7 Road Trip and Vacation Snacks You Can Bring Anywhere

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With summer officially here, your gas tank full, your playlist loaded, and your bags packed, all that’s left is finding the right nutrition for your summer adventures. 

Good road trip snacks can not only keep you fueled and alert as you’re making your way across cities, but they’ll also keep you full of energy while other poor dieting decisions can actually have you feeling sluggish and not even enjoying your trip.

While there’s nothing wrong with eating what you like, part of the fun of road trips involves actually stopping at a random bakery on the side of the road and then getting nostalgic with your favorite childhood snacks. 

But road trips shouldn’t involve stressing over your favorite food choices. It’s possible to make smart choices on the road, choices that will keep you progressing toward your fitness goals while you’re still enjoying all the little snacks you want to enjoy.

Today, we’re here to talk about 7 snacks approved by dietitians, most of which you can make at home and keep with you until the time is right.


Trail mix with nuts, seeds, and even a small amount of dried fruit, can become one of your easiest go-to snacks full of protein and filling fiber. Another variation of this could be the classical “ants on a log” snack made up of celery sticks, raising, and peanut butter. All of these are crunchy, fiber-rich options that bring together healthy fat and much-needed protein.  


When you’re trying to make snacks for the road, the key is in keeping it simple. If you layer a slice of whole-grain bread with some peanut butter and put it in a baggie so you can bring it with you, both children and adults have something to enjoy that’s both filling, delicious, and healthy. If there’s a nut allergy running in your family, you can try sun butter (which is made up of sunflower seeds.)


Walnuts are pretty much becoming an ideal snack since recent research has suggested they have brain-protecting nutrients that enhance your concentration and improve your processing speed. 

You can pretty much eat them straight out of the bag or pair them with a more portable fruit such as grapes or bananas. Grapes also tend to have a high water content, which is all the more important when you’re trying to stay hydrated on the road. Not to mention, both of these foods help you fight fatigue – something you definitely want when you’re trying to stay energized on your trips.  


Dietitians have long talked about the benefits of making a quick trail mix of popcorn (with walnuts) and freeze-dried strawberries for a sweet, energy-boosting, nutritious snack. Popcorn includes carbs and fiber, walnuts contain extra fiber and flavor, and any delicious fruit you add will only add to the potency of this snack and provide you with healthy antioxidants and natural sugars that will give you energy without the blood sugar crashes.


Countless convenience stores, coffee shops, and even gas stations, are now starting to offer pre-made yogurt parfaits that include nuts, fruits, granola, and more. These are all excellent options for those of you who are looking for quick, grab-and-go snacks while you’re on the road. Not to mention, they’re all sweet treats that contain protein and fiber – it’s a win-win!


Protein bars, when they’re nut-based or contain a high amount of nuts, are typically a great all-in-one snack. They contain protein, carbs, and healthy fats, and this trio will help you get fuller much faster… and stay full for much longer. 


Jerky and cheese (dehydrated) can easily become your best friend on any road trip you’re going on. If you have the time to prepare shelf-stable snacks for your road trips, jerky and dehydrated cheese are the way to go. Some great non-perishable snacks are your typical fruit and raw veggies and crackers, but it’s often difficult to get non-perishable protein options. These two snacks fix that – they’re great road trip options for those of you needing some extra protein (turkey, beef, etc.) 

They’re also shelf-stable and they taste delicious (if you’re into them.) Still, there aren’t really a lot of dehydrated cheeses out there, and sometimes dehydrated cheese is labeled as “cheese crisps.” Either way, if you can find a bag that contains at least 7-8 grams of protein per 100 grams, you have yourself one of the best, nutritious, delicious, long shelf-life having snacks for your road trips.

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