root cause and ask ourselves “well, what’s the main cause of obesity?”

Carbohydrates are the main cause of obesity. There’s a clear correlation between diets high in processed carbohydrates and weight gain. The human body evolved to eat natural, fibrous carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Eating cooked carbohydrates switches your digestive genes into fat-digesting machines and it is not natural for your body to have processed carbohydrates. In the developed world, people eat far more processed (junk) food than is called for in the original diet evolution intended for you.

These extra amounts of starch and sugars rations our muscle cells, causing them to shrink in our evolved design. The result? An overweight skinny person.

Eating less starch and processed carbohydrates really can help you lose weight fast and safe – if there ever was a way.

So next time you’re paying attention to one of these fad diets, which are supposedly going to make you lose weight fast and safe (by starving your body of nutrients and energy,) ask yourself – does this diet tackle the main root cause of weight gain?

And remember, when evaluating the potential effects of any weight loss diet, always go back to these 2 main concepts:

If your diet isn’t working for you, it’s most likely because it’s…


An unnatural diet program is defined as one that focuses on foods which we haven’t evolved to hunt, gather, or grow. Unnatural diet programs are often all about creating massive calorie deficits that starve your body of energy.

An unnatural diet program causes muscle tissue loss, and in turn, a slower metabolism. This means that once you go back to your regular eating structure afterward, all those old fat cells will keep repeating the cycle of coming back and disappearing.

Unnatural diet programs often give you an exact point or goal weight to chase instead of outlining a framework for you to adapt to.

They’re all about achieving a specific result in a given deadline, and that’s where the problem with them arises – they’re not natural habits and changes we can apply to our lifestyle to achieve a specific result, but instead are focused on stopping the adapted positive behaviors once the metrical goal is achieved.


Even though unsustainable diets have their roots in being mostly unnatural diets, sustainability has a lot more to do with your mindset than your food choices.

Most weight-loss diets, fads, and programs are all about bringing a few scientists together and use their influence and expertise to create a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t take into account your current situation, lifestyle, or goals.

It takes time for a person to adapt to a weight loss program and vice-versa. But the end goal of a sustainable program is to find an approach so friction-less and painless that you can stay on it (and actually even enjoy it.)

So forget about the fad diets, exercise tapes, star jumps and crunches, constant switches from one workout to another, and all the promises of fast and safe weight loss results.

Don’t spend your time and money on trends and programs that don’t take into account the sustainability and holistic nature of a well-thought-out weight loss approach.

Focus on slow changes. Experts all agree that healthy weight loss is about making slow, incremental changes to the way you eat and live.

Forget about shortcuts. People should spend time looking for their personal Holy Grail of diets, and it’s understandable that they have to go through a few bad ones to find it. But most people never leave this cycle, and they always want a diet that’s a quick fix. We’re all guilty of it. We all want overnight success, or at least success in the next 8-15 weeks, or about the length of the average fitness program. But this mentality will only hold us back and make us repeat the same mistakes over and over – don’t let that be you.

Remember it takes time and patience. It could be months before you’re finally where you want to be – it could even take years. But if you find a diet that’s natural, sustainable, and in turn, enjoyable, the destination will not matter because the process is where the real growth is going to happen.

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