You Might Be…But Healthy Eating and your Fitness Doesn’t Take a Holiday!

Life happens. We aren’t expected to sit on our hands while we improve our health and fitness or indeed prep for stage. In fact, here at Ally’s Angels and Alphas we actually encourage you to do QUITE THE OPPOSITE.

Yes, no sitting on your hands quite literally – keep moving, lifting, training etc.

But also keep LIVING. And that means getting out of the house. For a day, week… whatever.

Travelling and seeing the world is an important part of life. And for many its actually a part of their job. But unfortunately, so many see this as an opportunity to “indulge” and “let their hair down”, going crazy at the buffet morning noon and night, and showing the barman it truly is possible to down 7 cosmopolitans during Happy Hour (gotta make the most of that discount, right!?)

Travelling doesn’t have to mean putting a hold on your results and success. It does mean being a bit smarter, planning ahead and hanging on to that self-control.

Here are some top tips for travelling

  • Book accommodation with a kitchenette. Being able to cook your own meals inside your room not only means you will save money on eating out, but you will be able to control WHAT you eat and HOW MUCH.
  • Know your itinerary. Plan ahead. Will you be out for the day? Will there be healthy options available to you where you are going?
  • A simple one but often neglected. Especially if you are travelling somewhere hot. Dehydration puts a strain on our bodies on a cellular level, meaning whatever goals we are aiming for can be slowed down because our bodies are simply trying to function normally. Always carry water!!!
  • Find a gym. Before you go, know where your nearest gym is. Hotels often have ‘fitness centres’ with basic equipment. If this doesn’t suffice, find a nearby gym (within walking distance for extra steps) with casual visits.
  • Even better, bring the gym with you. Resistance bands are so versatile, light weight and easy to pack. There is so much you can do with bands and you can use them literally anywhere.
  • Invest in a cooler bag! And not a dorky one guys, there are SO many styles available now including leather handbags for the ladies and stylish backpacks for the guys.
  • Pack snacks! There are many non-perishable options available for you to whack in you bag. Protein powder, tuna and rice, fruit, nuts…

The key thing to remember is just because YOU take a holiday doesn’t mean your GOALS need to as well.

Always be working for what you have set out to achieve. Use every day and every opportunity to better yourself.

Don’t get to the end of your trip and have regret.

Get to the end of your trip and know you not only enjoyed yourself, but haven’t hindered your results by over indulging.

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