Your Checklist to a Healthy Breakfast

Hey Angels and Alphas,

We’ve all talked about how important breakfast is. Not only for giving you energy that your body can use throughout the day, but also for balancing out your hormones and keeping your blood sugar steady while you’re on the go.

When it comes to weight loss, it can either set you up for success or destroy your progress. If you eat a rich, nutritious breakfast soon after you wake up, your metabolism is going to get a boost and give you energy throughout the rest of the day.

That’s why today, we’re talking about a few breakfast MUST DO’s for those of you who want to use their breakfast as a strategic fitness tool.

#1 – Prioritize the protein!

An abundance of protein at breakfast will assist you communicate to your brain that you are satisfied for a longer period of time, preventing any post-lunch cravings from developing. Protein is essential for muscle performance and recuperation in addition to making you feel fuller longer. At breakfast, aim for at least 15 to 25 grams of protein.

#2 – Always make sure to use a plate. 

Most individuals, if not all of them, eat breakfast while on the road. However, if you can, get a plate and arrange your breakfast on it. When you’re just grabbing something to eat before you head out for work, it’s quite simple to eat too little or too much. If you eat thoughtfully, every meal will be lot more satisfying and you’ll be aware of how much energy you’re putting into your body.

#3 – Buy whole milk yogurt. Yes, the one with more fat in it. 

You might want to think twice before consuming that carton of light or 0% yogurt in the morning unless you’re also eating some eggs or a teaspoon of nut butter. Consuming dairy fat in addition to a healthy diet may really aid with weight loss. 

According to a recent assessment in the European Journal of Nutrition, those who consume full-fat dairy products have lower body weights, less weight gain, and a lower risk of obesity. According to Dr. Mario Kratz, the primary author of the review, “None of the evidence demonstrated low-fat dairy is superior.” More and more studies are showing that replacing less fat in the diet with sugar or carbohydrates results in weight gain.

#4 – Don’t drink any calories. 

Remember to stay away from flavored creamers, white sugar, oils, and all the butter they put in bulletproof coffee because these can change your coffee from a cup of energy into a sweet treat. This serves as a fantastic reminder to include protein and healthy fats to your morning smoothie if you enjoy drinking them. You can consume fewer calories and use your energy more efficiently.

#5 – Sit down. 

Most of us eat breakfast while doing a million other things, and we forget we’ve even eaten breakfast at all. Take a step back, forget about your emails, your meetings, the kid’s crazy schedule, and take 5 minutes to focus on resetting your brain. Take a moment to savor each bite – notice the textures and flavors. Give your body the chance to register a feeling of satiation and wakefulness. 

Sit down with the entire family if possible. Why not make breakfast your family’s bonding meal since fewer of us have time for family dinner? Families who eat meals together have children with better eating habits, better grades, better mental health and more happiness.

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