6 Tips For Creating A Healthy Morning Routine

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Your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day, and how you start the day can predict how successful your day will be. 

By establishing an effective morning routine, you’ll be more productive and focused in your work, you’ll feel more satisfied with what you do during the day, and you’ll be able to put yourself in better emotional state to tackle any challenges that may come up. 

Here are six tips for creating a healthy morning routine that will help you set the right tone for your days and make them easier and more enjoyable overall.

1) Get enough sleep

Make sure you get the sleep you need in order to start your day off feeling rested and refreshed. Eight hours of sleep per night is recommended for a healthy routine, but everyone’s sleep needs are different so do what works best for you. Maintain a consistent bedtime and schedule going to bed and waking up around the same time every day. 

The more disrupted your sleep cycle is, the harder it will be to feel rested at the end of the day. Establishing an evening routine can also improve your ability to get quality rest try reading a book or doing something else relaxing before bed rather than watching television or scrolling through social media feeds on your phone.

2) Drink coffee or tea

Coffee or tea are perfect for those of us who love to start the day with a warm drink. Some people do find that they experience withdrawal symptoms if they go without caffeine in the morning, so be mindful of that and keep in mind that water is always an option too. We also recommend adding some fruits and herbs like ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, cardamom or cinnamon to your drink. 

They will help boost your immune system while providing nutrients and antioxidants. Try mixing some rosemary leaves into black tea or topping your coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon; both will add flavor while boosting cognitive function.

3) Have breakfast

One of the best ways to start your day off right is with a healthy breakfast. Research has shown that starting your day with a nutritious meal can improve sleep quality, mood, and brain activity for hours after you eat. 

The challenge for many is finding the time and energy to make a nutritious breakfast that’s still satisfying. Making your morning meal ahead of time will make this much easier.

4) Exercise

Getting started is the hardest part of a morning routine, but making it a priority will help you feel more energized for the rest of your day. If you’re struggling to get up, try these steps: 

1) Make your bed. Start with one small thing that’s achievable and you’ll be less tempted to give up. 

2) Drink water. Not only will it hydrate you, but starting your day off with H2O can increase focus, boost cognitive function and decrease inflammation which may lead to an improved immune system. Plus, if you drink more than 64 oz. during the day then it could provide other health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and improving muscle recovery after workouts. 

3) Stretch or do some deep breathing exercises before getting out of bed.

5) Write down your goals

A healthy morning routine doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require some intentionality. One of the keys to having a successful routine is making sure that you have habits that work for you personally and can help you feel more energetic and productive each day. If you’re struggling with staying productive or if your mornings are usually rushed and hectic, take some time now to think about what would make them better in the future. 

6) Keep moving throughout the day

Moving throughout the day helps prevent sitting for too long, which is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Moving in the morning helps you increase your energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety, combat depression, enhance muscle growth and bone density and improve mood and performance at work. 

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