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7 Fall Meals that Enhance Weight Loss

Hey Angels and Alphas,

We all know the fall season isn’t traditionally associated with a lot of weight loss foods but instead synonymous with comfort foods such as pumpkin pie, hearty casseroles, and apple strudel. 

But the bounty of fresh produce that is readily available as the weather starts to cool down makes the fall an easy season for you to put together lighter meals that are still heavy on satisfaction and flavor.

So whether you’re working toward weight-loss goals before the holidays or you’re just trying to add some variety in your diet, we’ve prepared for you 7 balanced meals full of fruits and veggies that will keep you energized (and ones that you should definitely consider adding to your shopping cart.)

Let’s get started.


Persimmons are one fall favorite that can be used to satisfy your sweet tooth, all while the satiating fiber fills you up and keeps you satisfied. Being an orange fruit, it’s also rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. 

And since it’s so naturally sweet, you can pair sliced persimmons with nuts such as almonds, Greek yogurt, or a sprinkle of cinnamon for a low-calorie breakfast that’s both healthy and tastes like dessert.


Sweet potatoes are an affordable veggie that can be used in everything from dessert (like warm wedges and nut butter) to side dishes. They’re rich in vitamin A as well as antioxidants called carotenoids which are natural skin regenerators. 

Their rich fiber content, especially if you eat the skin, will support your satiety and gut health, both of which are precursors to sustainable weight loss results. Grab a sweet potato and fill it with your favorite healthy fats and proteins such as lean beef, guacamole, or sliced avocado and you’ve got yourself an easy meal you can put together in less than an hour.


Broccoli is a cruciferous veggie that should be on everyone’s plate, especially in the fall. One single cup of broccoli will supply you with 2 grams of protein, particularly high when you compare it to other veggies. 

One of the easiest ways to improve the nutrient value of your meals is to just fill half of your plate with veggies, can broccoli is an easy addition to anything from quinoa, salads, pasta, rice, scrambled eggs, you name it.


Some of the best ways you eat beets include either roasting them or in noodle form alongside some cheese and pine nuts or almonds. They’re not only abundant in antioxidants, but they are healthy for your gut and they support your lung health. They will also add a lot of fiber to your diet, which, as we all know, helps keep you full and includes a natural sweetness that puts sugar cravings at a minimum. 

These are both important factors that contribute to making your weight-loss journey a tad easier. And plus, throwing in creative recipes with beets can skyrocket your veggie intake without the usual “boredom” people report that comes along with plain greens.


If you have the ability to cook them right, Brussel sprouts are off-the-charts delicious. You can roast them with a bit of balsamic vinegar, and you get an easy, sweet, tangy meal without a lot of added sugar (which does get in the way of your weight-loss results.) Brussel sprouts are also chock-full of fiber, meaning that serving them roasted will satisfy your cravings for something crunchy and savory. 


Nutrition experts have long touted apples to be the perfect portable snack for the fall season. One single medium apple has just about 60-80 calories and an impressive 5 grams of fiber, with its sweetness coming entirely from natural sugar. You can make it an even more filling snack by pairing your apples with a tablespoon of nut butter or half a cup of Greek yogurt.


Contrary to popular belief, the only way to eat a pumpkin isn’t in a pumpkin pie. You can go to the nearest store and pick up 100 percent canned pumpkin, not a pumpkin pie mix (which has a ton of added sugar.) 

Pumpkin is filling because of the incredible amount of fiber it provides. And you can always just place it in a blender alongside other smoothie ingredients and create a fiber-rich smoothie. You can also use it to top off Greek yogurt or even whip it on some French toast.

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