5 Training Tweaks for More Weight Loss

Hey Angels and Alphas,

When you’re on a weight loss journey, exercise is a vital part of the whole equation – that’s no secret to anyone. And even though most experts already agree that working out on its own will not be enough to lose weight, there are still more than enough reasons for you to include it in your weight-loss journey.

Most people who have been successful with their weight-loss goals can definitely tell you it took a few failures before they got down the right workout strategy – the one they benefitted from the most.

Today, we’re here to explore exactly the most successful tweaks that gym-goers have used to rev up their workouts and make them more effective for weight loss. And even those small differences will result in big results in the long haul.


You will notice you will start to lose weight when you stop focusing on exercising solely for the purpose of losing weight. And you can see this effect whenever you start working with a fitness client.

The moment you start focusing on exercises that are enjoyable and fun, you will find a rhythm that works for you and you won’t feel any pressure that “you must do this in a specific way, for this long, at this time, or else you won’t see results.”

When you get this internal shift that you must do what you enjoy and stay active, weight loss will start to happen on its own.


High-intensity interval training does have its own share of benefits – no one denies that. But many experts actually recommend that, if you want to lose weight, you should start prioritizing heavy strength training over HIIT or another form of cardio… which may be a surprise given HIIT’s popularity and touted benefits.

Too many people start focusing too much on cardio when they jump on a weight loss journey. There are a few reasons why strength training is often a much better first pick. Not only can it burn just as many, and if not more, calories, but it can also help you develop more muscle mass which will allow you to burn more calories at rest. Strength training builds muscle mass which increases your basal metabolic rate… which means your body consumes more calories even when you’re not exercising.


If you just incorporate a day of superset training into your routine, you will potentially see much better results in your progress toward your weight loss goal. During a superset, your heart rate is elevated both during and after the exercise, making it one of the best options for people looking to burn fat. This small tweak has propelled clients to their goal, and let’s be honest, you will get a great pump and you’ll love these workouts way more than you do your cardio workouts.


When it comes to weight loss, many people tend to believe that taking days off is not as important… or not necessary at all. If you’re already pretty fit and you want to get leaner, this tends to be true in the majority of cases.

Though it sounds counterintuitive at first, skipping a part of your workouts will favor your recovery a lot… and make all the difference in the world. That “no days off” mindset will absolutely ruin your health goals and make you miss out on your potential weight loss results.

You have to give your body the adequate rest it needs, and this isn’t just true with strength training. You will drop much more body fat, sleep better, and have more energy in your intense workouts, if you just increase the amount of rest you’re taking throughout the rest – and this includes active rest.


Sometimes, rest breaks make all the difference in your workout performance and the results you get from it. You can be someone who is super high-energy who always approaches strength training workouts with a “the more, the better” attitude, and you’ll naturally want to boost your heart rate up when lifting weights.

But when you start to take more (or larger) breaks between your sets to catch your breath before the next round, you will start seeing a massive difference in your performance especially during strength training bouts. You’ll find that you will have much more energy for the next set, leading you to become stronger, put on muscle easier, and find yourself dropping extra weight extra fast.