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7 Mistakes Women Should Never Make In Keeping Fit

Staying fit has become relatively popular among women. Fitness isn’t only done to achieve weight loss or get a flatter stomach. Fitness in alliance with good nutrition boosts self-confidence to a great extent.

As much as keeping fit is commendable for everyone, results may not be seen if it is done the wrong way. Sadly, some women go about achieving fitness on the wrong terms and directives.

To actively accomplish your fitness goals, you need to avoid making these common mistakes if you’re a woman. Once these fitness mistakes have been ticked off, I assure you of wonderful outcomes, safe fat loss as time progresses.

  1. Target Exercising

Your motive for exercising may be to lower that belly fat or decrease the fat in your upper arms. There’s no doubt that results will be achieved, but it might take forever. No one can wait forever to start seeing results. So, yes, doing crunches alone every time for a slim belly will not work within your target time.

Spot reduction does not work because those regions you target are deposits for the excess fat in your body. So to reduce that spot, you need to lose fat all over your body. Fat loss in a spot will only waste your time.

Instead of trying to get rid of the excess belly fat, you will require exercising to lose weight all over your body. Getting a flat stomach in no time can only work this way.

  1. Not Engaging Fully When Exercising

Another predominant error females make in keeping fit is the problem of not engaging fully in their routines. A common example is holding on to the treadmill while running on it. Now, this is very wrong. When using treadmills, your arms ought to be mobile as your legs move. This burn calorie around the body, not just the legs in a shorter time. When you hold onto to treadmill, your legs may be running vigorously, but no, this is wrong.

If you move your torso as you swing dumbbells, you are also not engaging fully in the exercise. Apart from lengthening the time it takes for you to achieve fitness, you are predisposing your ribs to more stress, causing you discomfort and pain. Attaining your weight loss and your fitness goals will not be possible with the discomfort you feel.

Not engaging fully seems like an escape to the hard job of keeping fit. They won’t reap you a bit.

  1. Fearing Heavy Weight

Why most women skip carrying massive weight in the gym remains a puzzle. Contrary to women’s opinion of carrying heavy weights, massive weights won’t make anyone build biceps to the extent of making you look like a macho man, taking away femininity. The hormone responsible for manliness is testosterone, which is dominant in males. Some females produce a generous quantity of testosterone too. Carrying massive weights will help tone arms and bring out the abs. You should debunk the myth of carrying heavy weights if you believe so already. Heavyweight will make you obtain fitness and weight loss faster.

  1. Maintaining a Wrong Diet

Attaining fitness isn’t tied to physically exercising solitary. Your nutrition and diet count as much as hitting the gym. No matter how long you exercise and burn thousands of calories, it remains fruitless when you don’t get your shitty diet out of the way.

A shitty diet consists of eating fries, a lot of cookies, and burgers, but not restricted to eating these processed foods. If your diet consists of fatty foods and cream, keeping fit will happen in a long while. These foods will sabotage your efforts to weight loss.

Taking caffeine with pastries after working out will do you no good either. Rather than caffeine, taking water is better and healthier.

To fulfill your purpose of fitness, eating foods high in carbs should be curtailed as much as it is possible. Eating white bread and refined carbs should be cut off as well. Whole grains and fruits should be taken instead.

  1. Inconsistency

As much as everyone knows, little or nothing is achieved with inconsistency. Keeping fit is not ruled out.

Nobody should expect weight loss or body fitness if routines are not followed consistently. Unfailingly performing short routines make the difference. Not intensely carrying out the routines for a short time.

If diets are changed to a more nutritional one, it should be followed strictly and repeatedly. Also, workouts should be done continually to get benefits and see results.

  1. Setting Unreasonable Expectations

Some women start fitness exercises with the motive of getting a flat stomach after three days of hitting the gym or an obvious bigger butt after 30 days of intense exercise on the gluteal and hamstring muscles. When expectations like this are not met within the set period, it can steer in discouragement and a bit of depression.

It is best to know that setting expectations like this are beautiful to keep you in check. But, fitness results are progressive and can not happen when you bat your eyelids. You have to give it time. Expecting miraculous outcomes without a synonymous workout schedule to make your expectations come to fruition is not wise.

  1. Just Cardio

Cardio exercises are great to help everyone on a weight loss journey, but performing only cardio exercises to lose weight is a bad idea. Too much cardio exercise can cause injuries and pains in the joints. Cardio exercises increase stress hormones too. They can tire you out sooner, making you stop or lengthen your fitness journey.

As a bonus, depending on your scale or mirrors to assess how far you have toured, the fitness voyage may be necessary but not important. These two are parameters to check how much your efforts for weight loss have been rewarded. When there’s no landslide change, you will not be satisfied. You can use other parameters like how great your clothes fit. They are very efficient measures.

When mistakes are eradicated from your fitness journey, you’ll enjoy the ride as you achieve your motive.


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